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LA Confidential vs. LA Noire Comparative Presentation

Use of Light • LA Confidential: In the scene, it is night time, which adds an atmosphere of fear and danger. The most shadowy shot in the scene is the one of the inside of the police car. It gives the impression of the police being dark or bad. It contrasts with the house which is illuminated with Christmas lights, and this makes you think the house is going to be happy place. However, the dark atmosphere and shouting sounds already make the audience realise this isn’t going to be a happy scene and so the colourful decorations associated with happy feelings creates a sense of dramatic irony. Overall, the opening scene of LA Confidential creates a sense of fear and nerves in the audience, creating a tense atmosphere of danger. • LA Noire: The clip has constant bright lighting. It is all shown in the full sun, in the middle of the day. This gives the scenes shown a warm feel, which makes them feel comfortable and homely. It also suggests the bright new side to the city, reflecting the speech about new developments. • In comparison, LA Noire seems a lot lighter and brighter so makes you feel safe watching it, yet as you watch on it seems a little to good to be true. Yet LA Confidential is clear that it is dangerous and shows the tensions in the city of LA obviously.

LA Confidential:

Use of Sound

• Diegetic sounds - There are background sounds setting the scene of night time. The arguing sounds are fitted in with these sounds to suggest that fighting is all part of the everyday atmosphere, even in the seemingly peaceful neighbourhoods in LA. - The police both have very monotone voices. This contrasts with the loud arguing of the couple, whose shouting voices have more enthusiasm and feeling, and more range in their tone of voice. This emphasises the dull voices of the policemen, making them sound like they have a lack of compassion. • Non-diegetic sounds: - There is no music in the background, just the sound of the night. This makes it tense in the scene and not comfortable in the relative silence, where you would expect music to be. LA Noire: • There are no diegetic sounds in this opening clip, as it is just a montage of clips with narration. This is effective in grabbing the interest of an audience because they want to know about LA, but there isn’t much characterisation within this are there is no dialogue. • There is a musical soundtrack, which places the scene in 1950’s America. It is also relaxing jazz music which makes the atmosphere calm reflecting the relaxed society. LA Confidential uses more diegetic sounds to create the atmosphere of fear in LA society, whereas LA Noire uses music and narration to make an impression of what LA was like at this time. They both show a different view of LA society in the sound that is used in the clips.

Use of Costume and Appearance • LA Confidential: The police men in the clip are both wearing fairly plain suits. This makes them seem formal and uptight, not relaxed. They also are dark in colour which makes the men appear mysterious and concealed. They aren’t wearing police uniform, so their roles are undefined and unclear, as if they blur the boundaries of casual life and police work. Their outfits contrast with the arguing couple, who are dishevelled and seem tired from all their fighting. The comparison makes them seem more untidy and uncontrolled. • LA Noire: The opening scene shows two men smiling in suits. This immediately gives off the impression of success and the colourful suits make me think of business. There are also lots of new fashion trends shown in the women, some wearing shorter skirts or trousers and shorter hair than many other places at the time. This reflects the portrayal of LA as a progressive and modern.

LA Confidential:

Representation of LA

• The setting is nice initially – it looks like a quiet residential area. This represents the superficially pleasant and progressive LA. • The violence hidden inside the house in this area however doesn’t fulfil our expectations because of the hidden violence. This reflects the undercurrents of violence hidden in the LA underworld of crime. LA Noire: looks smart and modern and new with big houses • The settings are all newly built or being constructed symbolising the progressive attitude in the city. It is also full of new technology and ideas, like the car at the start of the clip. • People are described as “pioneers” and “inventors”, showing that they are successful. No one is shown who is not intelligent or doing well in life, presenting the view that everyone in LA at this time was industrious and prosperous. • People are shown as having the stereotypical normal happy life – the policeman has a pretty housewife and a home of his own as well as a career. • Overall, only the good is shown of LA. This suggests at first that LA is a brilliant place, which contrasts with our expectations of it having a criminal side. We also suspect it as too good to be true, as no city is full of prosperity with no crime. It gives a suspicious atmosphere to the city as portrayed in the clip.

La Confidential vs La Noire  

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