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Ellie Niel-Mee Blog. Dissertation Title “Postmodern aesthetics in 1980’s album cover art”

Dissertation Richard Miles Tutor Rationale (200 words) I am very much an image-driven designer. Focussing on collage, hand-drawn illustration and handrendered typography. Along with this, I feel my practice is mainly driven towards print and different finishes in this area. In this module I want to broaden my knowledge of print, including working with letterpress and screen printing. I want to become a lot more familiar with areas within this part of design, essentially becoming a lot more of an “expert” in this field. This will mean some experimentation on top of that which I have already done in previous modules. I feel that experimentation and learning is a never ending process and should never be forgotten, but should not impact on the work that I am producing. Along with this, I feel it is important to broaden my skills in designing for screen. The way the industry is going, it would be impractical and naïve of me to think that I can rule that out. I have a profound interest into designing for the music industry and advertising, following my internship earlier this year. I am basing my briefs very much around these subjects. Statement of Intent (SOI) - (400 words) Essentially what I want to get out of this module is a body of work that I will be proud to show in my portfolio. The past two years have been leading up to this point, through PPD and my design context blogs, I have investigated different areas of the industry and a wide variety of work which will greatly influence the work that I produce this year. Following last year’s modules, I have decided to focus my practice mainly on the print side of things, looking at different stocks and print finishes, including using letterpress and screen printing. However, following the Dreamweaver brief we were given at the end of last year, I have also chosen to include website design into a couple of my chosen briefs. I feel that this is important with the way that design is going, I cannot rule out designing for screen altogether. The music industry has always been a big influence of mine. Design for this has fascinated me since before I even considered graphic design as a degree/career choice and this has driven me to base a lot of my work this year to fit into this. Following my final brief last year ‘product, range and distribution’ – in which I got the highest mark since starting the course, I discovered that I am very much a subject-driven designer. It is obvious to say that designers find working to a brief they are interested in a lot easier, but this isn’t what being a graphic designer is about… I will be given briefs which will bore me to tears, but I feel that for the first part of this year, I need to focus on creating work that I am passionate about, it will show in the final product, which, essentially, is the main thing about this year, to produce work which shows ambition and originality, work that will make me stand out to possible employers.

I am aiming to create a large variety of work based on what I have preferred over the past two years of the course. My work will be informative and well thought-through, meticulous and original. Along with the 3 briefs I have identified and concentrated down, I intend to complete an ISTD brief when they come out, along with a large variety of competition and live briefs. I feel that these, along with creating an identity for myself in the form of a website, business cards and a paper-based portfolio will result in me ending this academic year with a well-rounded degree, leaving the college with either a job or at least a firm identity as a graphic designer.



A brief with aspects taken from a Graphic Competitions brief for clothing brand ‘Supremebeing’. Create a series of 4 designs which can be taken across a range of print finishes, including large-scale posters, T-shirts, hoodies and the packaging which goes along with these based on the theme ‘Alpine Soundtrack’ using collage and hand-drawn typography.



Create a range of five A2 scale intricate posters for 5 separate gigs put on at the Kentish Town Forum in London using a combination of image, letterpress and hand-drawn typography. Apply these designs to different distribution methods including flyers and t-shirts. Make them look like a set, but each must be applicable for a different genre of music.



Re-package the new Star Wars Saga blu-ray box-set. Make it original and more grown-up. Both the actual box and each individual disc packaging.


Brief 4 (Title) ISTD Brief – When it comes out.

To take one of the new ISTD competition briefs, and centre it around hand-drawn typography, maybe expanding this into another ‘Product, Range and Distribution’ brief.

ADDITIONAL BRIEFS As many live briefs as I can possibly undertake to boost my portfolio, both in and out of college.

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Design Proposal and Rationale  

OUGD301 proposal and rationale

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