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Cover: Glass and Bowl, 2012, oil on Belgian linen 20x20 in

Ellipsis Art is an art advisory firm that provides a full range of services in art acquisition, collection management, and curatorial advice. Our mission is to create a direct dialogue between collectors and select artists and artists’ estates not currently represented by galleries. By working exclusively with artists and their estates, we create a unique opportunity for collectors to acquire art directly from artists.



There are artists whose life - from early childhood experiences, to their academic studies, to their adulthood - strongly reflects in their art. Marlene Von Dürckheim is no exception. Growing up on a farm in South Africa, where books, pictures and music were constant companions, in an otherwise secluded rural existence, it was the stories and images conjured up in her imagination, that made her aware of art as an expression of self. “In my work I attempt to distill the essence of the objects, landscapes and figures, not the mere miming of the appearances, for this gives the paintings their inherent meaning. I distill these images through my memory of them. They become fragments of these memories to be reassembled, expressing my philosophy of life in a contemplative way.” Marlene’s paintings are her synthesis of the two most significant and inspiring movements for the artist: Modernism and Cubism. It is the simplification of form in classical modern tradition of Cezanne and Matisse, and the Cubist stripping down of forms and ideas into two-dimensional, yet meditative depth, that helped create her own visual language. In her Cubist-inspired works, the colors are muted and the forms are crisp - geometric, defined and purposeful. In the depiction of bottles and guitars, we see Marlene’s love for Cubist compositions by Picasso and Braque. These structured works are reminiscent of syncopated sounds of music, a performance medium that’s very dear to the artist. Even these rigid, geometric forms are lyrically balanced. “…the root of my inspiration is music - Mozart, Bach. Again it is the structure of their compositions that inspire me most. Nothing, not a single instrument, is redundant, and yet their work is so complex, varied and utterly up-lifting. Obviously one can not paint music nor is painting music, but it is these two art forms that speak to the same emotions.” Marlene’s graduate degree in Classics became a constant influence in her work. In the color-saturated abstract forms of landscapes, we see the artist’s admiration of paintings by Richard Diebernkorn, who as the artist describes “not only captures depth, but also the radiance of light”, an element she considers of great value in painting. In her landscapes, we see the lover of nature. Organized structurally and spatially within the confines of a canvas, her paintings, however, exist, breathe and extend well beyond. The landscapes in their thick application of paint, that seem to exude outward and then back inward, are suggestive of the ancient lands, and the ebb and flow of the universe. “My inspiration is as varied as the influences on my work. I am moved by the sea, its movement and ever changing colors. The sea evokes in me an inexplicable longing, of time passing, of space, of freedom and its variable moods. Then there are also the rocks along the coast and the mountains here in the Western Cape, showing the geological passage of time laid bare, but still these rocks have majesty, an architecture of their own. It is the structure, form and space of Nature, its grandeur and geometry, that inspire me.”

“Life, like art, is a journey of becoming.” - Marlene Von Dürckheim

Nine Muses, 2019, oil on canvas 783/4 x 47¼ in

Stones of Greece (triptych),

, 2019, oil on board, 12x35 in

Bottles, Glass and Violin, 2019, oil on Belgian linen, 31x23 in (SOLD)

Reflections upon a Violin, 2012, oil on Belgian linen, 37x39 in

Argos (triptych), 2019,

oil on canvas, 8X24 in

Violin and Glass 1, 2017, oil on Belgian linen, 29x17 cm

Silent Music, 2019, oil on mapping paper on board, 33x38 in

Fountain of Peirene (triptych)

), 2019, oil on canvas, 8x24 in

Memories of a Coastal Landscape, 2016,

, oil on mapping paper on board, 7x30 in

River Mouth, Kleinmond, 2015, oil on Belgian linen, 16.5x18.5 in

SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2018 2016 2015 2010 2008 1998 1998 1995 1993 1992

Praelexis, Technopark, Stellenbosch, South Africa “Tides of Time” Exhibition, IS Art Gallery, Franschhoek, South Africa Stellenbosch Art Galery, Stellenbosch, South Africa Smelik & Stokking Gallery, The Hague, The Netherlands Smelik & Stokking Gallery, The Hague, Amsterdam & Rotterdam, The Netherlands South African Arts Association, Worcester, South Africa South African Arts Association, Bellville (Cape Town), South Africa Sembach Gallery, Hout Bay, South Africa Dorp Street Gallery, Stellenbosch, South Africa University of Stellenbosch Art Gallery, Stellenbosch, South Africa

GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2019 Art Association of Stellenbosch 2018-2019 Studio G, Hermanus and Cape Town 2018 “Persephone 2”, Imibala Gallery, Somerset West 2018 Die Kunskamer, Cape Town 2018 IS Art, Franschhoek 2018 Stellenbosch Art Gallery, Stellenbosch 2018 Arts Association of Stellenbosch 2017 Guest Artist at Arts Association Stellenbosch at Stellenbosch 2016 “Masterpiece” Johans Borman Galery, Newlands, Cape Town 2016 “Aspects of Abstraction II” Johans Borman Gallery, Cape Town 1992- 2016 Permanent group exhibitions at: Johans Borman Fine Art Gallery, In Fin Art Building, Newlands, Cape Town, Ebony Design Cape Town and Franschhoek, IS Art Franschhoek, Johann Bloem Gallery, Jeffreys Bay 2015 Cape Town Art Fair 2015 SAADA Antiques Fair & Design Expo, Cape Town 2014 “Black & White” Johans Borman Gallery, Newlands, Cape Town 2014 “Still” Johans Borman Gallery, Newlands, Cape Town 2014 50th SAADA Antiques Fair, Cape Town 2014 Cape Town Art Fair 2012 IS Art, Franschhoek, December 2012 2009 40th Jubilee Exhibition, Smelik & Stokking Galeries, Rotterdam, Amsterdam 2009 “Art that inspires”, Johans Borman Gallery, Cape Town 2006 - 2008 Grand Provence, Franschhoek 2006 – 2008 Dorp Street Gallery, Stellenbosch 2004 - 2005 With Manfred Mueller Preuss, Galerie Petra Lange, Berlin, Germany 2002 Exhibition of Contemporary South African Art, Chelsea, London, England 2001 With Kaffie Pretorius, Dorp Street Gallery, Stellenbosch 1993 With Leon de Bliquy, Botega Gallery, Oudtshoorn, South Africa 1990 With Hannatjie de Kock, Dorp Street Gallery, Stellenbosch


ANGELICA SEMMELBAUER 2004, NYU Masters Degree, Visual Arts Administration Published graduate thesis focused on building a sustainable global market for Russian Contemporary Art, tracing Russian art through its various historical movements, from Soviet era to the Russian Non-Conformist Movement, to discussion of today’s contemporary art in Russia. 2005 - 2014 Director of Mimi Ferzt Gallery in New York City, which specialized in Russian Non-Conformist and Contemporary Art. Organized important curatorial exhibitions of prominent Russian artists, and successfully placed them in important private and public art collections around the world. Angelica is a Private Art Advisor working with a variety of artists and consulting private clients. She is a member of the NYU Alumni Council and ArtTable, the leadership organization for professional women in the visual arts.


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