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UV Pro Inside Out, from Acacia Fabrics.

TIPS This advice will leave you patternconfident in no time!

in your space with neutral-coloured sofas, chairs and ottomans.

• When picking fabric, consider the furniture you will be using it with, the size and colour of motifs, and the theme of the room.

• Some pattern designs are much stronger than others, so mixing a weak design with a strong, well-designed pattern can highlight the weaker one. Sit them together to see if it works or not.

• Patterns don’t have to match! They simply have to complement each other. The easiest way to mix patterns is with colour. Feel free to mix florals, ikats, or modern motifs, as long as they share a common palette. • Neutrals work well as a base when using large-scale prints. Start with a neutral hue for the walls and floors, and use bold prints in either a rug or key pieces of furniture. Then, fill


• In smaller spaces, patterns should be used primarily as accents, such as using the same print for a throw cushion and a lampshade. A larger space allows more freedom to be adventurous, so upholster your sofa in a bold print, but balance it out with neutral throw cushions or curtains.


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