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VAN 1. When you drive your car into the carpark, is there any particular lot that you always park in or perfer to park in? Yes, it’s the few lots near the entrance of the carpark so it is easier to get out. From there, there’s one that i prefer, but it is usually taken up. 2. Are there any interesting things that you can say about the carpark? Other than its grey walls and yellow lines, any interesting stories? Nothing interesting, that’s precisely why it’s awesome. because it’s so serene there. nothing ever happens. people smoke there once in awhile but who gives a shit. 3. Other than a parking space, do you think the carpark space serves any other purpose? Erm... MAKIN’ OUT YO! *LAUGHS* 4. Do you think it is a space that is completely removed from the main building of ADM, that ADMers seldom go? It is seperate from ADM, and also, seperate from the rest of NTU. 5. Any thoughts about carpark space? Or your car as a space?

16 TOYATA_HIACE VEHICLE AGE: Since November 2008 TYPE: Van OWNER: Jonathan Liang, Foundation Year 1 LOT: ADM Carpark Lot 16 USAGE: Daily drive, helping Film students with their heavy equipment.

I think when you get into your car, for me, it’s my van, it’s a place where I can chill, almost like my personal space. When I drive my friends around in my van, and when they sit inside with music jamming, even for some of my friends who used to be very quiet by nature can sometimes end up singing loudly and going insane inside. It is as if the car can be a transformative space that is different from any other outside space.

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