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Front cover Picking my colour scheme was hard because I had to use colours that would both attract my audience and fit in with my front cover design. From my research I found out that the younger demographics are attracted to bright, bold colours, which will grab their attention quickly. My front cover image caused difficulties when it came to choosing a colour because some would show up and some wouldn’t, so my colours aren’t that bright, but I used a bold font to make my cover lines stand out to my audience. The same goes for my masthead because I haven’t used bright colours for this either. However I positioned it across the whole of the cover, using a big bold font and made a shadow behind it. Even though I haven’t used bright colours, the people from my focus group; who are the same age as my target audience, said that my masthead stands out which reassures me that my target audience will still be attracted to my magazine. The females and males in my audience will be attracted to my magazine because ‘The Dilemma’ consists of both genders, who they may find attractive. Demographical teens don’t have a lot of money, so by giving them a chance to win a gig ticket (my skyline), I will be attracting them as teens love freebees. Contents page I have tried to use neutral colours on my contents page but still following my house style. I have done this so my audience don’t get the impression that it’s aimed at the other gender. The contents in my magazine provides an equal balance of artists, which may appeal to one gender or both. I also included articles about gigs and festivals because this was a popular topic chose in my audience research.

Double page spread I used a range of informal and formal language in my magazine because my audience are aged between 15-17, so they can relate to it better. By using an informal approach my audience will have a better understanding and find it less boring than if it was formal, that is why I made my double page interview more of a chat.

how did you attract/address your audience?  
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