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November 2011 FEMTOOPTICS – New catalogue out plus 10% off orders in November (UK & Ireland only) FEMTOLASERS™ has expanded its popular FEMTOOPTICS™ line of premier optical components and issued a new catalogue for 2012. As a result of more than 15 years of experience in ultrafast laser technology and in response to the many requests for optics particularly matched to femtosecond laser systems, FEMTOOPTICS brings the full performance of your laser to the target. FEMTOOPTICS™ are tested not only with high end conventional characterisation tools, but also with real-life ultrafast lasers, delivering pulses down to sub-5 fs in duration with peak powers reaching the TW level. Among the new highlights included in the catalogue are:

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Deep UV spectral range components Ultrabroadband reflective phase retarders An integrated dispersion fine tuning unit Dielectric beam splitters for sub-25 fs pulses

To celebrate the launch of this new catalogue, Elliot Scientific are offering 10% off the list price on all stock optics ordered by UK and Irish customers before the end of November 2011.

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Low dispersive optics Ultrabroadband optics Negative dispersive mirrors

FEMTOOPTICS – Designed to allow you to focus on your application and nothing else. → Download catalogue For more information on these optics and others we offer, contact us now.

New Products & Capabilities Brochure for 2012 Products & Capabilities 2012 is now available for download. This all-new brochure from Elliot Scientific details the broad range of products and equipment we offer from leading companies around the globe and our own ranges designed and manufactured in-house. The sixteen page brochure has been fully updated to include all the latest products that we offer for:  Lasers  Optical Laboratory Equipment  Biophotonics  Cryogenics and Magnetics In December, printed copies of the brochure will be available. Contact us to have one posted to you, or simply pick one up at any conference or exhibition we are attending. Our next outing is Photonics West in January, with Biophysical 56 in February and CLEO in May.

Photonics West 2012: 24th-26th January, San Francisco Visit Elliot Scientific in Booth 4616

November 2011

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MPE and CARS driven forward by Sprite-t-XT from M Squared Lasers Fluorescent dyes play a major role in microscopy, revealing the hidden structures within a specimen. Multi Photon Excitation (MPE) microscopy techniques rely on the simultaneous absorption of two or more low energy photons, rather than just a single high energy photon. Since the probability of simultaneous multi photon absorption is relatively low, it only occurs at the focal point of the laser beam and so greatly enhances the imaging resolution due to the highly localized excitation of the dye. This localisation of excitation applies not only across the plane of the sample but also above and below the focal point, thus enabling deep sections of the sample to be imaged or even to build up 3D images. Ultrafast Ti:Sapphire lasers with their short pulse Near-IR outputs are ideally suited to MPE. To meet the needs of MPE researchers, Elliot Scientific offers the M Squared Sprite-t-XT ultrafast TiS oscillator that incorporates many innovative features that provide hands-free, alignment-free and maintenance-free operation, thus enabling researchers without extensive laser knowledge or experience to use the system. Elliot Scientific also offers the complete range of Mad City Labs nanopositioning stages for the scanning of samples. These flexure-based nanopositioning systems deliver sub-nanometre positioning resolution and are available as single and Z-axis nanopositioners, XY and XYZ nanopositioners, and rotational or "Tip & Tilt" nanopositioners. Another technique that can benefit from both the Sprite-t-XT ultrafast TiS oscillator and the Mad City Labs nanopositioning stages is Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering (CARS). This laserbased microscopy technique permits selective imaging of biomolecules and supermolecular structures in living cells. High resolution 3D image data is obtained without the need for exogenous labelling and hence interference-free long-term monitoring of dynamic processes, such as chemical and structural changes of larger biopolymers, is therefore made possible. Sprite-t™-XT is a widely tunable ultrafast oscillator ideal for these latest microscopy techniques. This new turnkey laser from M Squared offers:

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Tuning range of 720 to 940 nm Onboard spectrometer Femtosecond or picosecond variants Uses compact, integrated CW 532 nm DPSS pump laser Hands-free, alignment-free and maintenance-free operation APAM™ active pump beam alignment optimisation Reliable selfstarting mode-locked operation Local or remote control and monitoring via an Ethernet connection

For more information on these products, please contact us.

The International Year of Chemistry: Events in October Thursday, 1st December

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ChemistryViews: Winners of the IYC Video Contest Thursday, 1st to Friday 9th December

IYC 2011 Exhibition Escuela Superior Dr.Pedro Albizu Campos, Levittown, Toa Baja, Puerto Rico

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November 2011

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E-Letter November 2011  

November 2011 Newsletter: New FEMTOOPTICS Catalogue from FEMTOLASERS, MPE & CARS Microscopy, M Squared Lasers, Mad City Labs, Photonics West...

E-Letter November 2011  

November 2011 Newsletter: New FEMTOOPTICS Catalogue from FEMTOLASERS, MPE & CARS Microscopy, M Squared Lasers, Mad City Labs, Photonics West...