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a sense of space that is subtle and hushed, that exudes a sense of quiet confidence instead of relying on excessive ornamentation or trendfollowing gimmicks. This is also in-line with Senibong Cove’s vision of offering low-density and spacious housing to residents. For the Isola Grandeur show house, design elements and furnishing pieces were carefully created and selected to reflect this philosophy. A great example lies in the Platner armchairs used in the sitting area. With their decorative yet graceful sculptural design, a cluster of these chairs creates a

sitting area that is quasi formal and functional. At the same time, they create a space that enhances the airiness of the living area, offering a stunning vista of the waterway that lies beyond. Give us the walkthrough of the interior design of the Isola Grandeur show house. What style of design were you looking to highlight? For the Isola Grandeur show house, we wanted to present a contemporary house that is luxurious and rich in texture, but at the same time not ostentatious, and also


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