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WEEK 3 Management and Leadership

Fundraising planning activities 

Tasks to be completed

Other Management functions   

Organisation What is organisation? ‘what needs to be done to accomplish goals set in the planning process, to divide the work among groups and individuals , and then co ordinate the various efforts so that the goals can be accomplished.’

‘it establishes orderly uses for all resources’

Resources  

People Structures


Structure is affected by

Organisation is effected by:         

Tasks People Reward systems Control systems Information Systems Decision making systems Technology Culture Structure.

Span of Control 1.

What factors influence the span of control within an organisation

2. How does the span of control influence the shape of the organisation

Handy – Shamrock organsiation

Control 

Forms of control  Direct

control of behaviour  Through rules and procedures  Through culture  Through performance 

(Knights and Willmot)


Decision making

Directing and coaching 

Form part of leadership skills

Seminar Question 

Chester Barnard (1938) argued that the primary function of an executive is to establish and maintain a system of communication - discuss


Bring your answer to seminar session next week

Week 3 Notes  

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