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DYSON V6 MATTRESS VACUUM The Dyson V6 mattress vacuum aims to remove allergenic dust mite droppings through powerful suction. Through years of research, the brand has come to understand that it is, indeed, suction that reigns supreme in ridding mattresses of mites. The vacuum is equipped with a HEPA filter, and removes mites, their droppings, and our dead skin cells, leaving you with air that is cleaner than what you breathe. A powerful motorised brush bar brushes your mattress with its stiff nylon bristles, ensuring the removal of dust mite allergens and dirt.

SHARP PLASMACLUSTER MITE CATCHER Sharp’s Plusmacluster mite catcher has a Heat & Clean function, effectively eliminating dust mites and other allergens in your bed by releasing heat up to 60˚C. Sharp’s Plasmacluster ions are also released in the process to deactivate bacteria and other harmful microbes in your bedding. The machine’s Cyclone Suction boasts powerful centrifugal force which can clean your mattress even through your bedding and linens!


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