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April 2010: Eyjafjallajökull Volcano Edition Polarisation Maintaining Fibre Assemblies & Speciality Components from OZ Optics OZ Optics is one of the leading fibre optic suppliers in the world with an outstanding portfolio of products that include focusers, collimators, beamsplitters, optical delay lines and attenuators among others, but what makes them stand out from run of the mill SM and MM manufacturers is their range of polarisation maintaining (PM) fibre assemblies and speciality components.

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High extinction ratios of 20 to 30 dB & low insertion losses - typically < 0.2 dB Excellent repeatability. Designed for Telcordia specifications FC/PC terminations are offered with either a rotatable polarisation axis or prealigned fixed SC, ST, LC, MU, E2000 & custom ferrule terminations also available

OZ Optics also offer a range of 23 different fibre coupled laser delivery systems. The compact laser modules require only 5 Vdc to operate and integrate the laser diode with precision (< 0.01°C) temperature control that maintains the wavelength variation to better than 0.1 nm. Applications include: ♦ Confocal microscopy ♦ RGB illumination systems ♦ Flow Cytometry ♦ Metrology ♦ DNA Sequencing ♦ Material evaluation and testing ♦ Medical Imaging For more information on these and other fibre products, visit our OZ Optics pages or email our Sales Team.

Spotlight is on Miniature Stages by Elliot|Martock Elliot|Martock high-resolution precision miniature slides have dominated the market for many years. The broad range of stages with travels of 3, 5 and 10 mm are well-proven and much sought after. More people visit our website each month looking for these miniature slides than any other product! Divided into Small, Very Small and Ultra Small, the positioners are available in single, dual and three axis configurations with a variety of adjustment options. A number of accessories complement each range to further enhance the useability and flexibility of the stages. If you would like to find out how Elliot|Martock miniature slides can improve your application, visit our manual postioner pages or email our Opto-Mechanics Sales Team. TM

CRAIC 20/20 Microspectrometer is Perfect Vision for Science

CRAIC Technologies have introduced the 20/20 FPD Microspectrophotometer for the colorimetry and light intensity comparison of all types of microdisplays. Able to measure the spectra on the micron scale, the 20/20 FPD can even map the color and intensity variations within a single pixel. This provides the manufacturer with an unparalleled capability to optimize and improve their microdisplay manufacturing process. The 20/20 FPD is a flexible design with many capabilities and, as such, represents a major step forward in both the development and quality control of microdisplay production. Features of the CRAIC 20/20 FPD: • • • • •

Advanced microscopy and spectroscopy with sophisticated software Measure spectra, colorimetry, light intensity & film thickness at the micron scale Designed for the production environment Optional automated measurement capabilities & touch screen control UV and NIR microscopy can also be added to this instrument

For more information on this and other microspectrophotometer products, visit our CRAIC pages or email our Sales Team.

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Constellation Analyser gives EXFO starring role EXFO have drawn on their experience in modulation analysis to launch the PSO-200 Series optical constellation analyser, a future proof instrument that allows for the complete characterisation of digital optical signals up to 100 Gbaud. This could mean analysis of signals up to 400 Gbit/s when using a four-bit per symbol modulation format such as DP-QPSK.

All-Optical Sampling The PSO-200 offers complete characterisation of random or repetitive digital signals

Distortion-Free Signal Recovery No bandwidth limitations-no impedance mismatch

Any Baud Rate, Any Modulation Format Constellation and eye-diagram analysis of signals at rates of up to 100 Gbaud

The high-speed sampling of the PSO-200 Optical Modulation Analyzer permits it to excel in the analysis of phase and amplitude modulation schemes. It is compatible with dual-polarisation transmission systems and requires no external trigger. A large touchscreen provides the high quality display and easy instrument control, while the flexible interface adapts to any data modulation scheme or user preference. For more information about this product, please email our EXFO Specialist.

Nufern Speciality Fibre perfect for cutting-edge applications Nufern have expanded their range of active doped fibres. The NuPOWER family is the world's leading fibre for high-powered lasers and amplifiers. Available in single, double and triple clad variants, these fibres have the high brightness, narrow linewidth and extreme power stability to satisfy the most demanding applications. Whatever the need - pulsed or CW, specific mode characteristics, single polarisation - Nufern has a fibre to match. Choose from: Ytterbium - Highly efficient fibres for 1 µm lasers & amplifiers Erbium - Perfect for C- and L-band amps, ASE sources & small devices Erbium/Ytterbium - Industry leading tolerances on key spectroscopic parameters ensure reproducibility Thulium - Eye-safe fibres for use around the 2 µm wavelength Neodymium - Efficient SM operation around 1060 nm when cladding is pumped at 808 nm Nufern also offer a range of passive fibres including Specialty Single Mode for short wavelength, telecom and high NA; Specialty Multimode for power delivery and aerospace applications (NuWIRE); Polarisation Maintaining PANDA-style fibres for gyroscopes, short wavelengths and telecom; and Photosensitive which is ideal for grating writing. For more information on these products, visit our Nufern page or email our Fibre Sales Team.

Mid-Infrared Patchcords & Assemblies from IRphotonics IRphotonics in-depth knowledge of fibre ensures reliable, high-quality mid-infrared patchcords and bundle assemblies can be supplied with unparalleled robustness. Features • Transparent in UV, VIS, NIR and MID-IR • Flat Spectral Attenuation with Low Losses • FC, SMA, APC connectors available along with various cabling and jacketing options Applications ♦ Spectroscopy ♦ Industrial/Scientific Diagnostics ♦ Astronomy ♦ Chemical Sensing ♦ Beam Delivery IRphotonics II-V mid infrared fibre is specifically designed for Defence & Aerospace applications such as Infrared Counter Measure Systems (IRCM). The II-V fibre offers a spectral transmission from 0.4 to 5.5 µm with low attenuation and no spectral absorption peak. It also contains very low hydroxyl ions and is specially designed to push out the multi-phonon absorption limit of fluoride fibres providing high transmission efficiency from the visible through mid infrared wavelengths (up to 5.5 µm). IRphotonics careful choice of materials and its patented manufacturing process gives this fibre outstanding optical, mechanical and environmental properties. For more information on these and other products, visit our IRphotonics page or email our Fibre Sales Team.

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Our latest upload to the Elliot Scientific YouTube Channel was inspired by KLASTECH Laser's web banner on their homepage. What better way to show the range of single frequency DPSS lasers than by putting their pictures to music? Just click here or on the picture to view the movie.

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Emailed Newsletter for April 2010: Eyjafjallajökull Volcano Edition Contents: 1. Polarisation Maintaining Fibre Assemblies & Speciality Co...

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