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Copyright Š 2013 by Elly Color

The duck and

the boy Written and illustrated by

Elly Color

“Thank you so much for buying this sweet book! I hope that you will really enjoy it! This book was written with a lot of love for children from all over the world!� These words are from your beloved Romanian writer,


In a big park with a pond and some trees A white duck tells everyone he sees...

...that he likes them; he explains them why Even if they’re popular or just shy.

“I like you, green frog; Some great jumps you’ve got!”

“I like you, white swan; At elegance you’re number one!”

“I like you, pretty butterfly; With your wings you could really fly!”

“I like you, fluffy bunny; You’re sweeter than any honey!”

“I like you, shiny fish; You swim faster than my greatest wish!”

The duck spends his day like this Until he sees a boy; his mind twists:

“I don’t like you, human boy You don’t bring me any joy!”

The boy doesn’t understand why the duck is mean. He asks the duck for an answer for him.

“Children like you don’t even care About our feelings! That’s not fair!”

“You throw trash everywhere In places for that we take much care!”

“You threat us really, really bad You just want to make us sad!”

So go away, before you do the same! I don’t want to be in your mean game!�

“OK, little duck, I understand you, But first you have to listen me too. I’m not like the other ones; I’m the one who comes...”

“...every morning, who gives you breakfast But you always hide so fast; I couldn’t even win your trust.”

“Wow, your words are so amazing; All the time I was misunderstanding The people who I judged the same, Even if with good reasons they came.�

“Now I changed my mind; Some people like you are kind. I have to listen always to them Before I will ever judge’em.”

The duck and the boy Their friendship they enjoy. Later, they visit each other every day And many games together they play.

“Not every child is the same; To have a good heart is your aim. I love you, my human friend! Our friendship will never end!�


What a sweet poem! I can’t wait to see you again!

Elly Color is a young artist who loves

to use her time making people happy with her colorful art, especially children.. She has her own online shop and … she writes and illustrated books, like this one. “The duck and the boy” is a wonderful poetry book for children of all ages where you will find the story of a duck who likes everyone except human children. But what will happen when he will meet a human boy? Find out by reading this story in rhymes about judging people the same.

The Duck And The Boy FREE E-book  

A cute poetry children's book about a duck who doesn't like humans. But...what will happen when he will meet a human boy?

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