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1- Most effective product to detoxify body in a natural way Within 24 hours or less, while those who carry the glutathione-boosting patch can most people already perceive an elevated level of glutathione, the body master antioxidant. Glow2thione is so effective that it can detoxify the body in a natural way, boost his immune system and turn back the hands of the clock because of its profound anti-aging properties. In fact, many people have reported that their skin has been clear shiny after only a few days of use.

2- 7 FACTS about glutathione and its benefits in anti-aging programs: • Glutathione is a natural substance which occurs naturally in the human body. • As we age, the levels of glutathione in our bodies, which requires supplement decreases. • Glutathione is the major antioxidant and plays an important role in our overall health. • As we age, there are high chances that we may accumulate toxins in our bodies; Glutathione protects the body from many toxins with which we come into contact every day. • When we grow old, many of us have a number of heavy metals exposed to: in the food that we eat, and the air that we breathe. Glutathione is known to remove heavy metals such as mercury from the body. •If we train our body, it uses its stocks of antioxidants; • Glutathione is known to improve athletic performance and stamina. • When we age, our immune system is weaker; with glutathione, the immune system can perform his duties to the full extent.

3- Use the best product to suit your actual needs You will find many other glutathione additions on the marketplace, but clinical research shows that common glutathione tablets, powders and drinks to increase glutathione levels in the blood by only slightly more than 10% in 30 days.

4- Yes, researches have been performed In 2006, an independent Life Wave research study was performed to the effects of the Y-age glutathione-patch to investigate the Blutglutathionspiegel over a period of five days. The average Bllutglutathionwerte by more than 300 percent above the baseline were increased after 24-hour patch use.

Several studies have confirmed that the Life Wave Y-age glutathione patch increases glutathione levels in the blood in a safe and natural way!

5- Glutathione is one of the most important indicators of our overall health The levels of glutathione in the blood have been identified as one of the most important indicators of our overall health. As a master antioxidant in the body, glutathione fulfills a wealth of different metabolic functions, including as a scavenger of free radicals to act, "recharge consumed antioxidants" and to enable (vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, etc.), to maintain the immune system, supporting protein structures, and to carry heavy metals such as mercury through the liver.

6- Always use natural approaches Today's methods, which attempt to increase the level of glutathione, are not very effective. Oral glutathione supplements are destroyed by stomach acids. Glutathione is a Tripeptide which is composed of three different amino acids, but the supply of these three amino acids to the diet guarantees no elevated levels of glutathione. Injections increase glutathione levels in the blood, however, this method is applied daily, undesirable and expensive and annoying. The Life Wave Y-age glutathione patch is a novel method to increase glutathione levels in the body every day dramatically. The clinical studies show that increasing the levels of glutathione in the blood in a span of 24 hours three times. The patch technology allows it, the glutathione levels in practical ways, effective and safe to increase.

7- Follow some advices before using glutathione Glutathione patches are for people over 18 years old that are intended in good health. It is advised to contact a physician or healthcare professionals before starting a new diet, an exercise or nutrition program, or if you have any questions or concerns to your health. It is one of the best diets available for you in the market place. If you are looking for the quick and effective results in shorter period of time, then glutathione by Life Wave can be the best option. Glutathione is very easy, safe and secure to use. Follow the recommendations of your doctor before making use of it.

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Top 7 things to know about amazing glutathione