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SAMSUNG POWERBOT VR9000 The Samsung POWERbot VR9000 is an expert in the field of cleaning house. As its name would suggest, the POWERbot boasts 20 times more suction power than competitor brands, eating up dirt and dust with gusto. EasyPass wheels allow the POWERbot to transition easily from carpets to hard floors, while an onboard digital camera and 10 smart sensors map your home to create the optimal cleaning path. If it’s effectiveness and convenience you’re after, you need look no further than this great home helper.

Here’s some food for thought. Mopping may not be as great a cleaning method as we may have been brought up to think! Like sponges, mops become soiled over time, riddled with contamination from its very first use. What further adds to the grime factor is the fact that many mops are stored before they are fully dry, thus becoming prime breeding grounds for bacteria. And if you’re the sort to mop the entire house with just one pail of solution each time you clean, you’ll have noticed that the water becomes increasingly dark with each rinse of the mop – increasingly soiled and contaminated, and decreasingly effective. What happens, then, is that you’re simply transferring bacteria and grime from one part of the house to another when you mop that way. Minimise the cross-contamination! If you’re using old-fashioned mops, be certain to change your mopping solution as you go. Use hot water to kill bacteria. Squeeze your mop dry and let it sun before storing it for the next use. You won’t kill everything living in your mop, but you will be able to extend its life before a necessary change is required. One way to clean better is to replace your manual mops with steam cleaners. With heating capabilities, these great inventions can kill bacteria and unwanted microorganisms in your home, ensuring your space is well and truly clean.

WE RECOMMEND THESE: KÄRCHER SC1 PREMIUM STEAM CLEANER Small and compact, the Kärcher SC1 Premium steam cleaner is easy to move around the house, and kills 99.99% of the bacteria living in your floors and carpets.

MORPHY RICHARDS 720020 STEAM MOP Your floors will thank you for the attention with this steam mop! With a capacity of 400ml, cleaning is made easier sans the need to refill at every turn of the corner. It’s also suitable for most surfaces: carpets, floors, work surfaces, windows, tiles, grout, ovens, and upholstery.


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