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“In an age when concern for the global environment is one of the most hotly-debated topics.”





There are lots of different reasons as towhy a building can be environmentally friendly, generally common trends would consist of the use of materials, Eco-friendly building materials include products which do not harm the environment and use a minimum of energy to produce. Housing installation can be made ecofriendly, torn up news papers can be used as an alternative. POLLI-brick is a new product which is made from recycled plastic.

Sophisticated and creative adults. environmentally consious people. aged 19+ Grand design fans/audience.

My tone of voice will be very informative in a fun and creative way. Enviromental topics such as mean tackle serious issues that need an appropriate voice to relevent audience

I will deffinatly be using colour in my title sequence, I don’t want to overload it with colour, obviously with the eco theme, greens and earth tones will more than likely be used.. Below are some sample swatches of appropriate colours, obviosuly I need to experiment with these and how they will actually look when they’re moving.

institution; Channel 4, between 8-10pm. weekdays.

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