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Ellisya Priliana Joenoes Istituto Marangoni Fashion Design

The World in 2053 As time goes by, the world experiences both good and bad changes in varied ways. The world will transform to new formations every decade and this will carry on to change into the inevitable future. People’s opinion may also vary when it comes to what the future will be like, whether it’s based on their personal opinion or from what they see in reality, which would be supported by facts. However, the changes tend to be unpredictable, even though some evidence has been perceptible in some aspects. People have started to open the doors to an utterly new science and entirely new way of thinking. Changes are going to be intense. Education will provide us all better studies that will lead to not only much better development of technology, but also huge advancement in medical. At the same time, the population will increase at an uncontrollable rate. The cities will grow vastly bigger that will eventually affect the rising of pollution on the whole another level. When there is more human beings, more natu-ral resources are needed, which leads to big consumption of resources. But in spite of all that, intelligence in human beings will evolve and start to build contemporary ma-chines that intensify efficiency. Development in technology are moving in multiple direction. Some will become big, while some trend will go toward miniaturisation. All the cars will be environment friendly as they have less pollutant emissions. There will not be any more car crashes, as all the cars will be programmed to drive itself. All we have to do is to tell your car where to go and it will get you there. Cars will be modified to be able to travel to the air; that might as well reduces the rate of traffic. Also, books will be hardly found since everything is now computerised and people use machines to work, study and do daily chores at home.

By diminishing books, no more trees will be chopped off to produce paper and big trees will be able to be preserved, which also save rain forests. The new colours of the future will be green from the cultivated nature and metallic silver from all the machines. Such things as eco-friendly machines might as well help the world from the horrible climate change since more trees will be there and will not be damaged. According to the given facts that in 2053, the climate is predicted to be frightful. The air pollution will get

worse and global warming might as well be threatening the human beings. While on the other area, which where huge advancement takes place, medical field. Surgeries will be done by robots for the reason that hospitals will be equipped with such robotic arms. Computers will be able to detect a sickness just from a fingerprint or isolating of genes that carry certain traits. However, there are too many uncertainties. Even though hi-tech machines will be invented, nothing can ever be perfect and in the future world, human beings will experience complex problems incessantly.

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