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My Initial Ideas Genre: Horror Sub Genre: Slasher/Psychological

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.The film intro starts of with a man walking from a roadside to the front door of a house, which we discover that it is his house when he pulls out the keys and opens the door. .The man enters the house and casually walks through the house to get to his back garden (during this walking scene through the house you are seeing cinematic shots of inside the house for example shots of him walking past photos of him in picture frames with his loved ones and other things to show his personality) .He leaves the house through the backdoor and whilst he is closing it he picks up the shovel that is placed standing up against the wall. (leaves the audience why he has a shovel with him) .You now see shots of the man walking through his back garden to a shed. .The man goes over to the shed and with a struggle opens the door to the shed (the door is stiff and difficult to open) . You see a shot of inside the shed as the man enters and then a over the shoulder shot where you see a white body bag tied up in the corner of the room. (which is in the shape of the body) .The man seems glad that the body bag is still there, so he exits the shed with the shovel, leaving the door open. .The man walks around to behind the shed where he starts digging with the shovel. .It simply starts with him digging into the ground but then the man starts to get flashbacks. .With every dig into the ground the man gets a flashback of him killing someone and a flashback of a nice memory with his loved ones, which we saw in the cinematic shots of the pictures in the frames. (subtle music builds up) .Between flashbacks the man starts tearing up and having to wipe the tears off his face, but after the final flashback of him killing someone (possibly a family member or loved one) he snaps out of it and has a expressionless face, he looks lifeless and dead inside. .He stands up properly next to the deep pit in the ground and dramatically drops the shovel next to the pile of dirt that he's dug up. .He quickly paces back over into the shed and grabs the body bag with both hands and drags it out of the shed. . As the man drags the body bag out of the shed he seems really distressed and falls back onto the ground whilst pulling the heavy body bag out. .The man is shaking a lot and starts to struggles to get back up, unable to get back up he decides to crawl along the ground pulling the body bag right behind him. .Eventually getting it to the side of the pit he uses all of his strength and pushes the body bag in and gets up from gets up from his knees, then brushing the dirt of him. . The final scene of the intro ends with the man shovelling dirt back into the pit and we see dirt land on the body from a point of view shot of the body.


I have chosen an average suburban house as my house location for my introduction of this film as it shows that the ‘The Man’ is an average citizen in the opening scenes, so he looks normal and the audience do not suspect anything suspicious about him.

I want a back garden that seems overgrown and not looked after to show the audience that the garden is a reflection of himself, unkempt and neglected. I want the shed to look old and almost abandoned, with a dark sinister appearance.

Costume I want the victims (the ones we saw in the flashbacks) to look normal, almost like there ordinary people and they had no right to die.

The man that we see in the opening should be wearing scruffy clothing almost like a tramp. I want him to look like he is a little bit different from society by wearing different type clothing to everyone else.

As the family members I want them to look loving and well looked after, so the viewer can notice the difference between the untidy and neglected man to the clean and well looked after family.

Setting, Sound, Mise-En-Scene The Setting: Mid-day, gloomy the sky should be cloudy. A Dull day. Sounds: The intro wont have a lot of sound most of it will be quiet with only Diegetic sounds. There will be a subtle build up of music as the dig progresses. Props: keys to open front door, shovel for digging, body bag, photo frames.

Character codes The Character of The man needs to portray him as someone that should be happy but is not content with his life. I want the character to look dull In the opening scene but not lifeless. The Man is shown as a normal person with a life and a family however, he has a alternate life where he has a thirst for killing. The man is mentally and physically well but he just gets the urge to kill without any initial remorse but then The man later regrets the decisions he has made.

Inspiration My inspiration for a intro like this comes from movies like Friday the 13th and The forest. I want the film to have a slasher effect like Friday the 13th but also to have the effect of a psychological horror like the forest.

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