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Why keep the old flooring in the living area? I kept the tiles as it tells the story of the apartment. If you hack everything, there’s no authenticity. Furthermore, it’s not easy to find such tiles anymore. Also, it would have cost about RM12,000 to redo it with quality Italian tiles. I would rather spend that on a holiday! How do you use your space? I have my own studio, so I can paint and make prints easily. I use the dining table a lot, to work, eat, check the mail… I always sit here (a seat in the corner near the studio); it’s the best spot in the apartment because of the crossventilation, and views on both sides! The pantry is convenient for grabbing coffee, and when people come over, they can help themselves.


Accessed through the dining area, the common bathroom is tucked out of sight thanks to its door that blends into the wall panel design. BELOW

In the converted art studio, a salvaged old door, supported by a metal base, becomes an adjustable slanted tabletop that is ideal for draining water during printmaking. (OPPOSITE) TOP & BOTTOM

Floor tiles from Ecoplus, Mediterraneanstyle wall tiles from Hafary, bold woodgrain laminate from Lamitak and unique cabinet handles Lisa got from Thailand make for an eclectic kitchen.


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