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Overcoming environmental challenges for the world’s largest companies.





Today’s managers are dealing with greater uncertainty and more liabilities. Unpredictable economic conditions, changing regulations, third party interests, an increasing portfolio of projects – you face all of these challenges and more. To succeed, you need a partner that is as invested in your goals as you are. One with the experience and skills to take on any project, manage it to your schedule and budget, and deliver the results you expect – every time. You need a partner that thinks strategically, reacts quickly, and is focused on your success.



Large company capabilities, personal service

 e rank among the top environmental project firms in the US. With hundreds of W engineers, scientists, and operations specialists, we are one of the largest privately held firms in the country. While that size provides you with national-level capability, our structure and values provide you with customized and responsive service.

When you work with us, you work with an owner

 ecause we are a privately held, employee-owned company, we can put our clients’ B interests first. You will work with an owner of the firm, empowered to direct the resources necessary to get your projects done the way you need them done.

We align with you

When we make a commitment to a client, we back it up with responsiveness, accountability, and access to the full resources of the firm. We build partnerships through a three-phase cycle: CONCEPT –

We build an understanding of your unique systems, needs, and goals.

ALIGNMENT – We align and commit the resources and personnel to meet your needs. DELIVERY –

We plan, design, and implement the right solution for you.

Proven project management

Once we understand your goals and align our resources to your needs, our comprehensive project management system delivers the stability and reliable results you expect.




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Site Investigation Feasibility Studies Remediation & Industrial Waste Treatment Design Solid Waste Management Risk Assessment Decommissioning/Decontamination Treatment Plant Operations, Maintenance, & Management Civil & Structural Engineering Construction Management/Design-Build

DRIVING RESULTS Our record of project results speaks to our approach and commitment to success.

Here are a few examples of our work.

ENVIRONMENTAL REMEDIATION Historical contamination at a manufacturing facility

Who: Fortune 100 manufacturer

Project size: $4M

Result: Soil, gravel, water, and vapor mitigation at a 1,000,000 square foot manufacturing facility, in operation since the 1930s.

 oodard & Curran managed environmental investigation and remediation to address soil, W groundwater, and vapor intrusion issues. Contamination from the facility threatened nearby residential neighborhoods. Woodard & Curran coordinated between local facility staff, residents, and regulators to ensure the project proceeded smoothly. Vapor mitigation systems were installed in several residences without incident or costly litigation.

ENVIRONMENTAL REMEDIATION Waterfront brownfields reuse

Who: Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company

Project size: $15M

Result: Waterfront brownfield redeveloped into an office complex and coastal park

 he City of Stamford, CT, a private developer, and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals hired Woodard T & Curran to serve as the prime in a design-build project to transform a waterfront brownfield into an 85,000-square-foot office complex and coastal wetland park. Woodard & Curran facilitated negotiations to develop and finalize a remediation program based on site-specific risk assessment and redevelopment plans. The end result was a cost-effective approach to revitalize an unused industrial property. The project won a Phoenix Award from the EPA and an Engineering Excellence Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies of Connecticut.

ENVIRONMENTAL REMEDIATION Superfund site restoration Who: Fortune 100 manufacturer

Project size: $50M

Result: Flood-damaged superfund treatment system rebuilt on fast-track schedule

 flood completely inundated this waterfront superfund site, destroying the existing treatment A system. Woodard & Curran was hired to provide site management, coordinating dozens of contractors and immediately stepping in to manage the recovery effort. Work included stabilizing an on-site waste impoundment damaged in the flood and implementing a new groundwater treatment system under a design-build-operate contract. The work was completed on an aggressive schedule and required extensive daily coordination with the client and regulators. Emergency management and restoration was so successful that a second storm-driven flood event failed to cause any substantial damage.

ENVIRONMENTAL REMEDIATION Manufactured gas plant cleanup

Who: Energy utility

Project size: $15M

Result: Manufactured gas plant remediation closed out

Woodard & Curran investigated and defined the contamination at this former waterfront manufactured gas plant in New England and provided remediation design and construction monitoring. Cleanup required removal of debris and thousands of tons of tar-impacted soils, demolition of existing buildings, and installation of a pumping system to address water contamination. The remedial process for the site, which is in the middle of a bustling urban waterfront, has been successfully closed.

ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT Human health and ecological risk assessment

Who: U.S. Department of Energy

Project size: $5M

Result: River sediment ecological and health concerns relieved

The Hanford Site is a 530-square-mile military reservation in Washington State that produced weapons-grade plutonium from the 1940s until the 1970s. Woodard & Curran performed human-health and ecological assessments of a 96-mile stretch of the Columbia River, which runs through the site. Woodard & Curran directed sampling efforts, analyzed more than 500,000 records, and engaged in public meetings and workshops with state and federal regulators, Native American tribes, and other stakeholders. Our reports were praised as among the most readable risk assessments project stakeholders had ever seen.

ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT Liability and cost settlement Who: Various industries

Portfolio value: Over $11B

Result: Successful settlement and reserve setting

Woodard & Curran has expertise in all aspects of liability cost reservation and settlement/litigation support. We have provided settlement support for facilities across North America for some of the world’s largest corporations. From expert testimony in billion dollar court cases to quantifying environmental liability across dozens of sites to support property transfer and regulatory negotiations, Woodard & Curran has successfully handled assignments of all sizes.

DESIGN-BUILD Mine waste treatment Who: Mining company

Project size: $25M

Result: Wastewater treatment system eliminates compliance liability

Facing strict discharge limits on its wastewater, this mining company hired Woodard & Curran to implement a treatment system to remove heavy metals and meet tight toxicity requirements. Woodard & Curran worked closely with state regulators to permit a new treatment technology. Woodard & Curran conducted the project as a design-build contract to meet the project schedule and treatment goals.

DESIGN-BUILD Industrial waste treatment and water reuse system Who: Municipal utility

Project size: $120M

Result: Industrial waste treatment capacity attracts investment and jobs

The City of Victorville, CA had a vision for economic development at the California Logistics Airport and hired Woodard & Curran under a design-build-operate contract to build a combined sanitary and industrial wastewater treatment plant. The $120 million project was completed ahead of schedule and on budget and treats both sanitary wastewater and high-strength industrial wastewater to California’s strict water reuse standard.

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