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Where are your unique accessories and decor from? The handles on the pantry drawers are from a flea market in Florence, while the blueand-white ones on the kitchen cabinets and the pink knobs on the wall-mounted console (by the entrance) are from Thailand. The glass lamp (over the console) is made of Murano glass – I handcarried it back from Venice. The giant pencils are from Barcelona, and I use them sometimes! The authentic Peranakan tiles on the pantry backsplash are from an antique shop in Malacca. The plane above the dining table was a gift, and I dangled bulbs around it to turn the whole thing into a decorative light fixture. I paint and make prints, so my own artworks fill up the walls!



Lisa kept her old bed from her mum’s house, and painted the frame black to complement the monochromatic theme in the master bedroom. RIGHT

The master bathroom was enlarged, and a glass panel was added on top of the wall separating the bedroom, to allow more light in.

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