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History of Horror As Media

Origins Of Horror In the 18th century there was gothic literature, before any type of horror genre. Gothic horror is the combination of fiction, horror, death and romance.

Gothic Horror literature -Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ - Originally published in 1818

-Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ - Originally published in May 26 1897

-Edgar Allan poe’s ‘ The Raven’

The Silent era Silent era is where films were Silent with no sound. These films were just based on the acting and horror. The sound in horror films only really started after the first world war.

Silent Films -George Melies ‘Spook Tales’ also ‘The Manor of the devil’ -1895, Spook Tales one of the first stop motion films made. -1869, The manor of the devil. One of the First Horror films to ever be made.

-J. Searle Dawley ‘Frankenstein’ -1910 is one of the best known motion pictures.

-Dante Alighieri ‘Inferno’ -1911

The German Expressionism •

German expressionism was a style of cinema that showed more of expression ‘over realistic depictions of reality’. The Germans created a film company called ‘Universum Film Aktiengesellschaft (also known as the UFA)’ by time of the UFA company became operational Germany had already lost the war so that caused the UFA to change there goals to producing films for commercial profit. They would rather paint shadows rather than just use lighting which people liked and found it artistic.

The German Expressionism -Robert Weine ‘The Cabinet of Dr Caligari’ -1920

The Talkies The talkies is where there was sound and now talking in films. This is all happened around the 1920’s and was created around this time. However, the ‘talkies’ had a great effect on the horror movies at the time as they could now introduce more dramatic sound effects and not only that but also they could add in screams too.

The Talkies films -Lon Chaney ‘Phantom of the opera’ -1925

-Tod Browning ‘Dracula’ -1931

Psychological Horror (1940) Psychological films are often based around the aspect of the viewer getting worried for the protagonist as the may be getting hunted down chased or getting them selves into something the protagonist cannot deal with well. This causes the viewer some mental discomfort (for example fear or paranoid that something bad will happen).

Psychological Horror films 1940

-Val Lewton ‘Cat People’


1950’s Monster/Sci Fi Horror Monster movies and Sci Fi movies were often done on fiction . These are often either films to do with aliens or evil monsters that hunt or cause mayhem. To make the movies that little bit more scary the movie theatre would add little things like buzzers in seat to vibrate when something scary happens. Also in ‘house on haunted hill’ the came up with the idea to scare the audience by scaring them in person by attaching a skeleton on strings and making it fly around the screening room.

Monster/Sci Fi films horror 1950’s -Dir. Ishiro Honda ‘Godzilla’ - 1954, about a nuclear monster that devastates and attacks a city.

-Jack Arnold ‘Creature from the black lagoon’ - 1954, about a creature from a swamp who terrorises people.

Psychology, sex, and gore 1960’s •

From the 1960’s on, there was no more censorship in films due to the production code being abandoned by 1964. For example Alfred Hitchcock Psycho shocked audiences that horror could be so much more.

Psychology, sex, and gore 1960’s Films -Alfred Hitchcock ‘Psycho’ -June the 16th 1960

1970’s Psychological Horror (occult horror) In 1973 ‘The exorcist’ was released in cinema and came over as one of the greatest Psychological horror movies of all time. It was also one of the most profitable movies of all time too. Also ‘The wicker man’ was another popular film at the time. -William Friedkin ‘The Exorcist’ -1974

-Robin Hardy ‘The wicker man’ -1973

Indie Slasher Horror 1970 •

Indie Slashers were based on gore and just pure killing. The normal plots for these types of films were either a group of victims or one victim getting chased down by the slasher and killed one by one.

-Tobe Hooper ‘Texas Chainsaw massacre’ -1974

-John Carpenter ‘Halloween’ -1978

1980’s Psychological Horror (Teen Horror) In 1976, Brian de palma released the film ‘carrie’ is about a girl who finds out that she has a evil gift to be able to control things with her mind and she uses the gift for the worst.

-Brian de palma ‘carrie’ -1976

1990’s Psychological Horror •

In 1990’s John lafia released a Horror film called ‘Childs play 2’ which is a sequel, carry on from Childs play 1. This Movie is based around a Childs doll called chucky who comes to life and has one soul purpose which is to kill anyone on its hit list.

-John Lafia ‘Childs Play 2’ -1990

2000’s Psychological Horror •

In the 2000’s Mary Harron came out with the classic horror movie ‘American Psycho’. This film is about a guy who literally just is a psycho, he kills whoever he wants when he wants.

-Mary Harron ‘American Pyscho’ -2000

2000-2016 Horror Movies -John wan ‘saw’

-2004 came under gore and torture porn

-Danny Boyle ‘28 days later’ -2002 a gore zombie film

-Slenderman - There is no real movies based on this but there are lots of short series and short films based on this internet meme.

History of horror