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Sketchbook Personal work, 2012 Youn Ju Nam

This is 3D work of art with the theme of ‘Body’. It is made to criticize the true picture of


modern-day, attaching great importance to external aspects than the internal ones. I made transparent torso, put silicon in breasts and 5000 dollar bills in heart. The silicon in breasts represents feeling of irritation and the dollars show unrealistically luxurious people with an absurd dream. I have filled up the stomach with diet pills, not with fresh food, which symbolize negative effect of lookism, and unhealthy inside. Although it looks “perfect” to others, I doubt body with full of falsity and absurdity can really be called “real perfection.”

concept drawing

I tried to show disparateness between exterior and interior image through X-RAY film in the initial concept drawing.

making process 1

I used OHP-film to make a transparent and slender body of a woman.

making process 2

I glued many strings together to make frame of stomach, and I covered it with empty pills.

I printed 3D picture of heart with OHP-film to make translucent model, and arranged dollar bills in it.

making process 3

making process 4 Picture of arranging the completed replicas of organs.


"WASSUP", 2012


Cellular phones are deeply settled down in modern people’s life. Some people criticize that cellular phone caused decreasing of strong fellowship with others. But, it can say that people are newly creating contemporary form of fellowship. My motives to make this work of art are scene of elderly gentleman who shows his newborn grandchild picture to perfectly stranger sitting next to him in subway, sibling who delightfully playing cellular phone game together and friends who talk face to face through phone no matter of far distance from each other. Start with contour drawing which is similar to curve of cellular phones’ wave, constructed basic shape with wire, and used oriental paper to express sense of lightness and texture of clothes. I used thread and tape to create shadow, plastic material as shoes and glasses to show sense of difference between oriental papers. As a result, combination of various materials formed much pleasant image.

making process


This work continued to be developed and made for about a month by ten members. I led this members by conducting meetings and mediated opinions. In addition, I suggested this main concept and overall visual compositions, especially hands inside.

concept drawing making process

We interpreted ONE as the integral of the duality of human. First, the exterior of the lotus represents bright and constructive ethical aspects of human society. We expressed the aspects of people who want to be considerable and nice to others and people who want to have hopes and dreams by using bright colors and images. The inside of the lotus, on the other hand, shows those people’s backside darkness such as selfishness, desires, and etc.

The interior and exterior of a lotus having different expressions of space was our main theme of “two-faced one”. We chose the color black to paint inside so that it contrasts the whiteness of the leaves of the lotus flowers. The black color was intended to show what are inside of humans. We put together ten pieces of halfbloomed leaves so that the exterior shows on one side and the interior another.

Youn Ju Nam 102-602, HannamTheHill, 810, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South KOREA (140-210) +82 10 9364 7821

Art Center College Of Design/Product Design/2013Fall  

Art Center College Of Design/Product Design/2013Fall

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