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Elly Beamer

2568QCA Graphic Design 2

Originally from a small country town on the North Coast of NSW, I moved to the Gold Coast to persue my studies at Queensland College or Arts. Im currently studying a bachelor of digital media, majoring in graphic design and minoring in fine arts. I spend my time studying, freelance work and personal fine art projects.I recently joined The Golden Key Inrernational Honours Society.

Assignment one Business rebranding: The Market On Tedder Healthfood takeaway store

Brief & Schedule

The market

On tedder

health food/takeaway

brief background The Market is situated in the high profile Tedder Avenue in Main Beach and only recently, has been taken over by new owners. The shop is unique as it provides consumers with unique products and meal plan options for the busier Main Beach residents that don’t always have the time to sit in a cafe or restaurant. The new owners have not yet created a website for the business. The Market offers an extensive range of freshly prepared meals for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner which can be created for every clients needs, They also offer one on one or group cooking classes and a healthy alternative catering program. These elements of the business are unique within the area and are great selling points.

target market Extensive research and consideration has been taken towards successfully redesigning The Market for a unique and eclectic target market, age, income and geographic target have been carefully considered. The Market redesign will aim to appeal to a broad target market, as it is situated in the heart of Tedder Avenue it will need to appeal not only to Main Beach residents, but also holiday goers as it is a popular holiday destination. The main residents in the area are wealthy elderly demographic and also on the go familys and business people. Tedder Avenue attracts high income earners, which also allows for the busines to have higher prices. The redesign will be clean and classy which will appeal to a large number of people.

unique selliing points * There is no other health takeaway store in Main Beach * The redesign will assure The Market is seen as a unique on trend, convenient cafe * Product release of an organic coffee range with added health benefits (Ganodema)

budjet and schedule W1 Approach business and get written approval W2 Take reference photos of shop (including layout and branding) W3 Consultation - market research and business history. Find out the owners objectives and what they want to achieve W4 Creation - concept design and development (including illustrations) W5 Logo and supporting branding complete W6 Packaging and product photos W7 Complete working 7 page website - consult final designs with client W8 Production - print multipage document, produce menu board/signage W9 Print procurment W10 Delivery and handover Budget $900 (two free changes, $50ph after that - applies to all) Logo & Rebranding $300 Signage (including menu board) $200 Website $35 p/h Multipage doc & packaging $250

MARKETING OBJECTIVE The Market is surrounded by high profile, well established restaurants and cafes, so it is important the redesign will allow consumers to distinguish The Market’s product uniqueness. I’m going to redesign the branding all together to something more contemporary, unique and aesthetically pleasing.. Through the redesigning of the business, the primary objectives are: * Establish a good reputation through great service and good quality products. * Broaden target audience in the local area. * Increase foot traffic by 15% * Increase coffee sales (take away and dine in) by a whole 20%. * Increase new customers by referal and word of mouth by 10% * Increase meal planning packages by15%.. * Improve visibility and memorability of brand identity through customer survey. * Create product awareness and knowledge about the health benefits.

design specifications The business has recently gone under new ownership, it is important the branding creates a fresh approach to the business and creates a positive brand identity. The key themes will be bold chalk textured typography which will contrast with a vibrant blue colour theme. Overall the look and feel will be upper market, quirky but classy, this will suit the intended consumers. * New logo (including alternate backgrounds as well as versions in colour/black and white/greyscale) * Supporting illustrations (fruit and coffee and other foods) * Style guide with size specifications and colour variations * Business card (with unique design for customers to write down their regular drink) * 6 page working website including: - Meet us - Home - Packaging Options - Menu - PDF multipage nutrition value and full menu - Contact us and Location details * Interior and Exterior signage as well as footpath signage * Packaging: - Take away coffee cup design - Take away paper bag design - Take home multipage menu and meal planner - Staitionary including magnets Complete packaging concept and design includes: - Tupperware container system to replacing disposable plastic packaging - Environmentaly friendly bag for containers with logo and name tag - Best before stickers and nutritional stickers * Car signage * Large menu board * Multipage document: Unique trifold A3 document which acts as an order form as well as a weekly meal planner to be kept on the fridge. It also includes specials and offers, and catering options. * Product photos, food and promotional photos

Logo & Branding

Style Guide

Primary Logo


colour palette core colour

CMYK c:60 m:13 y:0 k:0 supporting colours

CMYK c:24 m:0 y:97 k:0

CMYK c:5 m:67 y:100 k:0

CMYK c:0 m:66 y:92 k:0

CMYK c:0 m:66 y:92 k:0



Aracne Ultra Condensed Light abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 Remachine Script ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

Highly recommended, always use when possible MINIMUM SCREEN SIZE 50MM WIDE

Inner glow needs to be removedbefore using logo on a white background.

ClementePDac ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghi jklmnopqrstuvwxyz




Basicl Condensed Light abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890

Recommended alternate background colours include black and blue, or other colours of branding can be used if necessary.

Brand Identity


Multipage Document




footpath signage

typography menu board

Suggestions Antiox Redz Red apple, capsicum, betroot, tomato & watermelon

Small: $6 Large: $7

Brekky Juice orange, banana, muesli, strawberry, yogurt & protein

Hangover Helper Pine, watermelon, strawberry, passionfruit & missing link

The Body Builder Mixed berry, protein, yogurt & ice

Liver Reviver Apple, carrot, celery, beetroot, ginger & livatone

Blood Builder Orange, carrot, spinach, parsley, ginger & spirulina

Forever Young Orange, papaya, mixed berries, kiwi & wheatgrass

Skin Perfection Apple, beetroot, ginger & spirulina

Cold Buster Orange, carrot, pineapple, lemon & ginger

Make your own fruit Orange, pineapple, apple, watermelon, lemon, lime, honeydue, mixed berries, rockmelon, passionfruit, banana, kiwi fruit, strawberries, pear, mango

Make your own vege

Carrot, celery, beetroon, broccoli, cucumber, capsicum, spinach, ginger, parsley

Fresh fruit and vege juices

suggestions: Apple, lemon & ginger Orange, pineapple & lemon Carrot, celery, beetroot & ginger Carrot, celery & apple Orange, pineapple & watermelon Apple, orange, rockmelon & watermelon


Small: $6 Large: $7 Choose a base from: full cream, skim or soy milk Add up to two fruits: Banana, watermelon, mixed berries, honeydew, rockmelon, passionfruit, mango, strawberry, pineapple, pear, kiwi fruit we add: frozen yourt, honey and ice

WE DO ACAI BOWLS! w/ museli, mixed berries, honey and chia seeds

Small: $6 Large: $8

Coffee and tea

Small: $3 Large: $4 Short black Long black Flat white Cappuccino Latte Mocha Hot Chocolate Tea

Website created by

7 page working website The website includes:

- Home Page

(with slide show of images)

- Meet us

- Packaging Options

- Menu

- Contact Us & Location

- Catering



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he top



Coffee cup design

PAckaging concept

Packaging Concept

Customers that have purchased the meal planning program can also purchase this container system which can be reused each week. This will help minimize waste. Personalised environmentaly friendly bags, best before stickers and nutritional stickers have all been designed for the new packaging system. The packaging concept is aimed for the busy familys on the go. Designing it to cater to these familys will allow for more profit compared to aiming it at single on the go careers people.

best before:

best before:

Best before sticker and nutritional sticker

Assignment two Drop One Product Food Additives

Concept Rationale

campaign logo

Food additives monosodium glutamate MSG) The chosen topic for this assignment is food additve, MSG (monosodium Glutamate). The campaign is called Cut The MSG the aim is raise awareness, identify the short term and long term health effects and communicate which foods contain MSG. The campaign is split into two, one side being negative and the other, positive. The first, will identify the issue and cause fear, shock and guilt. While the second, will offer an alternative (or benefit). The campaign revolves around a competition in which consumers can share their Clean recipe and be in the chance to have it featured in The Student Recipe book (amongst other prizes) which will be published after the campaign is finished. The angle of the campaign focuses on the short term and long term effects of the consumption of monosodium glutamate. Cut The MSG also offers an alternate and give advice on how to avoid food containing msg. The marketing strategies within the campagn are engaging the audience so large amounts of information can be communicated succsefful and also evoking emotion and promising a benefit or alternative. The campaign create fear, and guilt to the viewer., this is done by directly asking them questions, identifying the food MSG is in and also addressing the health effects. The alternative being advice on how to cut MSG out of your diet (Start Clean eating). The visual focal point of the campaign are two hand painted images, one to support the


Lorna jane

negative aspect and the other painting to support the positve.The illustrations also identifies examples of the types of food msg is present in and foods that do not contain msg. The campaign is aimed at a younger demographic primarily young adults who have just moved out of home - as the main objective is to change peoples eating habits and how they think about processed foods and food additives. The Student Recipe book also helps with this - the aim is to encourage young adults to create good eating habits which can be passed on to their children. As the basis of the campaign revolves around the viral video it will also reach other demographics, including mothers and parents. The book will also contain nutritional information and advice on how to eat clean and healthy on a student budget. The two sponsors for this campaign are Lorna Jane (fitness clothing) and also Skinny Me Tea, a very popular brand of herbal deatox teas. Both these sponsors will help promote healthy eating and an active life style. Including these sponsors will strengthen the Cut The MSG campaign. There are two primary slogans supporting the campaign, one negative to create a shock/fear factore It excites your brain cells to death and one positive slogan to support the campaigns alternative/benefit and to also promote the competition, Start Clean Eating.

Book design

Story board - graphic novel

Viral Video

The primary focus of my campaign will base on a viral video (graphic novel) it will be highly illustrative and informative. It aims to communicate a large amount of information to a great number of people, as well as promoting the Start Clean Eating competition. Included is a story board explaining the marketing strategies and topics the video will cover. The movie will identify the food additve and explain exactly what it is, it will identify the long term and short term health problems associated with MSG. Then it will explain how companies disguise MSG under different names - then list the names.

viewers attention by directly 1. Capture asking questions. Explain exactly what MSG is.

The movie will then move on to Identifying what foods MSG is most likely present in.Then go on to present an alternative to the audience, which is to push clean eating. The movie will also include tips on how to avoid eating foods with MSG while eating out or shopping. Finally the video will end with promoting of the competition and also encouraging viewers to share the video. The video aimes to engage the audience, cause shock, fear and guild and also offer an alternative, tips and advice on how to avoid MSG and promote the competition and great prizes.

MSG, short term and long term. 2. byVisually explain how MSG causes Identify health problems caused

3. commonly present in.

Then go on to list the foods msg is most

brain damage (to create fear).

4. Identify what to look for on packaging.

List the names of ingredients which have MSG in it.

benefits of clean eating. Include tips 5. the how to avoid food containing MSG.

Offer an alternative, explain and illustrate

the audience to share the video 6. Encourge with family and friends and also promote the competition.

Interior bus advertisments x 2

Bus Interior

The second basis of the Cut The MSG campaign will focus on outdoor media. The chosen location is bus shelters and buses interiors. This will allow the campaign to reach a large number of people. Many university students also catch the bus and in particular the interior bus advertisments will be able to hold a lot of information due as the viewers will be sitting down on the bus for long periods of time. These are the two bus interior advertisments, they will be positioned at head hight. The images aim to capture the audiences attention and lure them into reading more about MSG. The advertisments identify what




Did you know almost all fast food outlets and processed food has the flavour enhancer, Monosodium Glutamate (E623) in it? Not only does it cause short term effects such as headaches, nausea, dizziness and skin rashes to say the least, it can also lead to serious health problems such as obesity, liver problems (even liver cancer) and type two diabetes to name a few. MSG (monsodium glutamine) literally excites your brain cells to death by emitting too much dopamine for the brain to handle. Even worse, food companies have disguised MSG from their ingredients list by the naming it something else.



the food additve is and identifies short term and some long term health effects of consuming MSG. This will aim to create a shock value, fear and guilt (for eating junk/fast food) among the viewers, as well as encouraging them to read further. The advertisments will push the viwer to also refer to other forms of media outlets for more information on the issue. The posters also give advice on how to avoid MSG when shopping as many Gold Coast residents use the bus as their form of transportation to large shopping centres. The bus advertisments wil also aim to promote the competition.

MSG IS IN ALMOST ALL PROCESSED FOOD How to avoid MSG when shopping 1. Think fresh, your more likely to avoid MSG when you cook with whole foods 2. Read labels carefully, Companys like to disguise MSG under other names, look out for hydrolized vegetable protein, natural flavourings, flavourings, vegetable protein.

3. Before buying any deli, smoked or cured meat, check the labels.

To find out how you can win a stack load of prizes, visit: @cutthemsg

Share your 100%





As a food additive not only causes headaches, dry mouth, flushing, tightening of facial muscles, numbness, tingling, chest pain, heart palpitations, nausea and general weakness but can also cause long term health problems such as obesity and liver cancer.



For your chance to have it featured in The Student Recipe Book PLUS Skinny Me Tea Package worth:


+ Simply upload your recipe to our facebook page: @cuthemsg #cutthemsg

Lorna Jane wardrobe worth:




Share your 100%




For your chance to have it featured in The Student Recipe Book PLUS



START CLEAN EATING To find out more visit:


Skinny Me Tea Package worth:


+ Simply upload your recipe to our facebook page: @cuthemsg #cutthemsg

Lorna Jane wardrobe worth:


Bus Exterior



Share your 100%



For your chance to have it featured in The Student Recipe Book PLUS Skinny Me Tea Package worth:


+ Simply upload your recipe to our facebook page: @cuthemsg #cutthemsg


Lorna Jane wardrobe worth:


Did you know almost all fast food outlets and processed food has the flavour enhancer, Monosodium Glutamate (E623) in it? Not only does it cause short term effects such as headaches, nausea, dizziness and skin rashes to say the least, it can also lead to serious health problems such as obesity, liver problems (even liver cancer) and type two diabetes to name a few. MSG (monsodium glutamine) literally excites your brain cells to death by emitting too much dopamine for the brain to handle. Even worse, food companies have disguised MSG from their ingredients list by the naming it something else. For more information visit: @cutthemsg

magazine advertisments x 2


The final basis of the campaign will consist of two magazine advertisments, the first will be the negative advertisment which aims to cause fear and guilt amongts viewers. It will also have a small blurb explaining what MSG is and the short term and long term effects of the food additive. The second advertisment will be a few pages after the

first advertisment and offer the audience with an alternative - this being clean eating and to also promote the competiton and social media outlets. Examples fo magazines the advertisments could be potentially featured in, include, Womens Health, Cleo, Sunday, Marie Claire. These have been chosen to coinside with the selected target market.

Social Media

@ cutthemsg

vimeo mock up

Harvard Reference List

Simon, Ronald A 2000, ’Addictive - induced Urticaria: Experience with Monosodium Glutamine (MSG)’, The Journal of Nutrition, vol. 130, no. 4, pp. 1063-6, viewed 9 October 2013, via ProQuest database. Eng, M & Deardorff J 2008, ‘Navigating the MSG maze: FDA says the popular food additive is safe. But wat about the Chest Pains, Headaches and Rapid Heartbeats?, Chicago Tribune, 24 November 2013, p. 28. Ronald A, Simon, MD 2003, ‘Adverse Reactions to Food Additives’, Current Allergy and Asthma Reports’, vol. 3, pp. 62 - 66, viewed 6 October 2013, via Google Scholar. Blaylock, Russell L, MD 2009, ‘A POSSIBLE CENTRAL MECHANISM IN AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS., PART 3: THE ROLE OF EXCITOTIXIN FOOD ADDITIVES AND THE SYNERGISTIC EFFECTS OF OTHER ENVIRNMENTAL TOXINS’, Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, vol. 15, no. 2, pp. 56 - 60, viewed 6 October 2013, via ProQuest database. ‘MSG Sensitivity: Final Edition,, 1994, Chicago Tribune, p. 4. Merlin, T 20122, ‘Mondays Medical Myth: MSG is a dangerous toxin’, The Conversation, viewed 11 October 2013. <>

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