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SB Weekly 5/8/14

Issue #1

A Word from the Editor


ey guys! This is the first issue of SB Weekly, and we’re in desperate need of stories, event information, or even small little sections to keep everyone entertained. If you have any ideas or requests you would like to make, then please do leave me a message at the link at the end. I hope to see a great turn out for this because I think this would definitely help out with the spread of positive news and event information in a way that won't be confusing or misunderstood. Now as the editor of this small newsletter, it’s my job to authorize what goes into this, and to make sure that you guys (the readers) are satisfied with the content that goes into the newsletter. Don’t be afraid to ask for something to be discontinued (such as weekly columns and such) because of offensive content. This will be thoroughly examined and shall not be over look for either party (the offended and the offender).

For this newsletter to be entertaining, we need at least two other people to help in gathering information, even though anyone can tell us if an event is taking place, or if something has happened. If you would like to help out, just leave me a message at the link at the end. Thank you guys so much for reading this, and I do hope that we get a lot of cool stuff packed onto these pages that are just filled with nothing but gibberish. Have a great day!

New Members to SB

Streamer, and based god of league.

Did we leave you out? Let us know and we’ll put you in the next issue!

Quote of the Day

“I’m gonna wear your face as a hat.” -mike5462

Updates, Notices, and Events

Current E: SB LCS- Support your favorite team as SB members battle each other in League of Legends 5v5 matches to see who stands on top as champions! E: Rap Battles with RapGod BigMigVisit BigMig’s Temple of Rap to partake in rap battles against friends or the RapGod himself. #NEWBEAT

Upcoming U: New TS IP will be released soon.

N: Survival Server for Minecraft will be coming out soon, more TBA.

Questions? Suggestions? Complaints? Message me here and be sure to use the name that people know you by.

Thank You!

SBW #1  

This is the first official newsletter of SB. -Issue 1 SB Weekly-

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