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This was a brief set by a Leeds based company, Hebe Media. The brief, that I collaborated on with Kim Sandford, was to design the branding for a new company ‘Independent Leeds’. The company aims to showcase the independent side of Leeds (style, food and nightlife) and our branding had to reflect this.

This brief ended up being more logo development than production because the designs are still in the process of being okayed. The logo at the top is my final logo design. The logo design reflects a quality stamp that could be replicated onto a wax or ink stamp.

The brief stated that we design a website as well for Independent Leeds. This designs concept is that each section that the brand showcases is at the top of the page in a rotating bar that scrolls round relating to what the user clicks on. When a section is selected it rotates to the front of the page and a ribbon drop down menu unrolls to

show sections within it. The layout is very simple and clean with lots of imagery for a more visual experience for the user. The website will also have a live twitter feed and links to all the main social websites to help keep the website up to date.

Independent Leeds  

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