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Question 5 How did you attract/address your audience Harvey Scott

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The fast paced action and violence that takes place in our opening could grip a younger audience with a modern, fast paced lifestyle. This could help to attract a younger audience despite the noir feeling of the film. This is similar to the recent black and white film “The Artist” which was a massive hit despite being in black and white. The costumes of our characters may also engage our audience as they are quite quite fashionable costumes which is a popular idea with younger audiences like our 15-21 range. The characters in our thriller opening would also appeal to our target audience because they are portrayed by actors of the same age which people in the same age group would find appealing. This helps to engage the audience that would not understand or engage with the older references that we used to appeal to the older audience. Our soundtrack is very old fashioned which would help to attract our audience of 45+ people to our film. We used a 1950’s jazz piece from a TV show called “Harry Gunn” which make be recognised by an older audience and make them feel familiarised with our thriller film..

The mystery in our film helps to engage the audience and helps to keep them engaged with the rest of the story. The mystery of who Katharina is and why she murdered so many people which could intrigue the audience, or the enigma around the last poker player and what will happen to him now that the other poker players have been killed off. I think our modern audience would appreciate our film's style within the genre of a thriller, as it is a gritty and modern style. This makes it seem new and exciting to the audience as it is something they may not have seen before, while we were also able to keep the older audiences engaged with the references to past thrillers that they may recognise such as “The Third Man” or Gilda.

Audience Feedback: 17, unemployed, White British clear narrative: Our audience thought that our thriller piece was easy to follow and the plot wasn’t hard to understand. 4/5 conventions of thrillers: Our audience thought that our use of noir elements easily distinguished the film as a thriller film. 5/5 mise en scene: Our audience thought that our mise en scene added to the atmosphere and helped to define the film. 5/5 camerawork and editing: The audience felt that some of the cuts could be improved but the general effects and different kinds of shots really worked well within the thriller genre. 3/5 Our audience thought the film could be improved by: having clear distinguishment between the male characters, maybe having more of a contrast through the black and white. None of the representations of social groups were offensive or demeaning. The best features were the camera angles and the use of costume within the mise en scene to create a different mood Our audience would give the opening 8/10 and would watch on to find out the story behind the killing.

Question 5