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Design For Industry Portfolio 2016

I am a Fourth year student at Northumbria University studying Design for Industry. Art & Design has always been one of my most keen interests in and out of education. This is a collection of the work I’ve been up to the past couple of years.

Over the summer last year I spent 4 months in Cambridge with a design consultancy called Special Agent. I worked with companys like Adidas, Kuerig and Mars.

I also work part time for a design innovation and product development company called Cohda. A*A*A*: BTEC Level 2 First Award and Design D*D*D*: Art & Design Extended Diploma Level 3

The Cultural Isles is a social media brand of my creation. The aim is to portray a somewhat just image of youth culture today. @the_cultural_isles

As a group of 7, we had to design a set for hot drinks. The set would be served to first class British Airways passengers. The concept of having two compartments to the vessel is so that in the event of turbulance, the BA passanger can pop the parts together to prevent spillage.

For our research we visited Appleton Lodge, and gained some key insights into the thoughts and memories of people living with dementia. The three main areas we found that made the residence happy were reminising about their youthful freedom, talking about their previous occupations and finally escapism through music.

We decide to pursue the idea of assisting through suggestive sensory patterns, designing a range of garden products to help with routine. This aligned with maintaining the idea of freedom of people living with dementia, whilst also linking with the occupational theapy insight we gained during our visit to Appleton Lodge.

USER EXPERIENCE MAP Martyn used to work for a major graphic design company in the 80’s but retired early so him and his wife could move to Stokesley, the place where they where born. Martyn misses the creative lifestyle and has been looking for commission work. Bill owns his own electricians business. He has worked with a lot of people and is quite business wise. Although business has been ok, he would love to see growth.

Kim is starting her own business selling

craft items. She is very visually creative but


There are many other mediums of advertisement.


re Aw a


I nitia

l Vi s i


Martyn’s wife reads

about Atelier in the monthly directory and persuades him to have a look.

Bill and Kim a adobe worksho getting to know

Bill learns about the classes and decides to book him self in.

One of the ladies from the crafts fair she attends


Kim of atelier.

Erin found out through social media and decided to pop down.

has a look around and is impressed programmes the mac suite is equipped with, she decides to book a lesson.


Adobe software

Now visuals s on the

Erin has been in touch with a capital business owner who is looking for a re-brand.


joining the online portfolio platform.

Mac suite Communication pod’s Board room Monthly directory Monthly Markets

studi range with. medi

really interested, he decides instead to use the studio space.

success of a peer’s business growth after he had spent a couple of weeks at atelier.



Martyn is told about the

Bill overheard the

She is also a very keen and productive artist.

Erin used to be a media student studying at Teesside University. Unfortunately she fell into a job selling houses shortly after graduating.

Users might not be willing or able to put the time into computer workshops but ca access the portfolio platform and see if anyone would be up for helping him out

Users might not be up for everything, but opening up areas of the service.

Erin’s Re-brand

Martyn’s Equipment

Pacific Valley Capital Management

Capital Management


Funding and Collaborators: l ve I nvo



G row


The Hambledon district council . This rural council spends a lot on small business loans the Stokesley business park.

rtyn enjoys using the

io space because there are a e of older medium’s to work . Martyn also has his owns iums that he brings along .

are in the same op, Kim is loving w the software but

Bill uses the Atelier print their eir work. wor

Bill sees Martyn’s portfolio on the Atelier platform, and asks if he would be up for helping him with a re-brand.

More people are asking Martyn to help them with their designs. Bill has bragged about his new brand image and people are interested in the work behind the visuals.

Because of Bill’s re-brand he is able to reach out to a much wider customer base.

Kim has plans to sell produce to shops in the high street. With hopes of maybe one day expanding .

w that Kim has all of her sorted she can now focus e business side of things.

Kim schedules an appointment with one of the experts about how to do well in the business world.

Erin sees about four projects a months and is loving the extra cash.


Kim’s New Logov


Studio space, for more artistic mediums. Creating a visual movement within Stokesley. Email system within online platform.

Business classes and workshops on branding and image. Adobe software lessons.

Stokesley Volunteer Bureau. The Broadacres Housing Association. Stokesley Community Care AssociaThese association’s are all hosts of the public library facing .

Atelier Monthly Business Directory. Upgraded business directory covering rural towns in North Yorkshire. Users would pay a fee to show there re-branding and also promote for business.

Design For Industry Portfolio - 2016  
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