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Elliot McKellar

ISTD Jack Zipes (brief 4 [competition])

The Brief

ISTD competition brief. To use the text of ‘The Waitress’, a tale by Jack Zipes, to invest the book with the invention and experimentation of the magazine.

I have produced an A5 booklet with the full body copy of The Waitress and broken down the text in to a series of headings to help people to navigate through the layout easier.

I have used a variety of techniques employed by magazine layout for this brief such as mixed stocks, layout navigation, fold outs and audience interaction.


Elliot McKellar

ISTD Jack Zipes (brief 4 [competition])

Design Direction/Print Specifications

As part of the story I felt it wasn’t necessary for my resolution to be a large format, as the content and the layout I had developed meant that It was only going to be four double sided spreads and came to the conclusion that an A5 booklet would be most appropriate for the deliverables.

I wanted the layout of the booklet to be engaging, for the reader to have to interact with the booklet and acknowledge the difference in the layout in comparison to traditional book designs and layout.

The book is 210 x 148mm, the cover has been printed on book & box blu intenso, title page printed on 150gsm freelife and body copy spreads have been printed on 130gsm white double sided matte. Colour Process Blue pantone solid matte and black for body copy and headlines. (All paper sourced from Fredrogoni)


Elliot McKellar

ISTD Jack Zipes (brief 4 [competition])


In the body copy of The Waitress there is a lot of back and forth conversation between Marie and the Chair I felt this could be broken up in a more creative way and be reinforced with an experimental layout as stated in the brief to help bring the book to life and be more interesting than the traditional book layout.

All body copy in the text is put in a column on the left hand side of the single spread in a pantone blue and reads upright and then all conversation quotes between the two characters placed in a right hand column upside down to the left hand column and in black to help differentiate the two.

Employing a concept like this means the reader has to interact with the book a lot more and navigate through the spreads in a new way which they haven’t read before thus the layout will have more of an impact.


Elliot McKellar

ISTD Jack Zipes (brief 4 [competition])


In the booklet I have also included a fold out spread which was printed on 130gsm Freelife stock. The fold out was part of resolving the brief using techniques and experimentation which are employed in magazine layout so I added another dimension to engage the reader further.

The fold out is at the back of the book, but the spread wraps around to the opening page of the book so it has a nice texture when you open it and see the use of mixed stocks.

The fold out is about the author Jack Zipes and gives a brief biography of him as an author, it opens with a quote from Jack Zipes himself regarding tales, including an image of him as well as the book credits.


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01/04 ISTD competition brief. To use the text of ‘The Waitress’, a tale by Jack Zipes, to invest the book with the invention and experimenta...

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