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01. Daily essentials: Because Calvin is diebetic, he needs his glucose injections kit which he has to bring for daily dosage and a box of candy in case he needs get some glucose into his body. Unlike the previous ladies, guys place their wallets and phones in their pockets, not bag. 02. Somwhat essential: Things he brings along includes water bottle, umbrella, camera, thumbdrive, USB cable and a Buddhist manual which his mum insist that he brings along. 03. Animation-ish: All the animator needs is notebooks, sketching pen, graphite stick, pencil. 04. Randoms: Everyone has to have random things in their bags! In Calvin’s case, it is double-sided tape and a locker lock. Double-sided tape —He has some Viscomm blood in him.




ADM Space Magazine  

A group publications project to do up a magazine for our school, NTU School of Art, Design & Media. Here's a portion of what I did from our...