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Marta’s DJ dreams

fun. Also I want to combine it with music in some way. I live in a

Marta Hidalgo Tristany´s was born in the town Lleida, Spain 18 years

Tell us more about your interest in music and why you want to be a DJ?

ago. She recently moved to

My dad is a DJ so he inspired me. I

Barcelona to fulfil her dreams.

really like house and electro music,

When talking she has a big smile on

Swedish house Maffia is my favourite

her face and a sparkle in her eyes.

band! I am studying to be a DJ. Every

The most important thing in her life

Monday I have a two-hour course to

is music. Her dream is to one day be

learn the basics.

a DJ and combine her love for music with fashion. Tell us about your family Marta!

How much has your father influenced you? Does he teach you anything?

I am an only child. My parents have a club in my hometown. Many of our relatives are in the same business and own different clubs. Dad used to work with radio. He had his own program, playing music. He really likes music and works as a DJ.

My dad thinks that I should learn by myself. He is really nervous and doesn’t want to teach me. I am going to my classes to learn and am looking forward to playing at a club. Even though my parents don’t help me I can

How come you moved to Barcelona? I

sense that they like the idea. When I

started studying Fashion; it is one of

talk about it they smile and seem

my interests! My parents wanted me to


study and I thought that this would be granddad, it runs in his family. She Boyfriend? I have a boyfriend and we will celebrate two years in January. He still

laughs Just like clubbing and DJ runs in my family. Tell me about your future plan?

lives in my hometown. He is studying

I have so many! I would like to have

to be an engineer, just as his dad and

an exchange year in my school. Paris,

Milan or London would be fun places to go to. Now I am in my first year, I would like to do it the last semester I really want to be a DJ, it is my biggest dream. Also I would like to run my families club. It would be fun to combine fashion and music. I don’t really know how but It will work out! Why don’t you tell us about your Blogg? It’s called Guns and Crosses. I don’t know why it’s called that I just wanted a special name. The blogg is about my life. I write about music, clothes and parties. My dad knows allot of people and helps me to get into different events. I have been going to these places since I was thirteen! Finally you must tell us about your perfect day! I would spend the afternoon with my boyfriend. We would spend some quality time together maybe go to the cinema and see a movie. In the evening I would meet up with my friends, really love them. We would go to a club dance and listen to great music.

dj dreams marta  

dj music and so on

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