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By Fax and By Mail 28 July 2010 Miss Eva Cheng, JP Secretary for Transport and Housing 16/F, Murray Building Garden Road Hong Kong Dear Madam Secretary, Objection to Use of Telegraph Bay Barging Point for Construction of SIL(E) In support of the anti-Telegraph Bay barging point Task Force, we (Ellis Lau, candidate for the upcoming by-election in the Pokfulam constituency, and Regina Ip, Legislative Councilor) attended a meeting with MTRC engineers headed by Mr. T.C. Chew, MTR Projects Director, and Mr. Mark Curzner, Project Manager - SIL(E), this afternoon. We appreciate the time taken by senior MTRC staff to meet us, but we were greatly disappointed by the lack of progress and the inadequate explanations given to our requests and queries. Specifically, we were disappointed, inter alia, that: -

Use of barging point at Tai Shue Wan and re-direction of trucks to Chai Wan continued to be ruled out;


MTRC did not appear to have verify whether Ocean Park would abandon use of its entrance at Tai Shue Wan;


Use of Lee Nam Rd. barging point by night ruled out with inadequate reasons given;


Rejection of use of site at Nam Fung Road as dumping ground to reduce the amount of spoil for Telegraph Bay was unconvincing;


No undertakings in regard to the route and operating hours for dumping at Telegraph Bay were given;


The number of trucks which might need to go to Telegraph Bay remains 200;


No undertaking was given as to whether the barging point at Telegraph Bay could be permanently abandoned after SIL(E) had been constructed and the 139 11 D­F  c/o Flat D­F, 11/F,  China Overseas Building,  139 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong TEL: (852) 2115 9999      FAX: (852) 2810 0358      WEBSITE:      E­MAIL:

– 2– site converted into a recreational facility for residents in the vicinity. For these reasons, we would implore you to instruct your officials responsible for the relevant works projects to re-consider the residents’ requests with a view to diverting the spoil planned for Telegraph Bay to Tai Shue Wan, Chai Wan, Lee Nam Rd., or Wong Chuk hang, so as to eliminate or reduce drastically the need for dumping of spoil at Telegraph Bay. Also, we would urge you to give an undertaking to the residents that the barging point at Telegraph Bay be permanently abandoned by the end of 2014 or earlier, depending on works progress, and the site converted into open space or other suitable public recreational facility for the local residents. If the MTRC remains intransigent, the possibility cannot be ruled out that the local residents would take more drastic protest action, over and on top of the protest march being planned for this Friday. I request you to respond to our requests as soon as practicable. Sincerely,

IP Lau Suk Yee, Regina (Mrs.)

Ellis Lau

c.c. Mr. Edward Yau, JP, Secretary for Environment