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Elliot McKellar OUGD303 - FMP

Brief 3 - D&AD - Typographic Circle

360 - Concept/Brief

36 Brief


Produced as Part of a D&AD brief by Pentagram. I have produced a set of 4 supplements and 4 extra covers for the Typographic Circle magazine ‘Circular’. The series of publications had to be thought of as special editions and could be of any size/format but had to work together as a series. The content of each publication was heavily researched and each supplement is specifically about an individual/studio who have spoken at one of the Typo Circle events.

The name 360 was used as its a proposed supplement for Circular Magazine and a circle is made up of 360 degrees thus appropriate and in keeping with the already established identity of circular mag almost acting as a sister publication.



As this is a supplement for Circular, part of the brief said it was mandatory for the Typographic Circle logo to be on the covers, I have incorporated this identity into the 360 identity so it stands individually against Typo Circle but also shows them coming together as one.

Elliot McKellar OUGD303 - FMP

Brief 3 - D&AD - Typographic Circle



Each Publication is specific to a guest speaker/studio at the typographic circle talks. These studios/individuals were picked by myself on the basis of not only making for a wide range of content from a range of disciplines but to also further my knowledge in the different fields. Whilst they all have design in common their practices and approach are very unique and different.

190 x 240mm Covers - 240gsm - Colour Plan, GFSmith. 8 different covers. Cover printing - Logo hand pulled screen printed w/white ink Inside covers - Fredrigoni Marcate Ceylon Cumino 140gsm. Interior Spreads - Fredrigoni Freelife & white matte 240gsm Full Colour. Saddle Stitched

360 - Range/Specs


Elliot McKellar OUGD303 - FMP

Brief 3 - D&AD - Typographic Circle

Content The Content of the supplement had to be heavily researched as I didn’t want the content to be specifically about the design work the studio showcased produce but to find out more about their working methods and other areas of interest. Whilst the content is obviously different for each supplement it still had to be edited in a way which was fitting with the rest of the supplements.

360 - Layout & Content

Layout The Designers and studios showcased in the supplement and who have given talks at typo circle events are Marina Willer (Wolff Olins), Angus Hyland (Pentagram), Studio 8 and Anthony Burill. These collectively offer a vast range of content and different specialist subject areas.

The Layout was kept very formal, so it was simple and would function in a simple but effective manner which would appeal to designers. In the research stages of these Works and looking at Circular Magazine the content of the mag was very image heavy so I wanted the supplement to be a more in depth reading of the showcased designers and their working practice.


Elliot McKellar OUGD303 - FMP

Brief 3 - D&AD - Typographic Circle

Concept/Direction Each individual publication has a unique design which relates to the title of the supplement 360. The example above demonstrates this, the Angus Hyland Supplement(Yellow Cover) the publication is broken down into 4 sections, to read/view these sections each time a new one starts the book has to be rotated 90degrees. Thus once 4 rotations have been completed the publication would have been rotated 360degrees, both fitting with the name of the supplement and linking to the identity of the Circular Magazine.

Images above show how the spreads are rotated with photos which are upside down representing the rotation, when in hand and publication is rotated it instantly becomes more interactive and intriguing for the reader to navigate the publication.

360 - Concept/Direction


Elliot McKellar OUGD303 - FMP

Brief 3 - D&AD - Typographic Circle


Case Holder

To give the supplement a special edition theme I have designed a case holder in which the four supplements with content can be placed within. The design decision was to keep the colour very simple and not too bold so that the supplements would stand out in comparison and attract attention.

340gsm - GFSmith Colorplan - Cool Grey CMYK Black

360 - Packaging


Elliot McKellar OUGD303 - FMP

Brief 3 - D&AD - Typographic Circle

360 - Grid System & Type Setting


LL Brown

Reg, Bold, Reclined 360 supplement is set in the geometric sans LL Brown by Lineto Foundry. Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz

Grid System

Type Setting

To keep consistency throughout the pages with headings and page numbers and to reinforce the 360 concept I have designed the heading, sub-heading and titles up, down, left and right of the spreads which covers a 360 degree. A subtle concept but one which helps bring all the supplements together and make them work as a set with design consistency.

For the setting of type for 360 supplement I have used LL Brown, designed by Lineto Foundry/ Aurèle Sack. I have used the fonts from the family in a mix of weights throughout the identity and supplement copy. One reason behind this font decision was the fact that its a geometric sans serif thus the letterforms are circular, which is fitting with the 360 concept.

Copy - 8.5pt W/11pt leading and 10pt Kern 360 headings 11pt - LL Brown Regular Titles - 24pt LL Brown Bold

Brief 3 - OUGD303 - Elliot McKellar