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Elliot McKellar

Our Legacy (brief 2)

The Brief

Our Legacy brief was to create a Look book for the Swedish brand for their autumn and winter collection ‘Impressions’, the look book had to keep to the brand image, and their ethics, The brand is primarily based online so I wanted to use this as a chance to introduce them in a stylish and modern manner.

As part of the Lookbook I have also included an insert poster which just adds a personal touch to the reader so they can take something from the look book.

I felt that this brief could have been expanded in to further fields so I have proposed a showroom event which would showcase the collection and would indicate an idea for promotion on a simple level.


Elliot McKellar

Our Legacy (brief 2)

Design Direction

The design direction and layout for this look book came from the brand and its ethics in producing clothes that were about the cut and finish of their garments.

I took this idea and used it to create a layout whereby images would be bleeding off the page (cut) and reappear in different areas of the double spreads, by doing this it means the reader has to follow a certain image and pay more attention when reading this thus noticing the detail in the clothing items.

All clothing items showcased are numbered and link to an index at the back of the publication allowing the reader to find a look they like and then find out what the garment is made so they can locate it in shops. s


The spreads for the look book are mixed so when it’s being viewed the reader sees pages which are easy to take in but then there are blown up images to catch attention and to keep the read looking fresh and interesting.

Elliot McKellar

Our Legacy (brief 2)

Design Direction

To stop the look book being completly image based which is very common in Look books I wanted to help break the images and layout down so it didnt become repititive and have introduced interviews with the designers about the collection so the reader gets a better insight in to the brand and their favourite items in the collection.

All body copy is laid out in portrait this means the reader has to get involved with the publication and interact with it by rotating it in order to read the body copy.

In the Look book I also introduce the collaboration between the brand Our Legacy and the retail store Tres Bein, this raises the fact that they have opened a store together named Welcome this in turn helped me make further proposals later on in the project.


Elliot McKellar

Our Legacy (brief 2)






Welcome Store Se-11442 Stockholm 9 Sibyllegatan Rd 18.00pm - 23.00pm Autumn & Winter release party will showcase the new range from Our Legacy, looking at new products from knitwear, outerwear, trousers, suiting, shirting and much more. Swedish fashion paper pushers “KING” just crowned our dark knight their favourite royalty of the season. For more information about the event and the new collection from Our Legacy visit:

I have proposed a showroom event for the collection which could be expanded in to bigger things, here I have introduced the idea of promotion

Considering the brand and the idea of the clothes being about the cut and finish the designs for the posters have text and imagery cutting off individual posters which when put together can be viewed as a set this means they can work alone individually or collectively dependent on the context.

Our legacy isn’t the sort of brand who are going to spend loads of money on promotion. So launching an event like this would be kept very traditional and simple. These ideas and designs are something that could be made bigger and developed if necessary.


Elliot McKellar

Our Legacy (brief 2)





Key: Upstairs 01 - Welcome 02 - Selected items 03 - Shirting 04 - knitwear







05 - Suiting 06 - Trousers 07 - Footwesr 08 - Accessories




The previous proposals would address the showroom event. The showroom event would be held at the ‘Welcome’ store which as mentioned earlier is a collaboration between Our Legacy and Tres Bein this it would be an appropriate place for it to be held.

In the research stages of the project I found layouts of the welcome store, so I could offer a proposed layout for the showroom. The layout and navigation is simple but I feel shows the progression of the brand and the range of garments it has produced for this collection.

the opening room acts as a welcome area for greetings then the first room showcases a variety of selected items from the range so people viewing the collection get an overall feel for the collection. then in rooms 3 and 4 showcasses their shirting and knitwear which goes back to the level of production when the brand first started designing seasonal ranges and have become known for.

Downstairs showcases suiting, footwear and trousers which is an area the company has developed in it also makes for a more sophisticated area by grouping these products together.

1 Our Legacy boards  
1 Our Legacy boards  

As part of the Lookbook I have also included an insert poster which just adds a personal touch to the reader so they can take something from...