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Why did you choose this place? I was looking for an old condominium unit that had never been renovated, as I wanted my own design. Also, a place with good cross-ventilation, and views of greenery. It also had to have a north-south facing so the apartment wouldn’t get the heat from the sun. Tell us about the ideas behind your home’s design. As it’s an old place, I had no qualms about doing a major overhaul! The main feature wall (in the dining area) is made with just raw plywood, without any particular finish. Also, I didn’t want to have too much built-in furniture, as I want to be able to buy things and move them around so that there’s more styling involved. What changes did you make to the space? I shifted the door to the studio further away from the kitchen to make room for a pantry in the dining room. I created access to the common bathroom for the guest room, and also enlarged the master bedroom. In the living area, there used to be a balustrade at the edge of the raised floor, but I removed it and concealed the holes with a timber strip design.


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