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What is that? Glad you asked! Jonesin Brand is a streetwear brand that embraces humor, art, music, creativity, uniqueness, and overall shenanigans.

JONESIN BRAND’s mission is to provide quality clothes that are creative, fun, unique, and humorous to all different walks of life.

Who made it? Ellyce Jones

Me… . I’ve always loved clothes and fashion, but specifically my passion is in Streetwear. My online shopping became a problem. Every single day I would go on the internet looking for more streetwear and new clothes to buy. I reached a point where I decided that I should create my own, instead of investing in everyone else’s brands. I’m all about having fun and finding the humor in absolutely everything. I try and express that in my designs. Ever since September 2010 I’ve been working towards making Jonesin Brand a household name and I won’t stop until everyone from your kid brother, to Betty White knows about us!

Credentials and Experience (In a Nutshell) Work Experience: • LA Fitness /April 2006-August 2006 • The Walker Summer Science Camp/ 2004 & 2005 • FEJ Design Group/ Jan 2003- Feb 2009 • Omni Modeling Group/February 2009-June 2009 • ETour and Travel/ January 2010-April 2010 Education: • The University of Central Florida/ August 2006- May 2008 Advertising/PR • Valencia Community College/August 2008-2010 Liberal Arts • The Art Institute of Atlanta/ July 2011- Present Fashion Retail Management Additional Skills: I’m skilled with Excel, Word, Power Point, HTML, Photo Shop, Page Maker, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and InDesign. A wiz with all social media including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Tumblr, Skype, and Cinemagram. I’m also knowledgeable in French. I’m a fast learner, a people person, a great problem solver and very well organized.

The Most Important Credential

So what exactly is streetwear? Streetwear represents a completely different realm of fashion than couture, and what you might see in most fashion magazines. Streetwear transcends the set guidelines of basic lounge-wear and high fashion clothes. Streetwear encompasses both.

Continued… Streetwear represents the designer label, fashion forward: •t-shirts •sweat pants •jeans, •Jackets •fitted hats •snapback hats •crewneck sweatshirts •hoodies •patterned socks •unique sunglasses •jewelry and so much more.

Continued‌ Streetwear has come a long way since the beginning. You see your favorite musicians and celebrities wearing streetwear now a days. You also see established fashion houses looking to accommodate to the market and provide streetwear-esque pieces as well.

It’s Everywhere!

Who is the JONESIN BRAND customer? The JONESIN BRAND customer is •A guy or girl •Between the ages of 16-40 •African American, Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Native American, and everyone else under the sun •A student working a summer job •A recent graduate working an entry level job •An established professional with disposable income. •A student, an artist, a musician, an entrepreneur, a DJ, a teacher, a waiter/waitress, a son, a daughter, a brother, a sister, a mother, and a father. •A bachelor/A bachelorette •A boyfriend/ A girlfriend •A husband/ a Wife

The JONESIN BRAND customer loves‌ Social Media and the Internet as a whole

The JONESIN BRAND customer appreciates‌ All types of music

The JONESIN BRAND customer loves‌ Going out and having fun

So who’s the competition?

Geez! That’s steep competition! How can you compete?

1st off, we’re a new brand, a fresh face in the streetwear

community. People are naturally drawn to new things that they know nothing about. They’re curious and want to know more. Think back to childhood. Whenever there was a new kid at school, everyone always wanted to know their story. Who they were? Where they came from? Etc. We’re the new kid, and people are going to want to know all about us.

Continued… 2nd, we’re a philanthropic company. Most companies and

organizations are quick to help and donate during times of crisis and pandemonium. We’ll be donating a percentage of our profits each month to a nonprofit called K.I.D.S. (Kids In Distressed Situations). It’s a proven fact that when shopping, people tend to loosen their grip on their wallet when they know it’s for a good cause. Self gratification.

Continued… 3rd, we offer unique, humorous, designs tailored to the out of the box thinker. Our brand and designs speak to the creative, fun loving community. Our designs entice the rebels, the black sheep, the starving artists, the underground musicians, the graffiti artists, and the label-less…the “others”.

How will you get your name out there? Our marketing strategy will be comprised of



STEP 1 In order to reach our potential customers, we will practice guerrilla-marketing techniques. ( economical alternative) • Implement a street team • Stickerbomb metropolitan cities • Tweet to make our presence known • Instagram our journey to gain a following • Acquire a space where a graffiti artist can paint a JONESIN BRAND mural to elicit curiosity from passersby.

STEP 2 Once we’re more financially stable, we’ll look for a local celebrity to start, then move up to someone more well known to act as a brand ambassador

STEP 3 Once we’ve firmly established ourselves within the streetwear community, we’ll set our sights on infiltrating into the mainstream. Our method of infiltration will be through product placement in music videos, television, and movies.

So what’s the plan? Simply put? The plan is to expand my current online business, and open a brick and mortar store in Los Angeles, California. But not just anywhere in LA‌ Fairfax Avenue.

Why Fairfax Ave? Fairfax Avenue is a strategical move. This particular street is home to all the big name streetwear brands. Thusly, Fairfax Avenue is the heart of the streetwear shopping district. There are a slew of big name brands on this street. We’re hoping that our presence among such heavy hitters will intrigue and entice their customers to come and check us out, and ultimately, become our customers.

Preliminary Store Design

So how will you pay for all of this? • The acquisition of a business loan via Bank of America for the amount of $100K • A matched investment of $100K from my supportive parents • Additional small investments from friends and relatives. Approx. $25-30K TOTAL:



is all about bringing all different types of people together in order to have a good time and enjoy all of the fun and humor life has to offer.

Thank You!



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