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FINAL MAJOR PROJECT STATEMENT OF INTENT Name: Elliot McKellar Blog Address: Rationale My main focus in design is the relationship between type, image in relation to layout, I am really interested in publication design as well as promotional material for the creative sector for the arts and fashion to not only reinforce my interest in publication design but also promotional material for galleries etc. A key aspect of this module will be the relationship I develop with working professionals, design studios and freelance designers. I intend to build-up a list of contacts whilst visiting studios for my design context brief but also with the idea of placements and gaining professional experience. I want to investigate professional print production and techniques not only through the yearbooks we will be producing but for my own work and portfolio, obviously high end production is not a possibility so I intend to explore how I can get the most for my money and printing. This print investigation will inform the use of colour in my work which is an area I feel I need to have more of an impact in with my design work not only visually but technically in terms of what is possible with printing. Having established a direction using type and image with an interest in layout and publication design I want to explore the use of mixed stock to push my work to a higher standard and would show great consideration in my work. A lot of designers and graduates are becoming increasingly versatile in terms of their design capabilities and working across a range of different media. So I want to develop skills with Web, more so for my own personal use with self promotion and my own website, so it would not fundamentally take control of my briefs but would be an area of knowledge which would help inform proposals.

When I graduate I would like to ideally be work in a small studio as opposed to a big agency, So the studios I intend to research as part of the design context brief will inform this as well as developing a contact list and potential possibilities of placements. The design direction which I developed in the previous module shows simplistic and modern forms of design resolutions this is something I intend to be consistent with in the designs I produce for my fmp this area also informs my dissertation which looks at ideas of white space, modernism and less is more.

Subjects / Themes Type and image Layout Bespoke typography Visual Identity Screen printing Specialist Print techniques Stock considerations Professional studio practice. Lookbooks - fashion related production Folds & Formats Art - Galleries, exhibition promotion. Magazines, Zines, books Design Disciplines / Creative Development Print - establish a better understanding of professional printing... Finishing, cuts, inks and folds Type and Image - The ralationship between the two and creating effective design. Bespoke Typography - so my work looks unique and tailored to suit a client/brief. Print - formats,finishes, colour to establish a more rounded professional practice. Practical Skills / Workshops – what, why and when? - Photography would be a key aspect of my production, As layout and publication design is driven by the content thus if I am gathering my own content... Photographing my own work for portfolio. - Screen printing - budget considerations may inform a different approach for my design work. - Web design for self promotion and to inform proposals in relation to other briefs I will take on. - Laser-Cutting; It would be useful for me to explore this skill as it may inform one of the briefs. I also feel I should utilise the college resources more and this is an aspect I am not really familiar with. - Colour theory - I would like to become more skilled in the use of colour, to be able to make appropriate colour selection and in relation to printing on to stocks software knowledge - To develop a better knowledge using Dream Weaver but also a continuous development and knowledge of InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. - Research techniques - this would inform my design context brief as I will be researching my favourite design studios as well as helping my research my working briefs which will help inform my design decisions and direction.

Brief 1: Woven - Paul Young

Deadline Ongoing

Rationale: As part of the live fashion brief in OUGD301 I was selected to take the brief further and as a result I will be using the work I produce as one of the briefs. Brief 2: Fashion Course Yearbook


Rationale: As part of a design team alongside Ailsa Marrs and Cera Elliot we will be designing the fashion yearbook including art direction, design strategies and print production Brief 3:



Brief 4:



Brief 5: A collection of Small briefs


Rationale: These will allow me to produce a variety of printed material from visual identities to books. These briefs will be predominately short with a quick turnaround so I will have a considerable collection of printed resolutions. Contextual references / Designers / Studios / Companies (specific) UK Based Ok-Rm Europa An Endless Supply Julia Qubik Zak Group Colville Walker Maddison Graphic Ken Kirton Saturday Here I go.

International (I want to look at international studio始s and their practice in relation to my design context brief to see the difference and comparison with UK studios). Hey Days

Studio Reizundrisiko family

RESEARCH ACTIVITY: Studio Visit: An Endless Supply


Details - Visit An Endless Supply - Based in Birmingham RESEARCH ACTIVITY: Studio Visit, need to develop a strong contact as an Internship at this location would be useful as its not too far away from my home town.

Deadline Feb, reading week.

Details - Visit to a professional design studio with the idea of building a friendship on a professional level with the hope of a potential placement. RESEARCH ACTIVITY - Day Visits Deadline Details - Trip to London in Feb reading week, will also fit in with the PPD module and design context, I intend to visit a variety of studios in the week to gain contacts and content for work. Deadline Feb, reading week. Details - Fredrogoni showroom offers paper samples to student in London, a good way to get free samples which would hopefully be at a large scale for production but also would help build a relationship. RESEARCH ACTIVITY - Fredrigoni showroom



BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOKS / TEXTS - (Harvard Refernced)

MAGAZINES / JOURNALS / ARTICLES – (include publication date and details)

ON LINE REFERENCES / WEBSITES / ARTICLES (include specific urls)

OTHER REFERENCE MATERIAL (Films, events, exhibitions, conferences)

ACTION PLAN – use this section to identify specific tasks that you need to complete in order to resolve the brief. Brief What do you need to do? 1











SOI first draft  

first draft of SOI for FMP

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