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Released in the UK in 2011. The story line to this film is about a ballet dancer wins the lead in Swan Lake, and is perfect for the role of the white swam but slowly loses her mind as she becomes more and more like the black swan. Set in USA and having an estimated budget of around $13,000,000.

The crown that the ballet dancer ’Natalie Portman’ is wearing shows her as the main character and resembles her as the best in the play. The crown can also anchor her role as the lead and the power she shows and her authority within the film.

The pale of her face resembles the ‘White Swan’ in the play and the character in which she should be playing. It also gives the main image a glow which merges with the background and allows the features of her face stand out more and attract the image to the audience even more.

Her eyes matched the colour of her lipstick which shows that her transformation is taking over her entire body. It shows that although she looks like the role as the ‘White Swan’ inside she is portraying more the ‘Black Swan’. The red in her eyes draws the attention from the audience which the designer intended; it gives the audience a story where ‘there is more than meets the eye’

Her red lipstick stands out more and projects a lot more due to her pale skin. The red shows another character shining through the innocent character which her role entails. It can also show the audience a transformation to the character as she is supposed to be playing the ‘White Swan’ but seems to be turning into the ‘Black Swan’

“Black-Swan” the name of the film creates a main overview on what the film is based around. The name tells the viewer that it is shaped around ballet and the popular, traditional play Swan Lake.

Blackswan analysis  
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