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Could suit both genders

Girls would empathise with the female protagonist

The Silence (TV drama)

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2009 film)

Line of Duty (TV drama)

A Mother’s Son (TV drama)

Other media the audience might like

Borgen (TV drama)

Characters are student age so students would empathise with them



Age: 15-21 Probably would be 15 rated for violence and fear

Younger people statistically prefer the thriller genre according to BFI data. Mainly would appeal to British people due Location According to BFI data, to the use of only Boys stereotypically thrillers are much more British actors, but enjoy media texts with popular in males than may also appeal to violent themes more females so they would other English than girls so they may be likely to see our film Area where it was speaking countries enjoy the plot of our filmed – Norwich, like the USA production Norfolk, East Anglia Evaluation Question 4 – Who would be the audience for your media product? Audience Profile

Locations are familiar to the audience

Could have premiere Local films attract in Norwich like locally local interest, like filmed “Alpha Papa” “The Go Between”, at Hollywood Cinema None of our filmed in Norfolk – different genre of characters disclose film but inspired loyal their sexuality so Our film would fans from the local they could appeal to appeal to white area. any sexuality

British and other Jackie Brown (1997 Sexuality As a female overcomes a male white ethnicities as film) character and the protagonist is a the characters are Cinema and film – Salamander (TV drama) female, lesbians may appreciate all white. quality of acting Modern trends, fashion the female content Witness (1985 film) and direction and youth culture Because the genre of thrillers has Crime and the legal system Art, little romance in it, sexuality is Our film may photography, probably not an important audience Nature and Ethnicity Other interests appeal to other creativity, the outdoors factor the audience British ethnicities imagination may have due to the The majority of film viewers are Gender equality and Technological nationality of the of white British ethnicity in the representation awareness and actors or the UK according to BFI data so lots of knowledge of Intelligence and English culture location of filming our film’s viewers would probably photography detective work and media be white British.

Evaluation question 4  
Evaluation question 4