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Ellinwood Falls Short at Great Bend

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SPORTS / Page 5

SPORTS / Page 5

Ellinwood Friday, June 8, 2012

Volume 118, Number 36

d woo Ellin The eader L


Kansas Sidewinder MC’s Mitch Urban leads a pack of riders down Main at the end of Saturday’s Poker Run. Also pictured, r to l: Richard Thompson, Chuck Carpenter, and Kenny DeClue. The Run raised nearly $1,800 for the Barton County Relay for Life. (photo by Mike Courson)

Sidewinders combine passion with charity By Mike Courson Ever since Marlon Brando played The Wild One in 1953, and Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper teamed up in Easy Rider nearly 20 years later, the American biker has held a certain mystique. The modern motorcyclist may look the part, but is usually more interested in the ride than anything else. For the Kansas Sidewinders MC, that passion for the road is merely an avenue to do good for the community.

house fire, we will put “Ellinwood has been on either a benefit supreal good to us, and we per or form a raffle for like to pay it forward,” them,” Urban said. “All said Mike Urban, the money we raise will President of the nongo to that individual.” profit motorcycle club Last year, the base in Ellinwood. Ellinwood Food Bank “They’ve been good to benefited from the us, and we’ll do everything we can to help sup- Sidewinders’ generosity. “We had some money port the community.” left over at the end of That support was on the year,” said Urban, display last weekend as “and we heard the the Sidewinders sponEllinwood Food Bank sored a Poker Run durcould use a little help, ing June Jaunt. More so we donated the rest than 125 riders particiYOU ASKED IT.the money we had in pated, raising nearly FOR of WeBarton Delivered. our account to them. We $1,800 for the Learn more about the Siemens try to help out any way County Relay for Life. MAGNETOM Symphony MRI Central Kansas Medical Center can.” The Club has donated to we 3515 Broadway, Great Bend, KS The Club was based in the Relay for more than 620-792-2511 Great Bend for a short a decade dating back to time before moving to its YOU ASKED FOR IT. the days before the We delivered. Sidewinders were an new Main Street home in Ellinwood nearly seven official entity. years ago. Urban has “They do a Poker Run 7-0 vote. been President since for us every year,” said Superintendent Ben 2009, and served as Vice Kandi Wolf, Relay for Jacobs next gave his President for six years Life Team Development. report. There was no before that. Though “This is their third or progress on the school members are scattered fourth year, and they finance formula at the across the state, Urban donate 100 percent to State. Jacobs also noted several groups are asking Barton County Relay for said the group plans to keep everything centrally Life. Normally, we do it to rent school buses for located in Ellinwood. the Saturday before trips this summer, and And of course, they Relay. We appreciate that buses and drivers intend to continue helptheir consistency and have been available by ing those in need. their willingness to be rent in the past. Jacobs “We’re a bunch of guys involved.” also request input on who got together who Along with the Relay combining the annual enjoy riding motorcyfor Life, the Club has Egghead and Awards cles,” he said. “We’re also sponsored the Banquet. Finally, Jacobs just here to promote the Barton County United asked for the Board’s enthusiasm for riding support to allow himself, Way since 2001, and motorcycles. Anybody does a lot of other work Eric Sjogren, and Shawn who is interested in for organizations in and Henderston to attend a being in a group like around Barton County. retreat to refocus on ours, it’s a brotherhood, “We find out someone future events in the disand we’re here to help might need help, or suftrict and on new ways to other people and do our fer from an illness or see BOARD thing.” other tragic event like a page 2

Board of Education approves personnel changes for USD 355

Central Kansas Medical Center has upgraded to a higher level of MRI comfort and technology with the Siemens MAGNETOM Symphony MRI. Here’s what it means for you:


The Ellinwood Board of Education met on May 14 to discuss several items and approve several personnel changes throughout USD #355. Several parents were on hand for the FBLA presentation, which was moved to the front of the meeting. The Future Business Leaders of America will present their program for the National Conference in San Antonio this summer. Sponsor Lori Betts spoke to the board requesting a loan for expenses associated with the trip. Those expenses would be repaid with fundraising at a later date. The trip to San Antonio passed with a

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Benefit auction and dinner to be held for Berger family


Hi Neighbor! to Dorothy Huddelston, Frank Koelsch, Fred Gunn, Ken Lebbin, Kent Roth, Joe Schulte, Alice Rush, Patty Kirkpatrick and Jeff Thorson and T.J. LaRocca from Omaha, Nebraska for stopping by the office this week. Hi Neighbor! to everyone who organized, worked, attended and participated in the K-96 June Jaunt! It was a huge success! Hi Neighbor! to Adam Ranger from Wyoming - the very talented magician who performed at Wolf Park Friday evening. Hi Neighbor! to Kevin Clair - sorry for the misprint last week. Summer ball games have begun so be sure to check out a game or two this summer. Make plans to attend the After Harvest Festivities July 19-21. Cool off at the City Pool! A friendly reminder! The Twilight Stitcher meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. on the 14 with a potluck. Roll call will be Christmas ideas.



By Mike Courson The food will be good, and the cause will be better. This Saturday, a whole-hog barbeque and feed at Sidewinders Motorcycle Club on Main Street Ellinwood will serve as something more than just a meal. The dinner and auction will benefit long-time Ellinwood resident Roger Berger and his family. Last October, Berger was diagnosed with prostate cancer. While preparing for that surgery, Berger was also diagnosed with pancreatic cancer three months later. Berger was raised in Ellinwood where he now lives with wife, Trish. The family includes four children. Lydia, 15, attends Ellinwood High School. Sarah, 20, also lives in Ellinwood, and is employed by USD #428 as a ParaEducator while attending Barton Community College. Berger’s son, Christopher, 26, lives in Great Bend with his wife, Megan. Phillip, 24, lives in Lawrence and works for Drink Eat Well, a facility that makes veggie burgers. Phillip is engaged to Tara O’Callaghan, and

the couple have a fourmonth-old daughter Annalie Jean. Coworkers have rallied to help offset some of the medical costs associated with Berger’s treatments. Joe Blazek, of Boots Style BBQ in Great Bend, has worked with Roger for nearly 20 years at Primus Sterilizer, and will be doing the cooking. Many businesses that work with Primus have made donations for a silent auction, and a regular auction on Saturday. The smaller items will go via silent auction, and the larger items will be auctioned off the oldfashioned way. The marquee item is a Troy-built, self-propelled walkbehind mower donated by Miller Lawns in Hoisington. Approximately 20 items will be auctioned in total, gift certificates from Ellinwood Packing Plant, oil changes from Marmies and Becker Tires in Great Bend, and women’s beauty products. “We’ve all worked with Roger – some of us for going on 20 years,” Blazek said. “All these business donating, a lot see BENEFIT page 2

Pool’s Open!

Don’t compromise. Ask for Central Kansas Medical Center Radiology.

Central Kansas Medical Center

3515 BROADWAY | GREAT BEND, KS | 620-792-2511 | WWW.CKMC.ORG

Takota Turner takes the fun route into the water at the Ellinwood Swimming Pool. The pool opened last week, and will remain open for the duration of the summer. Hours are Sunday-Friday, 1 p.m. to 5:25 p.m., and 7-8:30 p.m. with adult swim from 6-7 p.m. The pool is open on Saturdays from 1-6 p.m. (photo by Mike Courson)

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Friday June 8, 2012

Plains Folk

Col. no. 1522 - 6/4/2012

Commissioner’s Corner by Tom Isern

Putting Haskell County on the Map Loring Miner never asked to be the bearer of bad news—the beginning of a pandemic that would kill more than 20 million people, maybe as many as 100 million. This was the influenza outbreak of 1918, and it started in Haskell County, Kansas. That’s according to the research of science writer John M. Barry, published in his book, The Great Influenza: The Story of the Deadliest Pandemic in History, and summarized in the Journal of Translational Medicine. Now, if you’re from Kansas, this guy Barry is easy to dislike. He recounts how Dr. Loring Miner, a graduate from Ohio University with a degree in Classics who came to western Kansas in 1885, had a background “so unlike his fellow frontiersmen.” Barry must not be familiar with the social profile of frontier towns on the plains, which boasted many well-educated people. Later Barry writes of Haskell County, “There the smell of manure meant civilization.” A little patronizing, right? The writer also seems confused as to whether Haskell is a county or a town. Nevertheless, he uncovers an intriguing story, at the center of which is Dr. Loring. Loring was a good doctor who kept up with medical advances,

including this newfangled thing called germ theory. He prospered in business and medicine and married a woman with land. A lovely photo in the collections of the Kansas State Historical Society shows his little children, Lorene and Loring, standing between the rows in a field of kaffir corn. In January and February of 1918 Dr. Loring began having patients, dozens of them, presenting with symptoms of influenza that were much more intense than usual. In some cases the disease progressed to a secondary infection, and the patients died of pneumonia. This was a killer flu, the result of a fatal mutation of the influenza virus. It apparently took place right there in western Kansas, and might have remained local in its impact. During this time, however, young army recruits from the locality were going back and forth to Camp Funston, in Riley County. It happened that this particular mutation of influenza was unusual in that it most afflicted young adults—such as the tens of thousands of troops concentrated at Camp Funston. Or those crowded on troop transports going to France to fight. Or those huddled miserable in the trenches of the Western Front. The killer virus from western Kansas shot

right through the armed forces and then spread to the rest of the world. It crossed No Man’s Land to hit the German trenches harder than an artillery barrage. Field Marshall Ludendorff said the influenza was a major reason why the German offensive of 1918 stalled out, and thus Germany lost the war. At the time of the original outbreak of disease in Haskell County, Dr. Loring reported it to the US Public Health Service, which published the report in its monthly bulletin. Nobody paid much attention at the time, because medical people were intent on trying to treat the disease, not write its history. Medical people think differently now. They are concerned with the histories of epidemics and with tracing them to their origins, the better to anticipate new epidemics today. The problem is, the history of the Haskell County origins of the influenza pandemic, while an interesting story, doesn’t give investigators anything useful to guide them now. It seems to indicate that a viral mutation and thus a new pandemic could happen anywhere—even someplace in Kansas a science writer can’t even place on a map.

After the review and approval of appropriations on June 4, 2012, the Barton County Commission moved to New Business and continued the burning ban. While some areas of the County received a nice rain last week, other parts remain dry. Amy Miller, Emergency Risk Manager, said that under the ban, open campfires and fires are prohibited. Persons wanting to learn more are urged to contact their local fire department or visit the County’s website We then, for the second year in a row, honored Ellinwood and Great Bend High School students involved with FBLA - Future Business Leaders of America. Six students from Ellinwood and six from Great Bend have earned entrance in the FBLA national conference Kayla Schartz, Rachel Morales, Sarah Fox, Kyle Blakeslee, Rachel Doll and Stephanie Troyer, directed by EHS teacher Lorie Betts, and Sarah Niederee, Haley Deines, Kevin Smith, Dylan Dreiling, Donna Craven and Ryan Jacobs directed by GBHS teacher Cody Lee. It was explained that FBLA, the largest business career student organization in the world, recognizes and rewards excellence in a broad range of business and career-related areas through a National Awards Program. Students must receive eligibility at the Statelevel to compete nationally. It was our honor to recognize the students


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continued from page 1 make USD #355 successful. Sjogren reported that Kindergarten Preview Day went well, and that numbers are looking good for next year at Ellinwood Grade School. Scores on State Assessments are improving, and should continue to improve next year. Debbie Lebbin was recognized for 10 year of service at the school, and Eileen Huslig was commended for her years of service in the kitchen at the school. Henderson presented the middle school electives for next year, and expressed gratitude to Sunflower Bank for its donation to the school. In new business, Rachel Sieker will be attending the Josten’s Advisor University Conference this summer in Orlando. Expenses will be paid for out of Perkins funds. That motion was approved 7-0. Also in new business, Jacobs asked for discussion on whether the Board thought the girls’ softball program should be continued due to dwindling numbers of participants. The item was discussed, and it

was agreed that any decision should be thought out and all avenues explored. The Board also accepted several resignations, and announced the filling of several more positions. Andre Spence resigned as at-risk aide at EHS, and Wendy Hughes resigned as bus driver. Paul Ringering also resigned from his bus driving and grade school aide positions. Kacey Allen resigned as library aide at the grade school. Katelin Clawson was approved as the new sixth-grade teacher for the 2012-13 school year. Kyle Kroeker was approved as the new sixth-grade teacher, and assistant football and basketball coach at EHS for the 2012-13 year. Molly Cherry was approved at 2012 Summer School Kindergarten instructor, and Cody Clair was approved as summer assistant technology aide. The next USD #355 Board of Education meeting will be held Monday, June 11, 2012 at 6 p.m. in the School Community Library.

The Ellinwood Leader

of them don’t really know Roger and are still willing to put stuff in. A lot of the businesses have worked with Primus Sterilizer.” Berger is currently seeking treatment at the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Tulsa every two weeks, but has still found the time and energy to go to work. “He’s still coming to work whenever he can to help out,” said Blazek.

“He went to treatment on Friday, and he was at work (Tuesday). He still goes about his job just like nothing is really going on. He’s just helping Primus as much as he can.” Saturday’s feed is open to the public, and will be by free will donation. The event is from 5-7 p.m. at the Sidewinder’s Motorcycle Club. The auction will also take place from 5-7 p.m.

and declare Monday as EHS \ GBHS FBLA National Awards Program Day. Donna Zimmerman, County Clerk, then presented Orders of Abatement and Refund. The orders, used to correct assessments, are kept on file in the County Clerk’s Office. Richard Boeckman, County Counselor \ Administrator, provided information on appointments to the Memorial Parks Advisory Committee. He explained that the Memorial Park Advisory Committee is charged with advising and assisting the Commission regarding the care and maintenance of Golden Belt and Hillcrest Memorial Parks. With not less than five, nor more than seven members, there are three positions open, each terming in July, 2015. With our approval, Aliease Dougherty and Margaret Potter were reappointed. If you are interested in applying for the board, please call the Administrator’s Office at 620-793-1800 or email Study sessions saw us receiving information on the proposed purchase of a trailer for election equipment, a review of

the fireworks fee and distribution setup and the department head update. Jeff Younger, Seminole Energy Services, brought us up to date on savings and market conditions related to gas services. We then adjourned to the Barton County Employee Picnic. Held in the Jack Kilby Square, we served our employees their lunch. We don’t have the opportunity to meet with majority of employees at one time often, but when we do, it’s certainly a great time to express our appreciation for their daily efforts. The more I see of Barton County employees, the more impressed I am with their dedication to their work and their commitment to serving the people of Barton County. Their efforts are truly, truly appreciated. I am here to represent you and am very interested in your opinions on these and other matters. Please feel free to email me at, use traditional mail - P O Box 94, Claflin, Kansas, 67525 - or call my cell phone - 620793-2894. Don Cates, Barton County Commissioner

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Church News

CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH 307 West A. St. Jason Winget, Pastor (Home Bible Studies Call: 564-2042) Sunday Bible Study - 9:45 am Worship - 11 am --FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH The Church by the side of the road 503A SE 110th Ave. David Wesner, Pastor; Del Walth, Assoc. Pastor; Joel Dewey, Youth Pastor Sunday Sunday School - 9:30 am Worship Service - 10:45 am HS Youth - 7 pm Wednesday AWANA-6:45 pm --ELLINWOOD UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 300 W. 1st St., Pastor Ryan Lynch Sunday Worship Service - 9 am Sunday School - 10:15 am Woodhaven - 3:30 pm Ice Cream Social - 6 pm

Wednesday P.U.S.H., Fellowship Hall - 6:30 pm Thursday Quivera 4th Day Group, Alden - 7 pm --IMMANUEL UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST N. Fritz and Seventh Minister Katrina Palan Sunday Sunday School - 9 am Worship Service - 10 am Fellowship following Wednesday Praise Team Rehearsal - 7 pm --ST. JOHN LUTHERAN CHURCH Fifth and Wilhelm Rev. Jeffrey Frakes, Pastor Kate Luckemeyer, D.C.E. Friday-Saturday Kansas District Convention Sunday Worship - 8 & 10:45 am Wellness Fair - 9 am Sunday School and Bible Classes - 9:15 am The Word - 9:45 am

Check It Out! New Non-Fiction Books at the Ellinwood Library Saga of the Sioux by Dwight Jon Zimmerman. This lavishly illustrated retelling of the classic work Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown is targeted for a younger audience, but still a powerful read for all ages. Original text, combined with new maps and stunning photographs, create a dramatic edition that reveals the other side of the frontier saga--how the West was lost. Flesh and Blood So Cheap: The Triangle Fire and Its Legacy by Albert Marrin. On March 25, 1911, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in New York City burst into flames. Because the doors were locked, one hundred forty-six people perished, making it one of the most lethal workplace fires in American history. This is also the ensuing story of the fearless immigrant women who then stood up to business, got America on their side, and finally changed working conditions for the entire nation. This book was a National Book Award Finalist. Tom Thumb: The Remarkable True Story of a Man in Miniature by George Sullivan. When Charles Stratton was born in 1838, he seemed perfect in every way. But then he stopped growing. Soon he garnered the interest of the showman P.T. Barnum, who persuaded Charles’s parents to exhibit their son as a curiosity. Charles was a natural performer, and became enormously popular and wealthy, as the character “General Tom Thumb.” This is his story.

Tuesday Bible Study - 6:30 am Thursday Bible Study - 9:30 am --ST. JOSEPH CATHOLIC CHURCH Third and Main Fr. Charles Mazouch, Pastor Friday Mass at Ellinwood - 8:15 am Saturday Reconciliation at Claflin - 4 pm Mass at Claflin - 5 pm Sunday Mass at Odin - 8 am SCAP at Claflin - 8 am Mass at Ellinwood - 10 am Monday No Mass Tuesday Mass at Claflin - 8:15 am Wednesday Mass at Ellinwood - 8:15 am Adoration - 9 am - 8 pm Thursday Mass at Woodhaven - 10 am --Changes to Church Notes are needed before Noon on Wednesdays

by Sharon Sturgis

Years of Dust: The Story of the Dust Bowl by Albert Marrin. The author documents the extraordinary and devastating tragedy of the American Dust Bowl, chronicling the walls of dust that invaded the Great Plains. The storms buried crops, blinded animals, and suffocated children, covering entire cities in prairie dirt. The book also discusses the government response to save America’s soil and the farm families struggling to survive. Skywalkers: Mohawk Ironworkers Build the City by David Weitzman. Hundreds of feet in the air, Mohawk ironwork-

ers walked the girders, riveting steel beams in place to construct the skyscrapers that we see every day. This fascinating book takes a look at some of the men who risked their lives to build our cities, exploring their long history in building and the cultural roots of heroism. How They Croaked: The Awful Ends of the Awfully Famous by Georgia Bragg. From King Tut’s ancient autopsy to Henry VIII’s explosive demise to Albert Einstein’s great brain escape, these pages contain the gory details of the awful ends of nineteen very famous people.

touches people through music and teaches students to use music as an avenue of worship with mass appeal”. For more information regarding their appearance please call the church office directly at (520) 564-2875 or the School of Music at (800) 782-3382 ext. 4949. Through all its varied ensembles, the School of Music seeks excellence in performance, which in turn honors God. Light provides a fresh and exciting approach to music in their ministry. Auditions will also be offered for CBU scholarship opportunities for high school juniors, seniors, and junior college students after their performance. Founded in 1950, California Baptist University is a fully accredited liberal arts university that is affiliated with the California Southern Baptist Conven-

Kansas statewide electronic health information exchange to debut July 1 Topeka - A statewide electronic health information exchange capability will “go live” on July 1, 2012. This new service offers simplified communications capabilities to health care providers who are involved in treating the same patient thereby promising to improve patient care. Many health care providers and hospitals have signed on to participate in two electronic health information exchange services that have been approved to operate in Kansas. The two exchanges are the Kansas Health Information

Friendship Meals Menu

Networks (KHIN) and the Lewis and Clark Information Exchange (LACIE). Health care providers who diagnose and treat a patient can quickly and securely access the exchanges to electronically obtain medical history from other providers who may have previously been involved in treating that same patient. This access will allow health care providers to ensure that prescriptions are compatible with medications the patient may have obtained from other health care providers. In addition, it will allow health care providers and

patients to avoid inconvenience and costs that arise from repeating tests that may have been performed previously. Ready and secure access to a patient’s medical history also could prove to be a critical factor in a life-threatening emergency. Health Information Exchange requires that patient records be kept on Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems in order to be exchanged. In addition to the larger urban areas, over 1,450 medical providers in small rural practices and 95 rural hospitals have committed to see HEALTH page 4

Community Events That Are

Worth Noting

103 N. Main ∙ 620-564-3649

Friendship Meals and Meals on Wheels June 11 - 15

Monday - Pork Cutlet, Baked Potato, Brussels Sprouts, WW Roll, and Blushed Pears Tuesday - Roast Beef w/ Gravy, Parsley Potatoes, Asparagus, WW Bread, and Apple Crisp Wednesday - Chicken and Rice Casserole, Peas, Winter Mix, WW Bread, and Pineapple Upside Down Cake Thursday - Beef Noodles & Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Muffin, and Citrus Fruit Cup Friday - Choice 1) Chicken Strips 2) Baked Fish, Potato Rounds/Tator Tots, 5-Way Vegetables, WW Roll, and Strawberries & Peaches

Summer Lunch Program June 11 - 15 Milk served with every meal Monday - Chili Crispitos, Corn, Cantaloupe, and Cookie Tuesday - Chicken Sandwich, Ranch Cuts, and Fruit Cocktail Wednesday - Hamburger Pizza, Dill Spears, and Banana Thursday - Cheese Quesadilla, Lettuce, Pears, and Juice Bars Friday - Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Sun Chips, Carrots, and Juice Choice

California Baptist University singing ensemble to perform California Baptist University’s singing Ensemble Light will be performing at 10:45 am on Sunday, June 10, 2012 at the First Baptist Church in Ellinwood located at 503 SE 110 Avenue #A. Light is comprised of eight very talented students from the Collinsworth School of Music, whose mission is to minister through their music. This is one of two small singing groups from California Baptist University that travels throughout the United States during the summer months to minister through their music at different summer camps and churches. To quote Dr. Ronald Ellis, president of California Baptist University, “Music is central to the mission of CBU. As a University committed to the Great Commission, we must reach people where they are, Dr. Bonner (and his performance groups)

Friday, June 8, 2012 3

tion. CBU is the only Southern Baptist College or University on the West Coast. Our 130-acre campus reflects the Southern California environment, with towering palm trees, mission-style buildings, and a spectacular view of the nearby San Bernardino Mountains. More that 4,700 students attend CBU, coming to Riverside from more than 37 states and 30 foreign countries. Located 60 miles east of Los Angeles, Riverside community of 240,000. Rich in its own culture and history, Riverside is also close remarkable cultural and recreational opportunities. California Baptist University has been recognized for the fifth straight year as a top-ranked university in the Western United States by U.S. News & World Report magazine. For more information about the university, you may access the CBU website at of the School of Music at



Ice Cream Social The Ellinwood United Methodist Church is having their 3rd Annual Old Fashion Ice Cream Social, Sunday, June 10, beginning at 6:00 p.m., in Fellowship Hall. The free will offering will go towards the purchase of new carpet for the front steps. Come and join the fun! Ellinwood City Council Agenda The Ellinwood City Council will meet on Tuesday, June 12, at 7:00 p.m., at the city office. The agenda items are recognition of Ellinwood High School FBLA team, service award, Kansas Power Pool presentation, chamber request, cereal malt beverage license application for After Harvest Festival, Evans, Bierly & Hutchison proposal regarding East Santa Fe and fireworks display. Library Summer Hours Summer hours for the Ellinwood Community Library are Monday through Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., and Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Summer library hours continue through the end of July. Lecture and Book Signing Barton County Historical Society will host a lecture and book signing of historian Debra Goodrich Bisel’s new book about the American Civil War on Friday, June 8, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., in the main museum. For more information contact the Barton County Historical Society. Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Group The Barton County Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Group will meet Monday, June 11 at the Great Bend Senior Center at 7:00 p.m. A 24-hour help line is offered through the Alzheimer’s Association 1-800-272-3900.

Obituaries Wanda Nadine Meyer

bara) Hejny; a stepson, John (Elaine) Meyer; four stepdaughters, Marlene (Gary) Coble, Joyce (Darrell) Reidel, Nancy (David) Tucker and Norma (Lawrence) Robl; a brother, Donald (Carol Ann) Keys; a sister, Carol Jean (Tom Tucker) Miller; six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Graveside service will be at 10:30 a.m. Friday, June 8, at Lakin-Comanche District Cemetery in Ellinwood with the Rev. Ryan Lynch officiating. No visitation is scheduled. Memorials are suggested to the Arthritis Foundation. Funeral arrangements provided by Kimple Funeral Home, Ellinwood.

Rodney D. Gisick

from 1997 until 2007, when he retired. He served as dean of the Springfield, Mass. Chapter of the American Guild of Organists and was active with the National Association of Teachers of Singing. He was an avid gardener, landscape designer and writer. Survivors include a son, Michael Gisick, Canberra, Australia; a daughter Kathryn Ricker, Holden, Mass.; a sister, Donita Goosen, Ellinwood; two grandchildren, Jacob Ricker and Hannah Ricker; and two nephews. A memorial service is scheduled at 2 p.m. Saturday, June 9 at the Bison Methodist Church in Bison. Inurnment will follow at Lone Star Cemetery in Bison. Funeral arrangements provided by Kimple Funeral Home, Ellinwood.

1932 - 2012 YUMA, Ariz. — Wanda Nadine Meyer, 80, died March 16, 2012 at Yuma, Ariz. Born Jan. 24, 1932, at Great Bend, the daughter of Edward and Sarah Etta Keys. A homemaker, she was a longtime resident of Great Bend and Yuma, Ariz. Mrs. Meyer was active in her church, was an avid doll collector, and loved to travel. She married Arthur Hejny and later married Fred Meyer, who died in 2011. Survivors include four sons, Stephen (Edna) Hejny, Warren (Libby) Hejny, Curtis (Sharon) Hejny and Neil (Bar-

1944 - 2012 BISON — Rodney D. Gisick, 67, died unexpectedly on Dec. 25, 2011. Born April 28, 1944 in Bison, he was the son of Clarence and Naomi (Reichel) Gisick. In 1962, he graduated from Bison High School. He studied music at Bethany College in Lindsborg and the New England Conservatory of music in Boston, Mass., where he earned a master’s degree in Voice Performance in 1968. He was an active vocal performer and voice teacher for many years in New England, New York City and elsewhere, teaching at the University of Massachusetts and Amherst College. He was an organist and choir director at First Congregational Church in Amherst, Mass.


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Chamber Office hours are Tues. & Thurs. 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

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Oaks Apartment Complex Friday, June 8 ∙ 10 AM Attend the Coffee and Tour the Facility

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4 Friday, June 8, 2012

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FRIDAY, JUNE 27, 2008

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The Ellinwood Leader

Telling It Like It Was

by George O. Martin, Jr. (Things men can do in the Kitchen) (Things men can do in the kitchen) Š 6-4-2012 by George O. Martin, Jr. Š 6-23-2008

The Ellinwood Express towns during the past few Wagner’s store from 130 Years Ago weeks has been engaged David Hammeke last has invited people we haven’t be given a tour of the garden and Chili Dogs June 8, 1882 by the business men of El- Friday. The Glenns plan I like to cook, there is no doubt talked to in months; and dozens statuary. They will be shown Ellinwood will have the linwood to come here next to move the newspaper Mine is doing just be’It’s part were not for the ofthriving many people who squash, andwill orange to if beita garden party! bout that; but some people getfine.ofI them. biggest 4th of July this Wednesday, the 12th, and office and shop, now have been eating spinach, bacon. She can forgo most pick one off the vine and he impression that I am THE I haven’t asked the why of the lilies, peppers and hollyhocks. year that she ever had. give a free balloon ascenlocated in the Thill buildpulling onions every time meats but when bacon is eat it raw. I have tried that ook of the house. I want to large list. I assume it is a “misery They will then be shown how to Mr. Robert Smart, living sion and parachute jump ing on East First Street to I need one, and have been cooking in the skillet she and found the taste to be orrect that notion up front, loves companyâ€? thing. “Let’s all build a chili dog. Opening a plain south of the river (in the and the folks of the county the Main Street location eating peas right off the is the first one to try and pleasant, but not comwhite hot dog bun (store brand) nd right now. The lady of this get indigestion together.â€? sand hill district) exhibited are especially invited to some time around the first vinecook; and raw, steal aofslice. course manding; rarelytodo they will useso theItongs retrieve thisOfseemingly house is THE I ampopped just A out In spite a sample of his wheat last come to town on that date of July. The Leader has of the shell. I have even while she is waiting for that anymore. ook. Understand I do not take crass food, the lady is really a cheap wiener (no split ends) week, which measured and enjoy the treat. been printed at its present freshly dugThat’s potatoesfussy bacon any-are and The lady of the the bun. houseHorseplace it on about she the will wayeat they umbrage had to that fact. five feet three inches, and J.C. McCracken this address all the 31 years frieditinis,olive with to be thing the garden offers; lovesmustard to makemay cucumber radish be applied. prepared and presented. ust the way andoil, always the heads will average week purchased the interthe Glenns have owned black pepper, salt, and and green beans are on the sandwiches. I have to Rot example, the wieners have Over this a generous ladle or two has been. four inches in length. He est of his partner, C. E. it, and probably for 20 oregano and a bit of marjotop of her list. admit they are a treat, Not only is she THE cook, to be the least expensive avail- of chili will be poured. Cheese has fifty acres of it. Coleman, in the saw mill years before they came to ram. They were awesome. Her favorite way of especially when the but she is also right up there able. The fine kosher kind, or the is spread liberally on top of that, There is some little talk and box factory business, Ellinwood in 1931. The But the spinach is startcooking green beans is cucumbers are peeled and n the gourmet classification. all beef, or all soy, or all name and finally the chopped onions. indulged in on the street and will henceforth conpresent location is a good ing to bolt, that is go to to simply sautĂŠ them in sliced tin, then placed on She is a wonderful cook who brand product, are not suitable. The creation is as it should be. about having a grand Bar- duct the business himself. one but the space in limseed, and I suppose I will olive oil and serve with fresh whole wheat bread an combine flavors with a deft Only the most inexpensive, least No parsley sprig, please. becue in Ellinwood on the ited. The new location will tomake wait until cool nutritious salt, ahot slice of raw white that only has been with The thing spread left for the guest dogs meet her ouch thathave would any chef 4th. By all means let us The Ellinwood Leader offer almost double the weatherThis in September onion and a few slivered tomayonnaise. A little saltchips, do is serve some cheap breathe uneasily. house and specifications. have it. Agitate the matter, 75 Years Ago floor space and eventually, to plant some more. It almonds. I have to agree is all the extra you need Cooking them is precise also. a few onion rings and find a seat amily is indeed fortunate. boys. June 10, 1937 it is hoped will be used for doesn’t do well in the they are delicious that and you will be surprised However, there is a point at They must be cooked in water at one of the tables set up for the Some of the farmers will Dr. Charles L. White, some improved equiphot weather. The peas are way, and the preparation how tasty they are. I really which she departs the five star simmering just below the boiling event. Of course on each table commence harvesting next of Wichita, has rented ment. about finished, also. They is very simple. advise you try them. estaurant categorization and point. It seems if they are boiled there will be green containers week. the space now occupied are such a cold weather There are a few other The next suggestion is descends to the serious junk the ends of the wiener will split, of flavored Tums for those who by Dr. Leiker’s offices, The Ellinwood Leader plant themand that ways to cook and serve Cucumber and I am Dr. A.H. Harris moved that sortWater; of thing. is unacceptable to her. need ood level.crop Shethat doesyou it without into his new residence and plans to move to El25 Years Ago in February. They have She will green beans. Thetomost not kidding at all. Beverage willyou surely be Cuoffered have nothing d with pology, also. She loves Chili yesterday. linwood as soon as Dr. June 11, 1987 good chili whiledogs, they a splitoften used is to wash and suitable cumbertowater is the mostof the the preference ended wiener. Dogs. Notbeen gourmet Leiker moves to his new The only item that lasted. The potatoes are remove the tips and then refreshing summer drink The chili part must meet the guest. There will be iced tea, f there is such a thing, but, The Ellinwood Leader location in Great Bend. smoked out dissension still growing, but I am cut the beans into one you will ever have. It is he cheap and greasy, anti-acid same criteria as the wieners; it water, lemon aid, and, as you 125 Years Ago The Anderson dancing among City Council have to stop robbing out and one-half inch pieces. better than lemonade, betdemanding, heartburn creating must be canned, contain kidney would expect, cheap beer. But June 9, 1887 classes of Ellinwood and members Tuesday night of the beds so they will These are then cooked in ter than iced tea and even nd overly spiced kind that beans and be easy on the pocket. even there standards are upheld. The public debt stateLyons will present their was their forced compligrow larger and give me a boiling salted water for 4 better and more satisfying would be anathema to any The shelves in the grocery have That is to say, cheap wine is out ment shows a reducannual spring program ance with recently passed supply for the fall. or 5 minutes; just until they than soda pop. Yep! gastroenterologist. If that isn’t a great variety of brand names of the question. tion during May of at the Lyon’s City Hall House Bill 2412, “Smokthe an nextulcer cropstoduewhichare crisp tender. they Is Itthis is very easyoftothe make. the end gourmet mean nothing toAfter her. Only nough to But cause $8,889,997. The net debt Friday, June 11, 8 o’clock. ing in Public Areas.â€? After produce are ablossoming are drained simply addinto 2 or cooking Simplyatpeel and blend our house? Certainly and price come perforate,to she will serve large the contents is $1,320,233,154 and Eighty children will considerable discussion and soon I should have 3 pats of butter and stir to a cucumber and pour it ide order of onion rings to her consideration. It is as though not! In fact, after a day wherein the surplus in the treatake part showing lovely about the difficulty of fresh green beans, cucumcoat. Add a bit of salt and through a sieve, a strainer. go along with the chili. It is a this persnickety woman is seek- the alimentary tract can rest sury, according to Jorcostumes and a variety of creating designated smokbers, and yellow squash, pepper and serve hot. That But set it in the refrigeraing some kind of affinity with the and recuperate shrimp tacos puzzlement! don double-back-action ballet and tap dances. ing areas, council member and I will celebrate when is about as straight forward tor and let it drain through Fortunately a meal of this lowest socio-economic class of might be offered. Or a crispy system of bookkeeping is Norman Heim left Mon- Ron McCrary moved that that happens. These three as you can get. overnight. In the morning nature is only served here once people; but she is adamant in her pastry, a delicate custard flan, $23,951,692. day for what he plans to both the Council Chamfavorites and the definition Butofifa fine complicated the liquid and mixcheese it raspberry-chocolate chili dog,and and a take or twice a are year. Un-fortunately, The coinage of the mints make an impromptu and bers and the Community eats them will have evenitmore delicious into stuffed a pitcher of water, cake, pork chops,and fresh no other way. is his is one whole of thosefamily weeks. In the during May amounted carefree tour of Alaska. Room be posted as nonand loves them. whatare youfew wantparticular try this: add abeans very small amount green sautĂŠed in oil and There past few weeks she has created a to $4,802,575, of which From here Norman went smoking areas. Council The oldest girl is a cook the green beans as of sugar if you wish; but wonderful Chicken Scampi with points that might belie that. She sesame seeds. The gourmet will $2,900,000 were in stanto Seattle when he plans President Irlan Fullbright ‘would be’ vegetarian. above, drain, pat dry and you may not even need pasta, but she invited no guests, does want mustard with some return to her kitchen with fresh dard silver dollars. to catch a board for Fairseconded the motion We could drop the ‘would set aside. In a skillet melt that. Serve in glasses over ust family. Recently we had horse radish flavor. She does ideas, interesting recipes and a The gold holdings in the banks or Skagway. Once and all council members 4 tablespoon butter and ice and you will see what oast of beef that was done to a want grated yellow cheese and new determination to set the best United States treasury have in the north his plans are except Geraldine Menges add to it 3 tablespoons of I mean. It is truly refreshurn, served with fresh garden finely chopped white onions to food on the best table, using the increased $6,000,000 in indefinite. If a good opapproved. finely chopped ginger; ing; especially with a vegetables as sides.Bridal Again it was sprinkle on top of the chili. She best china and silver. the past month, while there portunity presents itself he Plans are well under way stir and thegrade aromaof sandwich. Icucumber suppose the chili dog feast is onwhen a better ust ordinary family fair, in spite also insists has been little change in may make his stay a long for the 1987 Ellinwood pleasant add theshe green The last vegetable is tru-the Registry a way of juxtaposing plate. “After allâ€? will only of the red wine sauce, and just paper is the silver circulation. one. In any case he plans After Harvest Festival and beans and 1/2 cup of ly my favorite. It is yellow or the family. ThisLisa week, Illewith say, “we are having company.â€? greater cuisine, with the lesser. to see the country, and if Kansas State Wristwreschicken stock. Continue summer squash. I watch Muiller Our guest will arrive. They will But then, I love chili dogs, too Chili Dogs on Joseph the menu, she The Ellinwood Leader possible find employment. tling Championships, July th to cook until the stock has the plants grow daily and June 30 100 Years Ago Arthur Olson, new 14-19. all but evaporated, about wait patiently for the first Katie Hook June 6, 1912 teacher and coach in the Barton County Demo4 to 6 minutes. Add 1-cup squash to be large enough Tyson Revell There will be a meetEllinwood schools was crats are planning what chopped cashews and to pick. When I find it I July 28th ing of the German here Monday looking over they hope to be a “First cook one more minute; run to the house and sautĂŠ Jennifer Ganoug American Alliance held the ground and searching Annual Picnicâ€? in the andtwo pepper to taste it in a smallitamount Kirkpatrick seemssalt dispense throughof holes in these farmers, Glen and “FarmingAndy on Film,â€? th in the Maennerchor Hall for living quarters. Ellinwood City park and serve. Good stuff. butter and consume it all August 4 Things are usually pretty up- and Leo Kellett, not only were the bottoms, and they actually Wednesday, June 12 at 2 Saturday from 2 p.m. to 6 Of course you probably before anyone sees me. o-date on the Megan plains, Carney and so progressive practitioners of po- worked. o’clock p.m. Everyone The Ellinwood Leader p.m. They are planning a know a dozen or more But with luck and a few Kevin Ille Most of all, what the moving tato, bean, and sugarbeet culture motion pictures arrived in these th cordially invited to attend 50 Years Ago pig and beef feed. ConSept. 8 recipes that are wonderful more days I find quantiarts right on time early in the but also filmed their operations images convey is the deep comthis meeting. June 7, 1962 gressman Dan Glickman for using green beans. The ties of squash and cook it with a hand-wound 8mm movie plexity of farming in the middle ast century. Charles Ogden, who Mr. and Mrs. H. Marand the state Democratic good thing about them for the family. Slice 3 or Not just as a matter of enter- camera. The museum compiled of the twentieth century. RotaDENBY has been making such tin Glenn purchased the chairman are planning to is they befootage combined 4 into quarter inch slices technologies, adaptationsfromcan their and tions, ainment; I mean, people here its DVD successful ascensions in building at 102 N. Main attend. Tom Docking was anything and on ev-oral -itand to a tablespoon wasadd hands-on work, but it also narration drawing ommenced making their own addedwith many of the neighboring Street directly north of also a possibility. erything and still taste of oil in a frying pan. was intellectual work of a high movies for their own amusement history. at delicious. Use the recipes Also add a slice or two of The Halletts were handy guys order. The agricultural past was nd out of a sense of history. Barton Community College rolls out four-day with beans out of your onion, a bitlife. of bell pepper a simple and inventive as to not Druggists and doctors tended with tools own garden and share and maybe a fresh tomato by Tom Isern learning week option for select programs o be pioneers of home movie- technology. They had irrigathemtowith friends. cut into chunks. All of tion rights North Platte River making. From the FREEbeginning Gift Wrap Most people would agree or online format. would be putting money in Now there the mat-to this will cook nicely into they is deployed he druggists were conduits for water, which & In-Town Delivery that three-day weekends Dean of Workforce the bank.â€? the Ellinwood what toofdo withThe the vegetable compote that is richofrotation crops. film processing,620-564-2300 which led them raise ater are glorious. Barton Training and Community Simmons also pointed oncoming cucumbers; very flavorful. Especially ÂŽ o promote camera purchasing. ONEIDA Flatware DVD in particular captures the students can make a choice Education Elaine Simout additional benefits to and I have to admit I am served with a cucumber Stemware Their physician& Crystal friends had day-to-day operations of raising to treat themselves to one mons said the four-day faculty that ultimately will not a great lover of these sandwich and a glass of 620-564-3116 isposable income and took to beets, beans, and seed spuds, every week as Barton rolls schedule benefits students benefit the students. fruitsthe ofHalletts’ the vine.handling I know cucumber water.FaxEnjoy! 620-564-2550 inkering with movie cameras. along with out its “four-day learning by offering a convenient “It gives faculty a day The Ellinwood Leader Most of the films of the 1920s of irrigation. It is a fascinating weekâ€? for select career schedule option that frees in their offices to grade, published by nd 1930s were 16mm, often compilation. Star Communications Corporation dba technical education courses up a day during the week, work on curriculum plan“Hi Neighbor!â€? Newspapers. The sugarbeet footage is of n highly unstable nitrate film beginning fall 2012. lowers cost for commutning and allows them to (USPS173860) tock. The 8mm format came high historical interest. It depicts The following programs ing students and provides spend time interacting John M. Settle, Publisher long in the late 1930s and the manuring and plowing of David A. Settle, will be offered Monstudents with jobs an with advisory boards, Director of Newspaper Operations 940s. Untold quantities of fields with Fordson tractors on day through Thursday: additional day to work school districts and inDennis Martin, uch heritage home movies exist steel; leveling and packing with Advertising Director Networking (certificate & compared to the tradition- dustry personnel that are cross the region, still in family horses and mules; planting and Shirley Strassburg, Accounting degree), Business Adal five-day school week. all vital partnerships that Staff: Jacque Isern, Office Manager ands. They are priceless, and cultivating with a John Deere ministrative Technology, “Just driving one day less ensure that our programs Kay Kelly B; the stoop work of thinning; eserving of preservation. Shelly Broce Medical Administrative to campus will create sigare current and meeting Which brings me around to the and hand topping and piling of Elise Garetto Technology, Business nificant savings, and that is the needs of the students Do you feel that you are missing memory-making moments because you Richard Schwartzkopf Farm & Ranch Museum, of Ger- the beets. The most spectacular Transfer, Business Manmoney not coming out of and industries involved.â€? Amy Schmitt are embarrassed by your smile? We helped Nyla – we can help you! ng, Nebraska. It’s in the shadow footage is that of trucks and Janet Stegman agement and Leadership the bank,â€? she said. “We For more informaf Scott’s Bluff, if it’s late in wagons ascending a high, spinThe Ellinwood Express (1878-1888) and Technical Accounting. also have many students tion or to enroll, contact Founded as The Ellinwood Advocate (1888-1896) he day, and well worth a visit dly ramp to dump beets directly General education courseof all ages that supplement Founded as the Ellinwood Leader 1894 or its remarkable collection of into boxcars. Periodicals Postage paid at Ellinwood, “Before coming to Central Kansas Dentistry, work included in these their learning with jobs and or (866)813-2460. The potato and been footage is mplements and contraptions programs is also available this would give them an I wouldn’t smile for anythingKS –67526-0487 my teeth (USPS 173860) haracteristic of the Nebraska great, too, but I have to admit, in a four-day face-to-face additional workday, which Published weekly every Friday from were so discolored Now I can by the ir- and crooked. Panhandle. We stopped by I’m most intrigued 105 N. Main St., smile again; smile is beautiful white. continued from page 3 Ellinwood, and KS 67526-0487. Thesemy guys n route home from a family rigation operations. implement EHR systems. Yesterday anyoneRates: knew ditches someone blocked asked ifSubscription athering in Wyoming and were irrigated from In Barton, Rice & Stafford Counties: Thus Kansas providers are and canvas dams. reeted by our old friend at the by lath boxes a good dentist and I said, “Oh$7.99; I know 3 months, 6 months,the $15.98; now positioned to take ad1 year, $23.97 One of themBEST sleptone! in theYou fieldneed at to go to Central museum, Jack Preston. Kansas (tax included) vantage of the exchange. be ready to move Jack, bless his heart, not only night so as to Dentistry!â€? - N Y L A in the remainder of Kansas: 3 months, $9.41; For more information on ave us the cook’s tour but also water promptly. 6 months, $18.81; 1 year, $26.64 June 8th June 12th (tax included) these initiatives visit the The Halletts constructed these ressed us to buy the museum’s Phillip Feist Tom & Maytha Out of Kansas: 3 months, $9.41; Web site at DVD entitled “Farming in West- amazingly jerrybuilt troughs to Charlene Achatz Starns 6 months, $18.81; 1 year, $26.64 The Kansas Health Inrn Nebraska, 1938-1945.â€? It drop water down steep grades Greg Boldt June 13th Foreign: 1 year, $25.00 Rediscover the smile that makes every day Student: better.9 months, $20.00 formation Exchange, Inc. June 9th Jennifer Klepper National Advertising Representative: Call 785.546.4010 or visit (KHIE) is a non-profit Nathan Kimple Hank & Debbie Kansas Press Service, Inc. Topeka, KS. charitable organization Jordy Lee Komarek Member National Newspaper Association Send address changes to COMFORT AND WARMTH TO p.m. SOOTHE EVEN POSTMASTER: FEARFUL PATIENTS Brian Hanna June 14th created by the State of On June 13th, 2008, between 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 a homeTHE ELLINWOOD LEADER, June 10th Aaron Pike We offer dentistry comfortable! Kansas in 2010. KHIE made trailer was stolen fromsedation 205 Maple Streettoinkeep Greatevery Bend.procedure P.O. Box 487, Ellinwood, KS 67526-0487. Jim Borror Lane Patmon was created for the purThe trailer is a dump bed measuring 12’ long and 8’ wide, and it Richard Worman Kristen Grubb pose of assuring the availis silver in color. A hand crank winch is mounted on the trailer. Florence Isern Rick & Jill ability of statewide health Loss is several hundred dollars. June 11th Snell 20 05 information exchange If you have information about this crime or any crime please Little Bobbie Dennis & Kristen and promulgating and call Crime Stoppers at 792-1300 or 1-888-305-1300. Remember, Tom Starns Smith ensuring compliance with we don’t want your name, just your information. Kansas Press Association policies and standards that Sheriff Buck Causey Award-Winning Newspaper govern statewide health Dr. Kurt Williams Brought to you by Farmers Mutual Insurance information exchange. These listings were taken from the Ellinwood For more information              t  8 8 8 $ , 4 . * - & 4  $ 0 .  $ 0 4 . & 5 * $ Lions Club Calendar. If you would like to have a birthday or anniversary listed, call Ellinwood contact Bill Wallace at     /   % 0 6 ( - " 4  "7 &   t  & - - 4 80 3 5 )  , 4 Leader by Wednesday, 10:00 AM at 564-3116 (785) 783-8984.

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Friday June 8, 2012


All-MCAA softballers

Zak Pflughoeft slides safely into home past Great Bend’s Brett Basye Tuesday in Great Bend. The Eagles dropped two games to the GB VFW. (photo by Mike Courson)

Ellinwood falls short at Great Bend

By Mike Courson Somebody had to win. Tuesday’s Babe Ruth match-up between Ellinwood and Great Bend VFW featured two teams looking for their first win. Great Bend beat the Eagles to the punch, taking game one 9-5 in a time-limited five inning game. Great Bend took game two 7-3. Ellinwood struggled to figure out Great Bend pitcher Brett Basye, coming up with just one hit in the first two innings of game one. Jacob Milton got the start for Ellinwood, allowing seven hits and six earned runs in his four innings of work. He did strike out four VFW batters. Trailing 2-0 after one inning, Ellinwood got on the board in the second frame. Zak Pflughoeft walked and moved around the bases with help from a Kylin Phelps single. Pflughoeft scored on a wild pitch, and Phelps tied the score on a Basye balk.

Ellinwood seniors Chelsea Churchill (left) and Darri Beckwith were named to the All-MCAA softball team. Beckwith played third base and Churchill led the Lady Eagles in the circle. (courtesy photo)

Wild pitches hurt Milton in the second inning. He struck out the first batter of the inning, who reached on a dropped thirdstrike. The VFW also scored another run on a wild pitch to take a 6-2 lead. With two outs in the third inning, Milton and Tyson Martinez singled. Both later scored on errors. Milton struck out the first two batters in the bottom of the third, but Great Bend still managed a run for a 7-4 lead. After a scoreless fourth inning, Basye again recorded two quick outs in the fifth inning. Marc Waite was spared on a foul pop-up error, making Great Bend pay with an infield single. Milton added another single, and Waite came around to score the final run. Milton was the only Eagle with two hits, also adding a walk. Aaron Vainer led all batters with three hits, including a triple, for the VFW.

Ellinwood seniors Kale Clawson (left) and Darri Beckwith (right) were named EHS Athletes of the Year. Senior Chelsea Churchill (inset) received the Ronnie Brown Inspiration Award. (photos by Mike Courson)

Awards handed out at EHS banquet Three Ellinwood High seniors received special recognition at the 62nd Annual Spring Sports Banquet. Kale Clawson and Darri Beckwith were awarded Athlete of the Year, and Chelsea Churchill was given the Ronnie Brown Inspiration Award. Clawson had a successful senior campaign, finishing fourth on the state champion cross country team last fall. He also played basketball, and competed at state tennis with doubles partner Kyle Blakeslee. “Kale was an incredibly hard worker with a great attitude,” said Athletic Director Kip Wilson. “He is well-deserving of this award and his role in the successes of his teams goes far beyond measurable statistics or wins and losses.” Beckwith also won a state title with the tennis team in the fall, later earning AllMCAA honors in basketball and softball her senior year. “Darri’s accolades are a testament to her outstanding athletic career,” said Wilson. “Becoming a state champion and two-sport All-League selection in her senior year is a very special accomplishment that few athletes are able to achieve.”

Eagles just miss win in opener By Mike Courson The Eagles Babe Ruth team was just a few minutes from winning its first game of the year last Thursday against Hoisington. Literally. With a twohour time limit imposed on game one, Ellinwood held an 8-3 lead with just a handful of ticks left. The teams went ahead and played the final inning. Hoisington plated six runs in the seventh to steal the 9-8 win. They completed the sweep in game two, needing three innings to win 13-1. “Our first time out, we were pleased with our performance,” said Coach Mel Waite. “The team is, as a group, pretty young. We have a lot of learning to do. We’re working on increasing our pitching rotation right now so we can go deeper. We have a great group of young men working, and I expect them to improve as the season goes on.” The Eagles fell behind 1-0 after one inning in game one, but bounced back in the second frame. Jacob Milton was the first of four players to walk in the inning, eventually coming around to score on a Nathan Monday walk. Ellinwood again took advantage of the strike zone in the third inning. Tate Fisher walked to lead things off. Two outs later, he was still on second base when Tyson Martinez reached on an error. Zak Pflughoeft, Kylin Phelps, and Monday each walked to score Fisher and Martinez. Marc Waite pitched the complete game for Ellinwood, and helped himself out with an RBI-double in the fourth inning. That run gave the Eagles a 4-3 lead, and Waite would come around to score with singles from Martinez and Pflughoeft. Clark Besthorn singled and scored in the fifth inning, and Fisher walked and scored for the third time to give the Eagles a 7-3 lead. Pflughoeft walked to lead off the sixth inning, stealing second, then coming around to score on a Phelps

Golf scramble to benefit wounded soldiers

Marc Waite was an inning way from picking up the first win of the year in the Babe Ruth season-opener last Thursday, but Hoisington scored six runs in the seventh inning for the 9-8 win. (photo by Mike Courson)

double for the final run. After giving up three runs in the first three innings on the mound, Waite settled in to retire nine of the next 11 batters. He had thrown just 54 pitches heading into the final inning before Hoisington used five hits to score the six runs. In their final at-bat, the Eagles went down in order. Waite led the way at the plate with two doubles. Besthorn added two singles. Phelps doubled and walked twice, Monday walked twice, and Fisher walked three times, leading the team with three runs.

By Todd Moore BCC Sports Information Barton Community College ’s fourthannual Wounded Warrior Golf Scramble, which benefits wounded soldiers from Fort Riley, is set for Saturday, June 30. The Wounded Warrior Scramble is an opportunity to not only support our soldiers, but thank them for dedicated service and sacrifice to our country. Shotgun start is set for 9 a.m. at the Custer Hill Golf Course at Fort Riley. Standard fourman golf scramble rules apply. Individual golfers not on a team will be assisted in joining teams still being formed. Members of Barton’s men’s and women’s golf teams will be available to join any team that needs extra players. Entry fee is $60 per person, which includes the day of golfing, cart, meal and participa-

Hoisington 13, Ellinwood 1 The Eagles fell behind early in the nightcap. Hoisington sent eight batters to the plate in the first inning, plating five of those runners. Ellinwood fell behind 10-0 in the next Hoisington at-bat, and trailed 13-0 before scoring the lone run in the bottom of the third. Eric Donovan led things off with a walk in that inning, moving to third on walks to Fisher and Waite. Jacob Milton delivered an RBI-single to score Donovan. Martinez got the start for the Eagles, and Milton also pitched in the loss.

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tion gifts. The tournament is limited to the first 36 teams to sign up. Individual and corporate sponsorships are available. The tournament welcomes contributors on several levels. For more information, visit or contact Barton Sports Information Director Todd Moore at (620) 792-9310 or mooret@ Barton Community College’s Fort Riley Learning Services and Military Operations, established in 1984, continues to offer learning opportunities and support to Fort Riley soldiers and their families for earning associate of arts/ science or associate of applied science degrees. More regarding the Wounded Warrior Golf Scramble can be found online at




Churchill was a two-sport athlete, participating in volleyball and earning All-MCAA softball honors. “Chelsea exemplified what coaches look for in an athlete,” Wilson said. “She always did what was asked of her, kept a positive outlook, and played through injuries during her career.  She truly sets the standard for the expectations of Eagle Athletics.” 

PLUS SPECIAL FINANCING PLUS OR 5% SPECIAL FINANCING INSTANT SAVINGS OR on all5% total lawn & garden purchases INSTANT SAVINGS over $299 when ♦♦♦


on all total lawn you use a qualifying & garden purchases Sears card over $299 Extra when 5% instant savings excludes Outlet Offer good thru 6/14/12. you use a Stores. qualifying Sears card ♦♦♦

♦♦♦ Extra 5% instant savings excludes Outlet Stores. Offer good thru 6/14/12.

VISIT US ONLINE AT: VISIT US ONLINE AT: Great Bend Hometown Store 2515 10th • Great Bend, KS Paid for by Robert A. Anderson, Sr. Candidate; Donald E. Anderson II, Treasurer 620-793-7801

*10% savings off regular, sale and clearance prices apply to merchandise only. May not be used to reduce a layaway or credit balance. Not valid on consumer electronics, Special Purchases, everyday great price items, Price Drop items, Introductory Offers, Sealy® EBUYS, Brogan Select, Glen Abbey, Maddox, Stearns & Foster, Serta® EBUYS, Cary, Meriden, iComfort, iSeries, Simmons Beautyrest Elite, True Energy, and Black mattresses, fitness accessories and Life Fitness products, Electrolux, Electrolux Icon, Jenn-Air®, Dacor, Fisher & Paykel, Weber®, Agio patio furniture, J.A. Henckels®, fans, water heaters, air cleaners, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air conditioners, countertop microwaves, sewing machines, steam mops, vac bags, belts, filters, carpet cleaning chemicals, closeouts & accessories, Sears licensed businesses, Sears licensed partners & websites, Digital Services, "Sears *10% savings off regular, sale and clearance prices apply to merchandise notorders be used to reduce a layaway or credit balance. valid on electronics, Special Presents" websites, catalog orders, Giftonly. Cards,May money and wire transfers. Family & Friends offer cannot beNot combined withconsumer consumer electronics, video game hardware, ® ® Purchases, everyday great price items, Price DropSony, items, Offers, EBUYS, Brogan Select, Glen Abbey,orders Maddox, Stearns & coupons Foster, or Serta EBUYS, Cary, ® Samsung, BoseIntroductory , Onkyo, prepaid callingSealy cards and TVs under 46". Not valid on commercial or with any other previous purchases. In Meriden, the event of a return, ® iComfort, iSeries, Simmons Beautyrest Elite, Truemay Energy, and Black tness accessories Life Fitness products, Electrolux, Electrolux Icon, Jenn-Air , Dacor, Fisher savings be deducted from mattresses, refund. Tax andfishipping not included. and Not applicable to prior purchases or commercial orders. May not be used with any other coupon. Void ® & Paykel, Weber®, Agio patio furniture, J.A. Henckelsor ,prohibited fans, water heaters, airuse cleaners, humidifi ers, valid dehumidifi conditioners, countertop microwaves, if transferred by law. Any other constitutes fraud. Offer in U.S.A.ers, only.air In the event of a return, savings will be deducted sewing from yourmachines, refund. ©2012 Sears steam mops, vac bags, belts, filters, carpet cleaning chemicals, closeouts & accessories, licensed Sears licensed partners & websites, Services, "Sears 6/11/12. Brands LLC. Available only at Sears Hometown. SYWR OfferSears valid for membersbusinesses, Sunday 6/10/12 all day and Family and Friends offer valid Digital for all stores all day Monday Presents" websites, catalog orders, Gift Cards, money orders and wire transfers. Family & Friends offer cannot be combined with consumer electronics, video game hardware, Samsung, Sony, Bose®, Onkyo, prepaid calling cards and TVs under 46". Not valid on commercial orders or with any other coupons or previous purchases. In the event of a return, savings may be deducted from refund. Tax and shipping not included. Not applicable to prior purchases or commercial orders. May not be used with any other coupon. Void if transferred or prohibited by law. Any other use constitutes fraud. Offer valid in U.S.A. only. In the event of a return, savings will be deducted from your refund. ©2012 Sears Brands LLC. Available only at Sears Hometown. SYWR Offer valid for members Sunday 6/10/12 all day and Family and Friends offer valid for all stores all day Monday 6/11/12.

6 Friday, June 8, 2012

The Ellinwood Leader

Want a New Career?

Franchise Opportunity The Midwest’s premier pizzeria and Italian restaurant with 22 locations across Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota and Montana is looking for entrepreneurial individuals to develop a Sam & Louie’s in your community.

Fort Scott Community College Truck Driving School LOW COST CLASS A CDL TRAINING. Accredited 6-week program. Meals & lodging available. 2 locations. Fort Scott, 800-874-3722 Kansas City, 913-371-4668 Call to start your new career!

Classes Start Monthly


Walnut AMVETS Wants You!!

30th Annual Walnut Antique Show

June 15-17, 2012

Walnut AMVETS’s Post #45 • PO Box 746, Walnut, Iowa, 51577

Free Parking 712-784-3710 Free Admission

If this sounds like something you are interested in, Contact Michael for more information (402) 614-8327 or or visit our web site


Located about 50 miles east of Omaha, NE, and 90 miles west of Des Moines, IA, at exit 46 of Interstate 80.

Franchise Opportunity M AY 2 6 - S E P T E M B E R 3 , 2 0 1 2

The Midwest’s premier pizzeria and Italian restaurant with 22 locations across Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota and Montana is looking for entrepreneurial individuals to develop a Sam & Louie’s in your community. SAVE $5,000 OFF YOUR FRANCHISE FEE BY SIGNING YOUR FRANCHISE AGREEMENT BY AUGUST 1, 2012

If this sounds like something you are interested in, Contact Michael for more information (402) 614-8327 or or visit our web site Fantasy and reality join forces in this exhibition that showcases the real world technologies behind all six Star Wars films. Plus see more than 80 Star Wars costumes, models and props.

BUY TICKETS NOW AT ©2012 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved. Used Under Authorization.

300 N. McLean Blvd., Wichita, KS 316.660.0600 •

Classifieds Real Estate


Help Wanted


“Can You Dig It?” We will train, certify & provide lifetime assistance landing work. Hiring in Kansas. Start digging as a heavy equipment operator. 866-362-6497 __________________________ Crestwood Design Center, a full service Kitchen & Bath Design Firm is looking for an energetic Designer with kitchen and bath cabinet and countertop design experience to expand our Team. Additional information and to apply: __________________________ Drivers: NO EXPERIENCE? Class A CDL Driver Training. We train and Employ! Ask about our NEW PAY SCALE! Experienced Drivers also Needed! Central Refrigerated (877) 369-7885 www. __________________________ “You got the drive, We have the Direction” OTR Drivers APU Equipped Pre-Pass EZ-pass Pets/passenger policy. Newer equipment. 100% NO touch. 1-800-528-7825 __________________________

REAL ESTATE, INC. 1101 Williams Street




GREAT COUNTRY PROPERTY south of Ellinwood. Bus comes to front door. Large kitchen with eating bar, new flooring throughout. House has been updated & recently redecorated, 48x36 metal building, sprinklers, on 3.9 acres. PERFECT HOME IN CLAFLIN for a couple or small family. One plus 2 bedrooms, full basement, CA/ CH, large fenced back yard, large deck for entertaining, single detached garage and storage building. CALL FOR THE NEW PRICE. Take a look at this remodeled 2 bedroom with CH/CA on ground floor, new roof in 2008, close to high school. NICE CLEAN HOME, ready to move into, 3 bedroom 2 bath, living room and dining room, & utility room. 3 car garage, double enters from Willow Street, single enters from 3rd Street. Chase TAKE A LOOK IN CHASE. One bedroom on ground floor and 1 bedroom in the full basement, CH/CA, single attached garage, and steel sided. Buy this one to live in or investment, $23,000.00 REDUCED OVER $3,000.00 on this home value pack: Dump your debt for this peaceful escape for creativity and freedom from financial stress. Included is a neat and clean basic 2 bedroom home with open living and dining room, bath, kitchen with range & refrigerator, microwave & coffee maker, table and chairs other household items. Screened porch, carport plus S/D garage, goldfish pond, large corner lot, plus 1998 Chrysler Sebring convertible and Red Mercedes.

Kansas Press Classifieds

Jensen Associates, Inc. Robert L. Fisher LUTCF Agency Manager 620-564-2020 16 N. Main - P.O. Box 118 Ellinwood, KS 67526-1638

For Sale

Sofa-Sleeper for Sale

Excellent Condition


Stay informed of upcoming events in and around Ellinwood —

Subscribe to The Ellinwood Leader!

Notices Shrine Bowl, July 28, Emporia, Benefiting Shriners Hospitals for Children. 1.800.530.5524, 2M Race, FREE Parade, HS Combine/Clinic, AllStar Football & Cheer, All-State Band, and MORE. __________________________ AIRLINE CAREERS - Become an Aviation Maintenance Tech. FAA approved training. Financial aid if qualified - Housing available. Job placement assistance. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance 888-248-7449. __________________________ Anthony, Kansas (pop. 2,300) is seeking Assistant City Superintendent, Electric Department Lineman, and PT Planning & Zoning Clerk. Applications and complete job descriptions: 620-842-5434. EOE. _________________________ ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from Home. *Medical, *Business, *Criminal Justice, *Hospitality. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV certified. Call 888-220-3977 www. __________________________ For Sale - WALK-IN BATHTUBS -- Lowest prices guaranteed. All new, top quality, long warranties. Eliminate fear of falling. 37 models. Call for pricing, 800-813-3736 __________________________ ADOPTION: Stay at home mom and hard working dad, looking to expand their family. Loving, secure couple hoping for a newborn. Contact our lawyer 800-492-2011. __________________________



(First Published in The Ellinwood Leader on Friday, June 8, 2012) 1t NOTICE OF PROPOSED BUDGET HEARING BIG BEND GROUNDWATER MANAGEMENT DISTRICT NO. 5 The Board of Directors of the Big Bend Groundwater Management District No. Five do now give notice of the public hearing on the proposed budget for 2013. The hearing will be on Thursday, July 12, 2012 at 8:00 p.m. at the District office, 125 S. Main St., Stafford, Kansas. At this time, the following proposed budget will be submitted to the eligible voters of the district. EXPENDITURES PERSONAL SERVICES A) SALARIES $ 150,000 B) PAYROLL TAXES 15,000 C) EMPLOYEE BENEFITS 15,000 ADMINISTRATION A) BUILDING EXPENSE $ B) OFFICE EQUIPMENT C) OFFICE SUPPLIES D) PRINTING & PUBLICATION E) TRAVEL & CONFERENCE F) UTILITIES G) COMPUTER UPGRADES

2,000 3,000 4,000 10,000 12,000 7,000 6,500


Advertising in The Ellinwood Leader Helps You:


(First published in the Ellinwood Leader on Friday, June 8, 2012) 1t Statement of Nondiscrimination Western Cooperative Electric Association Inc is the recipient of Federal financial assistance from the Rural Utilities Service, an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and is subject to the provisions of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, as amended, and the rules and regulations of the U.S. Department of Agriculture which provide that no person in the United States on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability shall be excluded from participation in, admission or access to, denied the benefits of, or otherwise be subjected to discrimination under any of this organization’s programs or activities. The person responsible for coordinating this organization’s nondiscrimination compliance efforts in Stacey Malsam, Manager of Accounting & Finance. Any individual, or specific class of individuals, who feels that this organization has subjected them to discrimination may obtain further information about the statutes and regulations listed above from and /or file a written complaint with this organization; or the Administrator, Rural Utilities Service, Stop 1510, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20250-1510; or the Director, Office of Civil Rights, Room 326-W, Whitten Building, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW. Washington, DC 20250-9410; or call (202) 720-5964 (Voice or TDD). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer. Complaints must be filed within 180 days after the alleged discrimination. Confidentiality will be maintained to the extent possible. David L Schneider General Manager Western Cooperative Electric Association Inc ELLINWOOD FLYING SERVICE, INC. TIM WELCH

(620) 564-2508 CROP CARE BY AIR

Get Your Business or Service Noticed for as low as $4.12 a week! Call Jacque at 620-564-3116 Call Jacque or Shelly at 620-564-3116

∙Find It BUSINESS DIRECTORY ∙Sell It ∙Promote It Advertising LEADER


All LEADER Advertising must be in the Leader office by 10 a.m. on Wednesday

Phone 564-3116


Knop Auto Parts & Repair •Automotive •Agricultural •Tires •Alignments 305 E. Santa Fe • Ellinwood 8-5:30 M-F - 8-12 Sat.

Bus. (620) 564-3431• Res. (620) 564-2382 Daniel Knop • Don Knop • Damian Knop

Roth Law Office

Kent Roth 10 N. Main, Ellinwood ·Will-Probate ·Income Tax Preparation ·Bankruptcy ·Criminal Defense

620-564-2090 VETERINARY

Countryside Veterinary Associates William R. Niederee, DVM Jerry L. Schrader, DVM

A Full Service Veterinary Hospital

2900 Main - Great Bend 792-2551

Friday, June 8, 2012 7

The Ellinwood Leader


Central Kansas Classifieds

The Tiller & Toiler ∙ Lyons News ∙ Ellinwood Leader ∙ Hoisington Dispatch ∙ The Central Kansas Rocket Announcements

Help Wanted

Homes for Sale


LARNED AMERICAN LEGION CLUB has steaks every Saturday night, pork tenderloin, chicken strips, shrimp and gizzards and every first Saturday is prime rib, too! We’ll cater private parties (up to 50) in our upstairs hall. Call Randy, 620-285-6146.

COUNTRY PLACE LIVING LARNED is currently seeking a part-time experienced weekend cook to work 6am to 2pm. EOE Call or Stop by for an interview 620-285-6900

For Sale Ellinwood. Very nice two BR, 1 3/4 Bath Ranch Style home on beautiful tree shaded corner lot. By Owner. Call 620-564-2526.

APARTMENT NOW AVAILABLE at the Pawnee Plaza for the elderly or disabled. Rent amount is 30% of your income w/utilities paid. Office phone 620-285-6661. The Pawnee Plaza Apartments are a U.S. Department of Housing Urban Development subsidized housing organization providing equal opportunity housing to all individuals without regard to race, creed, color, sex or national origin and implements the Affirmative Fair Housing Plan. All directors’ meetings are open meetings the 2nd Thursday, 12:30.

Apartment for rent Cardinal Apartments, Inc. 1400 N. Clay, Hoisington has one bedroom apartments available for rent. Must be 18 years old, 2 person family, elderly or handicapped disabled. Equal opportunity housing. HUD subsidy. Rent based on income. Non-Profit. Call office, 620-653-4342 or Mike 653-2231 for information. Two bedroom, upper level, Apt.3, excellent location, 528 W. 12th., Larned. Appliances included. W/D hookups. No pets. $379.00. Rent consideration for light maintenance. Call for appointment 620-603-3119 or 620-792-2354

Child Care NEW DAYCARE IN LARNED has openings for all ages. Hours are 6am- 6pm. ALso taking dropins for those who work 3-11pm. Call 620-664-4422

For Sale CLARINET FOR SALE $250 Call 620-285-9621

Garage Sales 911 State, Larned. garage behind house. China Cabinet, Sofa, Chair, Dressers, Filing Cabinet, Dishes, many kitchen items, Old Book, Other Antiques and Collectibles. Too many things to list. Fri. 6-8-12, 3:00-6:00 & Sat. 6-9-12, 8:00-Noon LOTS OF T-SHIRTS & HOODIES. Table & 6 chairs, Full size Bed. Childrens clothes and Baby Stuff. June 8th, 4:00-7:00pm, June 9th, 8:00-Noon, 518 W. 4th, Larned, MULTI-FAMILY GARAGE SALE. 1020 Topeka, (blue & white shed in the alley). LOTS of boy & girl baby & toddler clothes. Baby items including toys, car seats, swings, bedding, bottles, stroller, etc. Men’s & Women’s clothing, kitchen items, Furniture. Refrigerator & Up-right Freezer. 38 inch Riding Lawn Mower. Lots of Misc. Friday, June 8th 3:30pm - 7:30pm, Saturday, June 9th 8:00an - 12:00pm

Bank Teller/Customer Service Representative American State Bank is seeking a motivated professional for a full-time position as a Teller & Customer Service Representative. The successful candidate should possess excellent communication skills, accurate attention to detail, and the ability to multi-task. Strong computer skills are a must. Please apply in person at 320 Broadway in Larned. Equal Opportunity Employer. LOOKING FOR SOMEONE with a heart for the elderly & needing extra income, to care for elderly couple in Larned. CNA preferred but not required. For more information call 620-910-7106 USD #496, Pawnee Heights, Rozel, KS is now accepting applications for a 6 th Grade Elementary teaching position. To apply call the district office at 620-527-4212 or email e.o.e. RN TO WORK 11pm - 7am 1-2 nights per week. Possibility of additional shifts when need arises. Must be reliable/ dependable. Apply in person 9am to 3pm Dominican Sisters Convent, 3600 Broadway, Great Bend 67530, or email resume to Review of applications begins immediately. Direct inquiries to Rita Pivonka, 620-792-1232.

Homes for Rent 2/3 Bedroom house with appliances in Garfield. Call 620-569-2441 SMALL ONE-BEDROOM COTTAGE. $250/dep $250/month. Utilities included. Furnished or unfurnished. No pets. Reference required. 620-285-6102 Larned 1-4 BEDROOM HOUSES AND APARTMENTS. Full-time maintenance staff. Most pets welcome. Moses Properties, 620-792-8000 or 620-786-9888 cell. Larned. IN LYONS -1 bedroom house and 2 bedroom house. NO PETS please. 620-680-0723.

Baby Blues


Massage Therapy THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE. “Helping the Body Heal Itself”. Call today for an appointment. 620-285-6760. Helen M Collins, CMT

Mobile Home for Rent 16 X 80 Mobile Home, 2bd, $400.00/mo, no pets, no smoking. Call 620-285-6584

Moving Sale MOVING SALE for Mr. & Mrs. John Gilkison. 226 E. 18th, Larned. June 7th, 8th, 9th. Thursday 9:00-6:00, Friday 9:00-6:00, Saturday 9:00-1:00 Antiques/ Collectibles, Vintage Elec. Stove, Frig, Washer/Dryer, Dorm Frig, Small Freezer, Full Beds, Dresser, Table/Chairs, Kitchenware, Glassware, Linens, Bedding Holiday, Tools, Lawn’Garden, Misc. Household, partial listing only, lots more! Inside, no early sales please! TS MOVING SALE 224 EAST 16th St. Larned, Fri-Sat June 8th & 9th 8am to 4pm (HALF PRICE) Collectibles, House Hold, ECT. RAIN cancel till following weekend. Lewis’

Notices Rice County Democrats, 6:30 p.m., Schirer ‘s, Wednesday, June 16, surprise speaker, public invited. John’s Meat Master, selling BarB-Que at Quick Shop on 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th of June.

Real Estate 1 bedroom 1 bath, furnished or unfurnished, 620-257-8599.

Rentals NICE 1 AND 2 bedroom apartments. Furnished or unfurnished. Deposit and lease required. 620-285-9997, Larned. RV Camping site available by 2 stocked fishing ponds. $150/mo, includes water, sewer and trash. Call 620-285-6584

Lyons Housing Authority is accepting application for Park Place Apartments (high-rise) and Kingswood Housing (duplexes). Rental assistance, flat rent max (1-BR, $50 to $275), smoke-free. Lyons Housing Authority, 215 S. Bell Ave. Lyons 67554; (620)257-5241;

Services Offered I am looking for a housekeeping job, houses, and offices. Call 785-656-2941. Ask for Barb. MARY KAY Cosmetics - Rita Kurtz. Call 620-285-7125. College student looking for part or full time babysitting job near Lyons. Pool, library, craft time and reliable transportation will be provided. Contact Rikki Loesch at 620-680-0814. References available. ARK VALLEY TREE SERVICE locally owned, full tree service, from light trims to removal and stump grinding economy conscious bids call 620-804-9017 or 620-253-5717 for free estimate

- See solution below -

Wanted: Lawns to mow. Reasonable rates. Call Tague 285-3549 or 804-1890 PRICE & SONS - New Construction. Remodeling. Commercial & Residential Painting. Room additions, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Steel & Vinyl Siding. Replacement Windows and Roofing. Family owned and operated. Serving Central and South Central Kansas for over 25 years. Call Gene Price (620)285-3189. Matthew 11:28.

Answers from this week’s Rocket

H&H ROOFING: Insured. New and Repair work. Will work with your insurance. Justin Hammond, 620-285-1630. Free Estimates. GILES CONSTRUCTION & CONCRETE: Specializing in TITAN buildings, concrete, new construction, additions, kitchens, decks, fences. All your construction needs at fair and honest prices. 620-285-9369 J & M PLUMBING - service, remodeling, new construction, water heaters, softeners. All your plumbing needs - Marshall Turner, 620-285-2706.


Hagar the Horrible

Answer from this week’s Rocket:

Get Your Ad Noticed - Advertise in The Central Kansas Classifieds!






With one of their largest inventories ever, Manweiler Chevrolet is OVER STOCKED!!!!!

They are making huge sacrifices to get their inventory back in line. You can save up to $8,000 during the sale with factory rebates and Manweiler Chevrolet discounts. Their available selection includes 30 Silverado models with almost half of them the Heavy Duty models. A dozen of the “HOT SELLING” Equinox models that get up to 32 miles per gallon EPA highway rated. Add to this the fuel efficient Chevy Cruze models…..Malibus…. Impalas….. Colorado trucks….Avalanches…. Tahoe…. Suburban…. and Traverses. 60 new Chevys available to choose from with great discounts from Manweiler Chevrolet and awesome rebates from Chevrolet. Come talk to Micah or Billy and see which unit best fits your desires and needs.


12 Chevy Cruze ECO

12 Chevy Malibu LT


SALE PRICE .............................. $19,985



SALE PRICE ...................................$19,457


12 Chevy Equinox LT


SALE PRICE .............................. $22,730



SALE PRICE ...................................$25,422

12 ½ Ton Silverado Ext Cab Z71 4x4 Stk#B375

SALE PRICE .................................... $29,591

12 Chevrolet Traverse Stk#B335

SALE PRICE .............................. $26,929 W/Rebate



Stock #B365 W/Rebate


12 Chevrolet Impala LT Sedan Stk#B021

SAVE $8,000

12 Chevy Colorado Z71 Crew Cab 4x4 Stk#B387

SALE PRICE ...................................$28,983

12 ½ Ton Silverado Crew Cab 4x4 Stk#B358

SALE PRICE .............................. $31,755 W/Rebate & 99 or newer trade in

W/Rebate & 99 or newer trade in

12 HD ¾ Ton Silverado Crew Cab 4x4 Stk#B403

12 HD ¾ Ton Silverado LT 4x4 Stk#B348

SALE PRICE .............................. $32,799

SALE PRICE ................................ $34,474


12 Chevy Tahoe LTZ 4x4 Stk#B396

SALE PRICE .............................. $54,974



We also have GREAT PRICES on our pre-owned & program

www. for a complete selection of vehicles.

We look forward to seeing you!


Micah Ehler


Billy Bob Herndon

Hoisington Main Street • Toll Free 1-866-341-2699 “Four Generations Serving the Central Kansas Area for Over 83 Years”

Ellinwood Leader June 8