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01. Daily essentials: His pencil bag and scissors and Apple Macbook Pro, which is, in his own words, the stereotypical laptop that everyone carries.


02. Papers without a file: He carries a heap of loose paper including his Asian Art History notes (the interview day was the day of their quiz), papers from his AR, Augmented reality, (last semester whereby the paper, when placed in front of the webcam, will detect the image and fold out into something on screen according to his own program), his Japanese spelling, schoolfees, and random receipts which he just chucks into his bag, all crumpled without a file.

05. IM things: That includes an Open-source hardware for IM which he can hook up to a USB port and do programming for his projects. Also a strange musical instrument used for sound distortion. 06. Music-related: (Not displayed here) He also has his guitar picks and his iPod which he cannot leave home without.

03. Books: He brings along a couple for reading and also being a Christian, he has his Campus Crusade booklets with him, in case he needs to preach. 04: Randoms: A birthday card given to him, and a booklet from his Animation History professor.


ADM Space Magazine  

A group publications project to do up a magazine for our school, NTU School of Art, Design & Media. Here's a portion of what I did from our...