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Doc. Code OUGD30


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Brief Emerging - publication. Targeted at Design Students, graduates and the design industry in a formal and inspiring tone of voice.

Background / Considerations A unique publication focusing on graduates and students in the Graphic Design industry. The content of the magazine is very unique with no other publication of its kind so the publication should stand out and appeal to the creative industry, with an interesting layout and use of stock to engage the readers. With the content it will look at the work of graduates and emerging talent, whilst giving an insight into getting in to the design industry (internships, self promotion). The publication will also contain a section, ʻbookshelfʼ which looks at the working design industry, the designers/creative directors in the field and the books that they turn to for inspiration and reference when they were ʻemergingʼ Interviews with studios and their favourite new talent, what they look for in new graduates applying for jobs/internships. You will need to consider how the publication will be distributed and sold. This will be published every other month.

Mandatory Requirements


Research into content will be required.

publication and distribution proposals.

Studio Deadline

Module Deadline

We wanted to create a magazine which youʼd want to keep on your coffee table for people to pick up or even pass on to a friend (see the pass-it-on icon). As the stories are the main communication in the magazine we wanted to put focus on its content. As the photography will be as diverse as the content published in the magazine, due to the eclectic mix of individuals involved, it will have a depth and integrity and this we hope the design represents

emerge brief  

brief for a new project

emerge brief  

brief for a new project