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Question 2 How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Harvey Scott

Gender In my Thriller piece, I have represented male characters as being weak and dominated by females. This challenges thriller archetypes of male characters dominating females which is evidenced in films like “Jackie Brown” when Louis shoots Melanie for no other reason than she was annoying him. This contrasts to our male characters who are shown to be cowardly and not as consequential to the main plot as men usually are. This could be similar to the truck driver from “Thelma and Louise” who is dominated by the female characters. On the other hand, females are portrayed as strong and dominant over males due to the actions of “Eve” . This can be seen as quite a stereotypical portrayal of women as Femme Fatales as any women who breaks away from domestication must be a killer. However, “Eve” is unlike the femme fatales of the 40s such as Gilda and is more practical and sensible. She is more of a contemporary femme fatale which is a more accurate representation of women than the 1940’s version. This is similar to other strong representation of women such as Jackie Brown which defy the usual archetype of women in thriller films.

Age As our Thriller is more unrealistic than most student produced films, age isn’t really an area that we used much in our piece. As all the actors we used are under 18, it would obvious to say that we were representing young people as being violent and gamblers but it is implausible to suggest that young people could be playing poker for the large amounts of money that is implied to be at stake in our thriller piece. However, it could be argued that our piece portrays young people as being more mature than they are given credit for. Our characters are also quite violent and aggressive which is a common portrayal of young people in the media which our thriller opening unintentionally reinforces. This is similar to the film “This is England� where a young boy takes part in vicious crimes that he does not really understand.

Ethnicity My cast consists entirely of caucasian people. This representation shows how caucasian people can be involved in crimes and more common in this respect than other ethnicities. This is similar to films like “Psycho” and the character “Norman Bates” as early noir films tended to have an all-white cast, suggesting suburban corruption on the inside as opposed to the clean, innocent exterior. This is also a theme in the film “Blue Velvet”. This is also evidenced in my film by the suburban locations and the card games that are associated with the higher class. This could show that my film’s representation of white people is stereotypical as it shows white people in a higher position of social status. However, this is also contradicted by the portrayal of caucasian characters as victims and murders because both the corpses and the killers are white people. My film could also be seen as portraying Austrian people as murderers. This is because the character of “Eve” is portrayed by an Austrian. However, this is not apparent throughout the opening and doesn’t really add to any stereotypes about Austrian people.

Question 2  
Question 2