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Many furniture pieces were customised, such as the heavy wooden stool and marble-topped coffee table in the light and airy living room. RIGHT

Near the main entrance, a colourful Murano glass pendant lamp from Venice hangs next to a customised wallhung console. BOTTOM

Lisa turns her favourite sketches, such as this one done in Europe, into prints in her home studio. (OPPOSITE) BOTTOM LEFT & RIGHT

The apartment is decorated with personal objects, such as paintings done by Lisa herself, gifts from friends and travel souvenirs.

Despite having had an extensive makeover, the 30-year-old apartment retains its original retro floor tiles — a rare design these days!

Since Lisa Ng designs homes for a living, the homeowner and design director of Ansana knew exactly what she wanted for her own first home. “I actually did the space planning before I even made my offer for the place, so as to first make sure that I’d have what I needed!” she says. She bought this 30-year-old condominium unit from its first occupant. “It was still in its original condition; old but really well-maintained,” shares the designer. As she is fond of the material, Lisa designed her home to incorporate various wood tones throughout – a bold woodgrain laminate in the kitchen, a highly textured feature wall made of raw plywood in the dining area, and various free-form wood furniture. She also made some structural changes to suit her needs, including turning one of the three bedrooms into an art studio. The talented designer tells us more about what she had in mind for her home.


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