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Ellie Wang Xuan s2895162 Graphic Design 1 Tea Packaging

Mood Board of The Tea Packaging Design

Paris- France The concept of the logo design was come from my personal interests.

Logo Design Inspiration

Research of the fonts, Stamp design and symbol of Paris and some old advertisement design poster get some inspiration from them.

Logo Design Sketching

Final Logo Design

‘Bon’ is the French word for ‘Good’ in English. “Bon Tea” means “Good Tea”. The decoration pattern I used for the logo is Ancient Mansion build up basic on an Old French style advertisement. The simplest logo design which clear represented your brand.

Background Pattern design inspiration research. These are some old fashion style flower pattern, which I think would fit to my packaging design.

Final Design of the Background Pattern

Three colours: violet, pink and green and represent three different flavour tea. Violet represented Black Tea, Green represented Green tea and Pink presented White tea. The pattern colours is lighter which make a bright contrast to the background colour and stand out more.

Final Tea Packaging ROYAL VIOLET - Black Tea

The colour of the flavour name I used for Black Tea is Gold, which contrast to the Violet background colour. The label colour make the information clear to read.

Final Tea Packaging PARIS MORNING - Green Tea

The Dark Green colour of the Name with background emphasise the GREEN TEA flavour . The label colour make the information clear to read.

Final Tea Packaging SWEET LOVE – White Tea

The name ‘SWEET ROSE’ gives people an romantic feeling of Paris. I chosen the natural colour of rose ‘PINK’ which emphasised the flavour. The label colour make the information clear to read.

Tea Packaging(overall) The classic background style is used repeated flower as pattern. The colours of each packaging are matched with the tea flavour. The pattern design doesn’t distract the type. The label and logo background colour can help our customer clearly read through the brand and information. Materials The material I have considered using is tin (stainless steel). A tin would provide value both in protecting the tea better than a cardboard box and in its presentation as an attractive container. The quality would therefore be very stable and sustainable, and also could be recycled. Although customers may pay a little more for a tin of tea, it can be used for something else after the tea is finished.

Graphic Design- tea packaging