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When you enter this apartment, the phrase “a humble abode” comes to mind immediately. Designed with a pared-down approach by interior design firm Distinctidentity, this five-room flat features an abundance of light wood textures and a white backdrop. The heart of the home is the living room. It thrives on functionality, and is furnished with only what’s necessary. Even the TV set is left out, which the young homeowners, Neo Chun Lei and Chan Lidan, say they rarely use. To maximise the footprint of the apartment, the kitchen walls were torn down. This allows sunlight to illuminate almost every nook and cranny of the common area, making it feel more open and airy. A working space is carved out in the living room and partitioned with framed glass doors – an idea the designer proposed.

The couple eschewed fancy design elements for a pared-down look, which echoes their simple lifestyle.


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