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September 2010 Femtolasers upgrade oscillator specifications FEMTOLASERS have engineered new systems to generate optical pulses down to 7 fs, with megawatt and multi-gigawatt peak powers at MHz and kHz repetition rates, and with optional Carrier Enveloper Phase (CEP) stabilisation. New or improved products include: FEMTOSOURCE scientific XL: Pulse energy extended to 650 nJ in under 50 fs at MHz repetition rates - the most powerful Chirped Pulse Oscillator in the range FUSION: Upgraded to give 20% more power from an ultra-compact Ti:S oscillator, now offering over 1.2 MW at peak output FEMTOSOURCE rainbow: The first CEP stabilised ultrafast oscillator with multiple parallel output options centred at 800 and 1030 nm INTEGRAL: Four choices of pulse duration - now 10, 20, 50 and 100 fs! FEMTOPOWER compact: Upgrades throughout range & the number of models increased The improvements in the performance of the range are reflected in the new datasheets available via our FEMTOLASER pages or email our Laser Sales Team for more details.

UV to NIR fibre optics offer 300 to 5500 nm bandwidth IRphotonics continue to head the field of advanced infra-red fibre optics with their iGuide™ range that encompasses single and multimode fibres, high power beam delivery fibres, doped fibres and patchcords. Leading products offer low attenuation, no spectral absorption peak and include: H100: Offering high-power transmission from 0.3 to 4.5 µm through a small core II-V™: Delivering extended spectral transmission from 0.4 to 5.5 µm In addition to fibre, optical blanks formed from the same iGuide media are available to bring performance benefits to the lens designer. For more information on iGuide, visit our IRphotonics product pages or email our Sales Team now.


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Products & Capabilities 2010 Elliot Scientific's Products & Capabilities brochure has been updated to coincide with the start of the new academic year. The 16-page PDF summarises all of the products available from our different divisions - Lasers, Components, Instrumentation, Telecoms, Cryogenics & Magnetics - and also details some of the services we offer, such as custom design and OEM engineering projects. You can download the new Elliot Scientific Products & Capabilities Brochure here.

Cost effective micro-analysis from CRAIC Technologies CRAIC Technologies have introduced the 308 PV as a replacement for the 302 Series. The new model is an add-on for the open photoport of a microscope or probe station, upgrading it into a UV-visible-NIR microspectrophotometer. In conjunction with powerful analytical software, the 308 PV can acquire high-resolution colour images and the spectra of a sample by absorbance, reflectance, luminescence and fluorescence. The 308 PV specifically eliminates unwanted spectral data from the surrounding field of view due to its precision measuring zone. The 308 PV is a cost effective tool for the laboratory or inspection facility involved in micro-analysis of organic and inorganic materials, from measurements of thin film semiconductors, photovoltaics, minerals and coal to forensics and flat panel displays. For more information on these or to discuss other applications for the 308 PV please email our CRAIC Sales Team or go to our microspectrophotometer product page.

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E-Letter September 2010  

Emailed newsletter for August 2010. Contents: 1. Femtolasers Upgrades 2. IRPhotonics Range 3. New P&C Brochure. 4. CRAIC 308 PV Microspectro...