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how people from the same major share their own library of jokes in relation to their spaces. It refers to how, after a long time of working together and sleeping sleepless night in the same space, students from Visual Communication start to give their particular “stay-up” group names like “Monday Night Gang” and how they start to have the same habits of ordering McDonald’s at 4am in the morning. It also applies to how the Film majors start going out for suppers from their Film-Editing labs, and how in their own labs, they establish their own working spaces and how they too, share common experiences together. Collectively, we start to build memories together in the space. It may be invisible, continuous action taking place all the time. Bachelard writes, “Memories are motionless, and the more securely they are fixed in space, the sounder they are”

“And all the spaces of our past moments of solitude, the spaces in which we have suffered from solitude, enjoyed, desired and compromised solitude, remain indelible within us, and precisely because the human being wants them to remain so. “ It is also particularly true for the space in ADM. It is no surprise that when submissions and deadlines draw near, we start to stay in school more and more and we are always in the company of others yet ultimately, we also are very individualistic in nature. As designers and artist, we do have our own separate schedule according to our own pace of completing our projects and in many instances, too, we are in solitude, doing our work. Photo majors can meet up together at certain timings to use the darkroom but many a times, due to differentiating timetables, they end up going to wash their photos at their own time. Animation students come to school in their own time to use their light boxes for their animations and while they are at work, they remain

composed, consumed in their own art-making surrounding. Therefore, many a times, we end up in solitude as well. The spaces in ADM then holds our moments of solitude as well, times when we stare at our Macintosh screens the whole day, and in our lonely moments, still interact and communicate with the space around us.

“The lamp in the window is the house’s eye and, in the kingdom of imagination, it is never lighted out-of-doors but is enclosed light. [From the poetry] a lamp is waiting in the window, and throughout it, the house, too is waiting, The lamp is a symbol of prolonged waiting. By means of the light in that far-off house, the house sees, keeps vigil, vigilantly waits” It is intriguing how that relates to ADM, which is a building that is perpetually open and lit up all night. The quotes do hold some truth about how the lamp becomes a symbol of waiting. As we go back to our ADM building at night for another round of working on our projects, as we walk towards the building, it stands dormant, lit up and prominent in the dark night, as if waiting for our return into its domain. In this way, it seems that the building too is waiting, yet with a welcoming connotation attached. The lobby and its doors waiting to be entered by the scanning of our matriculation cards. The idea of knowing that only students from ADM can enter the building in the night through their card also highlights a certain exclusiveness that we hold as students of the school. “He (the house) leads a dogged existence, whereas I am pursuing futile dreams. Through its light alone, the house becomes human. It sees like a man. It is an eye open to night.” The part of the quote that is interest-

ing is just the idea of us sometimes seemingly thinking if we are pursuing futile dreams in our four years here. University can be a place where one works towards his dreams yet in the end realizing that it might just come out to nothing. The last quote writes, “A house constitutes a body of images that give mankind proofs or illusions of stability. We are constantly re-imagining its reality: to distinguish all these images would be to describe the soul of the house” This ties back in with the idea of memory as well, in this context, the visual memory. As we continue our study in ADM, there are certain spaces and corners of the school which we take away with us, sometimes in the form of an image and a picture stored in our minds. It is part of the human capacity to retain images of places he has gone. It can be suggested that these images can also tie in to other elements like meaning, words, people. We relate certain spaces to certain people, certain words. The next page shows some spaces and quotes that people have come up in relation with the space. I hope this article have been enlightening and has allowed you to contitnue thinking about ADM space in a deeper spectacle.

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