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FASHION & DESIGN YEARBOOK // This was a collaborative brief to design the Yearbook for this years Fashion & Design course. The brief damanded great organisation and communication skills, designing the branding for this years course and fast paced layout skills.

We were told that this year’s fashion show would have the theme of broken glass and therefore we linked our idea to this with the slashed lines segmenting the page up. The layout we chose was very clean and minimalistic with a bold pastel peach for covers and breaker spreads. //Board 1/4

FASHION & DESIGN YEARBOOK // All of the layouts stick to a strict grid to make sure that the book is fluent. Page numbers use the pastel peach feature colour and have a slanted cut off edge to enhance the theme. Breaker spreads are used at intervals in the book and use a duotone effect on images of collections that are featured in the following section.

The contents page uses splashes of the pastel peach highlighting page numbers, students are also separated from the other sections showing the main purpose of the book. The students names are split into four columns that reflect the positioning of the breaker spreads. //Board 2/4

FASHION & DESIGN YEARBOOK // Students layouts have vertical text to encourage a more interactive experience for the reader. Each student has a double page spread with four image layouts to chose from. Images chosen were those that showed of the clothing and detail the most. //Board 3/4

FASHION & DESIGN YEARBOOK // There was a long design process for this brief for the branding and layout. The layout had to account for the minimum and maximum amount of text and still be unique in the process.

The cover was the main point where the branding could be shown off and therefore a lot of front cover designs were made and reworked. These designs all show a concideration of the theme ‘broken glass’ and try to challenge layout. //Board 4/4

Fashion Yearbook  

Fashioin Yearbook Boards

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