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The moment it becomes possible.

This is the moment … when dreams come true. Experience the exciting interaction between your unique ideas and modern technology. You will be enchanted by the detailed embroidery. The possibilities will amaze you. PFAFF® creative 4.0 – the moment it becomes possible. ™

Elegant lace motifs, embroidered on water-soluble stabilizer, turn glass vases into designer pieces. Designs such as these are part of the large PFAFF® creative 4.0 Embroidery Collection. You can look forward to more than hundred breathtakingly beautiful embroideries, all included with the purchase of the PFAFF® creative 4.0 sewing and embroidery machine. ™




PFAFF® is the brand which elevates sewing to new levels of creativity. The elegant design of the PFAFF® creative 4.0 sewing and embroidery machine is based on German tradition. It influences the look of an exciting new generation of sewing machines. You can use it as a source of inspiration and to explore your ideas. Its carefully designed technology makes sewing and embroidery easy. ™




The large, extended sewing space, a long free arm, and a large embroidery area are waiting for you!

The perfectly illuminated sewing space, the brilliant PFAFF® HD Screen and the three-dimensional view of designs, shapes and colors will fascinate you.

The original IDT ™ system guarantees absolutely even fabric feed from top and bottom. Precise Positioning is the easiest, most accurate means of connecting sections of large embroidery creations. A huge selection of high-quality 9 mm stitches will inspire new ideas.

Experience the PFAFF® creative


sewing and embroidery machine! Visit and your authorized PFAFF® dealer. 2 3

The moment you discover the fascination of embroidery … Develop your own style. Fulfill your potential. A large embroidery area is waiting for your unique ideas. The PFAFF® creative ELITE Hoop (260 x 200 mm /10 x 8 inches) offers more than enough room for unique creations and exciting design combinations. The stitched embroidery design is brilliant; the results are perfect. ™

Also included – the creative SQUARE Hoop (120 x120 mm / 4 ¾ x 4 ¾ inches) for small embroideries. ™

For a truly unique embroidery experience, log on to Find a huge selection of embroideries, view the art gallery for inspiration and learn about special techniques.

Your source of inspiration! More than one hundred enchanting embroidery designs are included when you purchase the PFAFF® creative 4.0 sewing and embroidery machine. These include the butterflies and all motifs shown in this brochure, so you can start embroidering immediately! You will find thousands of embroidery designs at your authorized PFAFF® dealer and at A wide selection of topics and imaginative techniques are just waiting for you. The collection of embroidery designs is constantly being expanded – a continually growing source of new inspiration. ™

Precise Positioning has never been easier! The joining of large embroideries has never been easier or the results more perfect. Just mark the desired positions directly on the PFAFF® HD Screen. The creative 4.0 sewing and embroidery machine begins at exactly the right spot to complete your design – it’s like magic! ™

You can easily select the desired function with the ergonomic stylus.

Easy transfer with USB connection!

Just a touch … on the PFAFF® High Definition Screen puts you in the world of unlimited possibilities. All the embroidery designs and stitches can be customized directly on the screen. Change and combine patterns to your heart’s content. The intuitive, graphic interface makes it easy. Every change and adjustment is shown – in a realistic 3D view and in your chosen thread colors.

The PFAFF® creative 4.0 sewing and embroidery machine has two USB connections. Save all your favorite embroidery designs on the PFAFF® USB Stick (1 GB storage capacity) and transfer them easily from your computer to the machine. ™

Time for a new style? The butterflies were created exclusively for PFAFF® and are included with the PFAFF® creative 4.0 sewing and embroidery machine! Ideas on how to decorate your own pantsuit can be found at ™

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Sought-after treasures! Large embroidery designs combined with individually arranged 9 mm stitch sequences will delight you. Instructions for the sophisticated notebooks can be found exclusively at www.pfa.com. Especially impressive techniques include thread velvet eects and chenille embroideries. It's amazing that these creations were stitched with a sewing machine.

The moment you turn a decorative stitch into a unique embellishment ... Discover the potential of decorative stitches! Select from over 300 stitches – utility stitches, alphabets, and especially the large selection of unique decorative PFAFF® 9 mm stitches. Each stitch is a small work of art and each can be changed for new amazing effects! See for yourself … Combine, mirror and save your individual stitches! Alter your favorite stitches, mirror them side-to-side and /or end-to-end, combine them, and change the settings of built-in stitches to your personal liking. Combine your favourite stitches, Completely new patterns will appear mirror them, and sew them in one step. before your eyes. Save your own stitches in the Personal Menu and sew them in one step, repeatedly. Incorporate Program Stop, Thread Snips or Tie-off into a stitch sequence. Your sequence does exactly what you want, every time.

Create your own stitches with the Stitch Creator With the Stitch Creator, you can create new decorative stitches directly on the PFAFF® HD screen. Unique and only from PFAFF®! You can also easily edit built-in stitches to add your own personal touch.

Beautiful results! Tapering on all 9 mm stitches!

New arrangements and delightful designs are created using Tapering.

Gradually increase or decrease the width at the beginning and /or the end of your favorite 9 mm stitches. Create perfect corners, choose different angles and use this function for fantastic effects and entirely new results. Connect, mirror and combine with other stitches to create unique designs and terrific highlights.

Choose your favorite stitch.

Only from PFAFF – unique antique quilt stitches.

Turn the fabric 180 degrees and sew again.


Select the tapering function.

Brillant – LED lights

Beautiful stitches, admired by quilters from around the world. The quilt seam becomes a decorative detail, opening up even more areas of creativity.

Optimized bright lights illuminate the entire sewing area with no shadows.

Large selection of unique antique quilt stitches. Create your own stitches and discover the possibilties!

Precision has never been so easy! Stitch positioning lets you place the stitch exactly where you want it. Position decorative stitches, utility stitches and more for perfect topstitching and decorative effects.

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Included with purchase! Embroider monograms, words or entire sentences – all with perfect results. The creative 4D QuickFont soware is included with the purchase of your PFAFF® creative 4.0 sewing and embroidery machine. Use it to turn TrueType fonts from your computer into embroidered text. Also included is the creative 4D Organizer which lets you organize your design files on your computer, save designs as image files, print design catalogues and more. ™

Embroidery turns your quilt into something special.

Combine traditional quilt patterns with embroidered details for truly unique results. All embroidery designs and decorative stitches shown are included in the repertoire of the PFAFF® creative 4.0 sewing and embroidery machine. The instructions for this beautiful quilt can be found at ™

The moment you discover a new inspiration for your next quilt ... Every quilt reflects an explosion of creativity and ideas. With the PFAFF® creative 4.0 sewing and embroidery machine, you will experience a new dimension of quilting.


The original – only from PFAFF® for over 40 years! The ultimate in piecing perfection! Absolutely even fabric feed from both the top and the bottom.

When quilting, space and precision count! You need lots of space when working with large amounts of fabric. The PFAFF® creative 4.0 sewing and embroidery machine has the space you need – 250 mm (almost 10 inches) to the right of the needle – that’s an unbeatable advantage. Leave the embroidery unit attached when you sew, to expand your work surface. Absolutely even fabric feed from top and bottom – that’s the guarantee of the IDT ™-System. ™

are using. With 37 different needle positions available for straight stitch, you can stitch each stitch exactly where you want it. The extra-large stitch plate has seam markings to the le and the right of the needle to guarantee the right spacing and perfect sewing results.

Create unique surfaces! Select one of the two Free-motion modes, and move the fabric as desired to create a unique stitched surface. The PFAFF® creative 4.0 sewing and embroidery machine sets the correct presser foot height and lowers the feed dogs automatically for you. ™

The highest level of sewing and quilting ease! At the touch of a button, the presser foot is automatically raised to its highest position or lowered, top and bobbin threads are cut, and the machine can be started or stopped without the foot control. The thread sensors let you know when the thread is running low or breaks. The PFAFF® HD screen shows your stitches in actual size, at the recommended setting. Each setting can be changed, and the new setting can be permanently saved in the machine’s memory for later use. Adjust the presser foot pressure for the fabric you

Everything stays in place when working with fine fabric or several layers. When sewing long pieces of fabric, such as curtains, both layers are fed evenly along the entire length. Patterned fabric, such as stripes, always match.

Large sewing space – a dream, not only for quilters! The well-designed shape of the PFAFF® creative 4.0 sewing and embroidery machine offers unbelievable space for working with large amounts of fabric. A sewing space of 250 mm (almost 10") to the right of the needle – an unbeatable advantage when quilting.

Ask your dealer about the PFAFF® QUILTER'S TOOLBOX. Great accessories for professional quilting results!

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Connect your PC to a PFAFF® creative 4.0 sewing and embroidery machine to open a fascinating world of possibilities. ™

The moment when everything becomes possible … Learn more about the exciting world of optional accessories to complement your PFAFF® creative 4.0 sewing and embroidery machine. ™

Discover the PFAFF creative 4D embroidery software.


Eight sophisticated products are waiting for you and your ideas. Design your own unique embroidery designs, use exisiting designs in new combinations (creative 4D Design Enhancer), design enchanting cross stitch embroideries (creative 4D Cross Stitcher), stitch free-hand effects on print fabrics (creative 4D Sketch), and turn portraits of your loved ones into perfectly stitched images (creative 4D Family Portrait). All this and more is waiting for you at your PFAFF® dealer. ™

Expand your creativity! Optional large embroidery unit for the sensational 360 x 350 mm embroidery hoop.

The creative 4D soware family is unbelievably versatile. Read more at or visit your PFAFF® dealer.

creative GRAND DREAM HOOP The largest hoop on the market! ™


Expand your potential with a larger embroidery unit and a sensational 360 x 350 mm hoop. Embroider super-size designs without having to rehoop the fabric! Exclusive large designs are included. The larger embroidery unit and the creative GRAND DREAM HOOP are available as optional accessories for your PFAFF® creative 4.0 sewing and embroidery machine, at your authorized PFAFF® dealer. ™

Elegant ornaments – for eye-catching home decorating!

Creativity meets perfection.

The embroidery designs of the PFAFF® “Vintage Medallion” collection are characterized by shining surfaces and extra-long stitches. They look like precious hand embroideries and have a wide range of uses. Instructions for the cushion are included with the collection.

Expand your possibilities with the right optional accessories. You’ll receive the new, accessory catalogue as a gi when you purchase a PFAFF® creative 4.0 sewing and embroidery machine. On every page, you’ll find sewing ideas and everything you need to achieve professional sewing and embroidery results.

Accessory Catalogue

Including instructions for all presser feet!

Expand the spectrum of your sewing and embroidery machine! One example is the PFAFF® Yarn Couching Foot Set. It can be used to Learn all about the sophisticated accessories create fantastic effects with heavy threads and yarns. The results are and unique techniques and how you can fascinating raised embellishments. There is also a new Design Collection, achieve professional results. You’ll be “Tempting Textures”, created especially for PFAFF® embroidery machines – surprised at how much your sewing machine can do! 15 sophisticated designs which combine elegant embroidery with Yarn Couching Foot effects. Use them to create real highlights on T-shirts, jackets, cushions, curtains, and more. “Tempting Textures” is only one of the many exclusive PFAFF® Design collections with innovative new ideas. You’ll find more information at your authorized PFAFF® dealer and at

Unique embellishments! With the PFAFF® Yarn Couching Foot Set, heavy threads and yarns can be sewn in place like magic. Either you guide the fabric and control where the yarn is placed or you choose one of the fantastic embroidery designs of the “Tempting Textures” collection and let the creative 4.0 sewing and embroidery machine do the rest. ™

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Create even more stunning projects with the right accessories! PFAFF® is constantly working to bring you new and exciting products to allow you to expand your creativity. There is only one place to find it all. Visit your local PFAFF® dealer to find out more about the latest collections, accessory hoops, techniques, and so much more. The right accessories all combine to bring your dreams to life.

Your authorized PFAFF® dealer:

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A bag of finest linen, embellished with floral embroidery and 9 mm stitches – exclusive pattern and instructions at

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The moment it becomes possible. PFAFF ® creative ™ 4.0 – the moment it becomes possible. Elegant lace motifs, embroidered on w...