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SHARP 3-IN-1 AIR PURIFIER Your home is only as clean as the air that circulates around it. And if you live near a highway, or a construction site, or are expecting another bout of lung-abusing haze, an air purifier is most certainly the way to go. Sharp’s brand new 3-in-1 air purifier comes equipped with high-density Plasmacluster ions which remove airborne mold and viruses. They also suppress the activity of airborne viruses, while removing dust mite allergens, as well as other dust particles in the air. What’s even more amazing is the air purifier’s ability to catch mosquitoes, as is particularly pertinent in our tropical climate. An attached UV light, coupled with the colour black, attracts mosquitoes, while powerful airflow and suction captures the pests, and traps them on a strong glue sheet. The technology here reduces up to 91% of Culex and 73% of Aedes, as well as 72% of housefly species.

SHARP NO HOLES WASHING MACHINE Experts recommend changing your sheets once a week, so don’t slack off! As one would expect, Sharp’s No Holes washing machine boasts a tub with no holes. This protects your laundry from damage, so you can wash your bed linens as often as you like! The technology behind the tub’s lack of holes also ensures minimal mold and bacteria growth, as well as minimal water and detergent wastage – great for frequent to semi-frequent washing!



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